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Stacey Abrams’ Georgia Voter Effort Was Overrated and Overhyped

Stacey Abrams’ Georgia Voter Effort Was Overrated and Overhyped

The data doesn’t back up claims that Stacey Abrams’ GOTV efforts – which focused almost exclusively on getting black Americans registered and out to the polls – were key to Joe Biden possibly edging out Trump in Georgia.

Even as votes were still being counted in the state of Georgia the first time around, Stacey Abrams was being hailed in media/Democrat circles as the tireless hero who may have flipped her state blue in the presidential election.

Here were some of the headlines:

If you look on YouTube, there are scores of video clips from media outlets touting her work in allegedly giving 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden the edge at the polls in Georgia.

For example, CBS News reported that Abrams “is receiving widespread praise for her efforts to get out the minority vote in her state, which played a key role in the 2020 presidential race.” The Washington Post reported on “how a once reliably red Georgia underwent a political transformation in 2020 due to the work of former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.”

The New York Times even credited Abrams for “inspiring” an astonishing 800,000 people to register to vote:

As did NBC News, who made this claim about Abrams’ “Fair Fight” organization:

The problem here is the hard data doesn’t back up the various media-driven narratives that Stacey Abrams’ GOTV efforts – which are focused almost exclusively on getting African-Americans registered to vote and out to the polls – were ultimately what “turned Georgia blue” (if the current numbers hold).

Case in point, this thread (and article) from the NYT’s “Upshot” polling/data analyst Nate Cohn:

What also needs to be factored in when talking about Georgia elections is that, as has also been the case in North Carolina, they have been getting more competitive over the last decade or so, thanks not so much to Stacey Abrams but the state’s growing population and changing demographics. This includes the people who move to southern states to escape high-tax states up north – many of who then promptly turn around and vote for the same types of Democratic politicians who drive up the cost of living, which forces residents out.

Those types of voters have been moving to North Carolina as well, which has changed the political landscape here over the last several elections – all with no prominent Stacey Abrams-type GOTV “motivator.”

Also, the reports from the media about how Abrams was supposedly responsible for registering 800,000 voters are ridiculous:

Here’s what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote last month about Georgia’s voter registration numbers:

There are now a record 7.6 million registered voters in Georgia, according to voter registration rolls obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution from the secretary of state’s office after the Oct. 5 registration deadline.


Automatic voter registration when Georgians get their driver’s licenses greatly contributed to the addition of nearly 1 million voters.


Facts about Georgia’s voters:

Over 7.6 million people are registered to vote, a record high.
Automatic voter registration has led to an increase of almost 1 million Georgia voters since 2016.

We’re supposed to believe “Fair Fight,” which Abrams formed in late 2018 after losing the gubernatorial race, is responsible for registering 800,000 of those voters? I don’t think so.

While I don’t think it’s arguable that Stacey Abrams helped increase voting numbers in Georgia to a certain extent, proclaiming her as the hero of the 2020 presidential race in Georgia is overstating it quite a bit. It doesn’t mean Georgia Republicans should underestimate her heading into the January 5th Senate runoff races; it just means that some perspective is needed when discussing what Abrams has and has not done.

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The only reason why Joe Biden has an “edge” in GA is fraud.

Unfortunately for the President, there are a lot of (or at least enough) pro-business, socially-moderate folks in Atlanta & Savannah — two cities I have visited many times — who detest his lack of grace and manners. Maybe they/we like his judicial appointments and fear Dem-Socialism, and we voted for him in 2016, but a few pct who find his trade-by-tweet (Savannah is a BIG port) or other mal-behavior non-supportable, is all it takes.

The good part of this equation is that the R’s should carry both Senate seats.

    Yuckster in reply to Yuckster. | November 20, 2020 at 7:41 am

    Remember, this is a state that often attracts 2~3% Libertarian votes. And Trump barely got 50% of the GA vote in 2016.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Yuckster. | November 20, 2020 at 8:22 am

    Yuckster, I get a yuck out of Trump leading Dem deplorables around by the nose, one tweet at a time. Dem deplorables waste inordinate amount of time worked up by Trump’s tweets. Untold millions of wasted deplorable hours wasted.

    healthguyfsu in reply to Yuckster. | November 20, 2020 at 8:53 am

    If they are foolish enough to vote Biden/Harris, then they aren’t really pro business (crippling taxation).

    Barry in reply to Yuckster. | November 20, 2020 at 9:44 am

    “there are a lot of…”


    Riigghhhhht….. because a senile old creep who has spent decades groping young girls in front of the national media, and who has been accused of finger-raping his staffer, and who has grifted tens of millions of dollars from the government while in “public service” is SO MUCH more appealing to the “socially moderate.” Give me a fucking break.

Stacey should do something truly radical…like get a real job.

You know what else is overrated and overhyped?
I wish she’d just go away!

Stacey is pretty hungry on the campaign trail.

Why were the real crocked Gov and AG working with this Gov in her own mind?

It’s not over folks

The only thing about this hack that isn’t “Overrated and Overhyped” is her appetite. Seriously, it would be impossible for me to view anyone who is morbidly obese as a “leader” of any sort. Plus she’s a whiny cry-bully.

“FYI: Georgia has had automatic DMV voter registration since 2016”

Which means these folks have VOTER ID

Where be the buffet at?

Abrams is the product of intercourse between Idi Amin and crone Hillary Clinton. Possessing the self-reverential, pathologically narcissistic and caudillo-esque arrogance that would be expected from such an infernal union.

So how many votes did Stacey get vs. how many votes did Biden get in Georgia?