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Report: Sen. Tillis (R-NC) Wins Re-election, Cunningham Concedes

Report: Sen. Tillis (R-NC) Wins Re-election, Cunningham Concedes

The announcement is another win for Republicans who will likely maintain control of the Senate.

In a race straight out of a Parks and Recreation script, Senator Thom Tillis has won re-election to North Carolina’s hotly contested Senate seat.

The announcement is another win for Republicans who will likely maintain control of the Senate.

From the NY Post:

Thom Tillis, the GOP senator from North Carolina, has won re-election after a nail-biting, days-long count, handing the Republican Party a major victory as it looks to hold onto control of the Senate.

Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham called the incumbent on Tuesday, one week after Americans went to the polls, to concede the race.

“I just called Senator Tillis to congratulate him on winning reelection to a second term in the U.S. Senate and wished him and his family the best in their continued service in the months and years ahead,” Cunningham said in a statement.

It was a close race, Tillis winning with 48.7 percent of the vote compared to Cunningham’s 47.6 percent.

Cunningham’s bid was also derailed when he admitted to sexting a woman who is not his wife. The revelation came just hours after Tillis announced he had tested positive for coronavirus and was quarantining.

Cunningham concedes:

As for the polling…



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70 million down the drain because Cal could not keep it in his pants.

Poor Dems could take the Senate if only they did not have to nominate Democrats.

There are very highly placed democrats who needed to rig the election to stay out if prison. They convinced their TDS foot soldiers to play along. Now when the feds start investigating these low level democrats who committed massive fraud, letting them know what their exposure is, there are going to be some who fold. Maybe many. Just imagine the prospect of prison and huge fines, just because orange man bad.

Interesting how Trump gets a huge boost in nationwide vote total and outperforms the polls in every state, how he was leading by solid margins on Election night, how the GOP (contrary to widespread predictions) made significant gains in the House and may yet keep the Senate, how the GOP cleaned up at the state legislature level – and yet he is supposed to have lost to a candidate who hid in his basement and who needed millions of illegal ballots in deep blue hellholes like Detroit and Philadelphia to sneak across the finish line? Seriously?

If this was the scenario in some African or Asian election the State Department and the UN would never have accepted the result. But in the US this is somehow … legit?

Darn. This means Schumer can stop trying to drag Cunningham across the finish line. I was hoping to be able to watch that on pay-per-view.

This concession stuff puzzles me. What difference does it make if Candidate X concedes? Does that operate as a fighter’s corner throwing a towel into the ring?

Biden’s crying that Trump won’t concede.

Isn’t the final vote count the sole determinant? What if Candidate X concedes, but the final count, completed after the concession, demonstrates that Candidate X got the most votes. Does the concession override the final count?

    Conceding the election does not supersede the actual vote totals: in other words, a concession has no legal standing.

    Remember in 2000, when Al Gore conceded on election night, only to “take it back” when Florida went from Bush to Undecided. Then Gore eventually conceded, going to Plan B: fleecing the nation and enriching himself under the scam of ‘global warming’.

    Sonnys Mom in reply to fscarn. | November 11, 2020 at 12:28 am

    You’re wondering why Biden keeps loudly complaining that the DJT hasn’t “conceded” the race yet? To get more free press and continue to poison people’s minds against the President.

    fishstick in reply to fscarn. | November 11, 2020 at 7:14 am

    candidates conceding in political terms basically means he/she ‘surrenders’ as a form of theater showing good faith to the process

    the thing is with Trump, he’s contesting the result due to his current projected total in 4-5 states being within legal boundaries such as recounts and voter fraud issues

    so technically speaking, the President is under no legal obligation to ‘concede’ at this point after the election because the result has not been finalized

    no matter how hard the media is screaming of a Biden victory

    now the reality is – Trump will likely not prevail in the courts since every judge will punt on the issue of actually making sound determinations on the issues of fraud raised

    THIS will eventually come to the Supremes who I suspect will also punt it for not wanting to look like arbiters of the general election

    so then Trump’s only recourse is the recount – again still within his legal option – but here I think the vote tallies are too high for any technical errors to overcome

    he might flip a state, but he needs to flip like 3 or 4 of them, which is the most unlikely scenario

    BUT the thing is

    ALL of these issues should have been brought up way back in May/June by the republican establishment

    because the problem with the fraud issue in this election cycle is the mail-in ballot system had no consistent way of verification

    and in many states, judges ruled signatures and postmarks need not meet the common sense standard

    so it just became a clusterfuck, which alot of people predicted

Rick the Curmudgeon | November 10, 2020 at 10:01 pm

Memo to the rest of the country: This is how it’s supposed to work.

Trump carried them all to victory.

North Carolina governor, communist, wins the election while Trump and Tillis win. Fishy?

So, the same people that voted for Trump and Tillis then split and voted for a marxist governor? No way, more crooked.

    Dusty Pitts in reply to Barry. | November 11, 2020 at 3:03 am

    Forest made reopening NC a cornerstone of his campaign. The Dems simply screamed “BOO!!!” at those voters still panicked over bat fever, and that made the difference.

Why did this take a week?

The Jody was jumping an enlisted man’s wife. A big no, no for an officer.