Voter fraud is not real, we are told.

Yet here is another example, on a large scale tied directly to the surge in absentee voting, via The Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Tuesday that 1,000 Georgians voted twice in the state’s June 9 primary, a felony that he said will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law….

These voters returned absentee ballots and then also showed up to vote on election day June 9, Raffensperger said….

In all, about 150,000 people who requested absentee ballots showed up at polling places on election day, often because they never received their absentee ballots in the mail or decided to instead vote in person.

Of those, 1,000 voters had returned their absentee ballots to county election offices, and poll workers also allowed them to vote in-person….

Raffensperger said the sharp increase in absentee voting, from about 5% in past elections to nearly 50% of votes in the primary, increased the opportunity for double-voting.

Imagine the opportunity for fraud nationally with the surge in mail-in ballots.


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