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Christina Hoff Sommers was invited the the Lewis & Clark Law School Federalist Society chapter. The "anti-fascist" coalition at the law school decided she should not be allowed to speak. Apparently having a different opinion, and fact checking the statistics behind claims of a campus rape crisis and wage differential makes one "fascist".

At both the University of Missouri and Evergreen State College, an atmosphere of aggressive "Social Justice" activism damaged enrollment and contributed to financial difficulties. Apparently, even liberal students don't want to attend institutions where student and faculty social justice warriors have turned the campus into a battleground. The same thing may be happening at Oberlin College in Ohio.

There is no religious doctrine as unassailable as the claim that differences in achievement in areas where women and/or racial/ethnic minorities are UNDERrepresented is caused by systemic sexism/racism etc. That religious doctrine, however, never is applied to fields in which women and/or racial/ethnic minorities are OVERrepresented. The claim that differences in outcome are caused by discrimination drives the "diversity" agenda on campuses and at companies. That one might support diversity as a goal, yet question whether the problem is systemic discrimination and whether MORE discrimination really is the answer, is considered heresy and is punishable by firing, harassment, and on campuses, being shouted down.

Two violent attacks campus speakers have gained widespread media attention in recent months -- the attack on Milo Yiannopoulos' appearance at UC-Berkeley, and Charles Murray at Middlebury. Less violent, but still disruptive, attempts were made to shut down Rick Santorum and Michael Johns at Cornell, Christina Hoff Sommers at Oberlin, Georgetown and elsewhere. and other conservative speakers. Finally, there is widespread condemnation even from the left, particularly after Middlebury.

In recent years, driven in part by federal directives and radical leftist feminism, we're at the point where college males who are accused of sexual misconduct are more likely to be tried in a campus 'Kangaroo Courts' than a court of law, as we wrote in Kangaroo courts for men on campus:
The media often wonders why young men are staying away from universities and colleges. Perhaps the hostile environment on campuses is part of the reason. Universities, protected by law and compelled by a directive from the Obama Department of Education, have established a kangaroo campus court system in which young men regularly face life-changing quasi-judicial proceedings based on accusations of sexual misconduct at which they have little due process protection.

As we wind down to the end of 2016, I thought it would be fun to create a list of some of our best higher education related posts. We've done so many that it wasn't easy to settle on just ten. Also, the list below isn't arranged in any particular order based on metrics like page views. They were all chosen by me based on the level of entertainment or the outrageous nature of the story. So here we go...

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at DePaul University invited Christina Hoff Sommers and Ben Shapiro to speak on campus. At some point, the administration decided not to allow Ben Shapiro on campus over supposed security concerns, even threatening him with arrest if he set foot on campus. In an ultimate twist of irony, the subject of Shapiro's speech was free speech on campus. The YAF blog has the details:
DePaul Obstructs YAF Lecture, Shapiro, Sommers Despite having no apparent problem hosting prominent leftists in the past, DePaul University is working to obstruct DePaul Young Americans for Freedom’s scheduled lecture with Christina Hoff Sommers, after the chapter announced Ben Shapiro was slated to make a guest appearance.