The far left site Salon recently published a list of 25 conservatives who are “actually worth following” on Twitter. If you scroll through their list however, it quickly becomes apparent that it’s a “who’s who” of noted Trump haters on the right.

My colleague Fuzzy Slippers wrote about it in a post: Leftist Outlet Salon Publishes “25 Conservatives Worth Following On Twitter”

I have decided to take this a step further and compile a new list. Some of the people on my list like Trump and some don’t but they’re all right leaning people with great Twitter feeds.

I made a deliberate decision to leave out politicians. I also apologize in advance to anyone who thinks they should have been included. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Kurt Schlichter

If you’re not reading Kurt’s columns at Townhall, you’re missing out. Few people understand our current political climate better than Kurt. He also has a great sense of humor.

2. John Nolte

Nolte recently rejoined Breitbart after writing for the Daily Wire. He analyzes media bias with expertise and maintains an active presence on Twitter. He also writes about movies and culture with great insight.

3. Katie Pavlich

Katie is the editor of Townhall and you’ve probably seen her on TV if you watch FOX News. She is an excellent political analyst and writer.

4. Stephen Miller

Miller is no fan of Trump but he doesn’t have Trump Derangement Syndrome. He is also an outstanding writer who has contributed at National Review and Ricochet, among others. He currently writes for FOX News.

5. Instapundit

Few people have had a greater impact on politics and blogging than Professor Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. If you’re a blogger who has ever been linked by him, you know what I mean.

6. Dana Loesch

Dana is a champion of the Second Amendment and freedom. She’s also a talented writer and speaker. It’s no wonder why the NRA hired her as a spokeswoman, she understands the issue of gun rights better than most people.

7. Don Surber

Surber was one of the first writers to know Trump could win. He’s even written a successful book on the Trump phenomenon. His blog is great, too. Find it all on his Twitter feed.

8. Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is a champion of free speech and no one can question his conservative principles. He was an early and vocal critic of Trump but that has never diminished his expert ability to analyze politics, media or culture.

9. William Jacobson

Professor Jacobson is the creator of the Legal Insurrection blog and I can honestly say he would be on my list even if I didn’t write for this site. He’s a fantastic writer and political analyst. He is also an expert on the far left BDS movement.

10. Michelle Malkin

You’ve seen her on FOX News. You’ve read her amazing columns. Are you following Michelle Malkin on Twitter? Malkin also has the distinction of being the creator of Hot Air and Twitchy, two of the most popular conservative sites. Her new venture is Conservative Review and it’s worth your time.

11. Sean Hannity

Hannity recently moved back to 9 PM on the FOX News Channel and he’s killing it in the ratings. His show is one of the few places on TV where Trump gets any credit for anything. He’s also very talented at pointing out media bias.

12. Greg Gutfeld

I’ve been a fan of Gutfeld for years, going back to the Red Eye days. He has really come into his own on The Five. He has an amazing talent for breaking down politics and media. He’s also hilarious while doing it.

13. Christina Hoff Sommers

Sommers is an author and speaker who challenges social justice warrior culture on college campuses. We’ve cited her work many times on this site. She’s fantastic.

14. Jesse Watters

It’s Watters’ World, we’re just living in it. Watters is an outspoken Trump supporter and frequently defends that position on The Five. His videos featuring him asking basic civics questions to the public are the stuff of legend.

15. Rob Province

Rob Province tweets under the moniker of “Educated Hillbilly” and he’s really funny. He frequently tweets about politics, media and Second Amendment issues. I once called him the Iowahawk of guns.

16. Iowahawk

Iowahawk is legendary. There is no comparison to the humor of David Burge. If you’re not following him on Twitter, you’re missing out.

17. Mark Levin

Mark Levin is called “the great one” for a reason. He worked for the Reagan administration and he is a constitutional scholar.

18. Ace of Spades

For anyone who’s not aware, Ace is the Laurence Olivier of conservative blogging. He offers brilliant insight with wit that cuts like a knife. Follow him on Twitter.

19. Jim Hoft

Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit blog was an early supporter of Trump. He’s also an expert at political blogging. I’ve filled in for him at TGP many times and enjoyed the experience. He’s a great guy.

20. Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter was an early Trump supporter. She even wrote a book about it. The best thing about Ann is her razor wit and you get it all if you follow her.

21. Mollie Hemingway

Mollie is one of the founders of The Federalist blog and a frequent guest on Special Report with Bret Baier. She is an excellent analyst of media in the age of Trump.

22. Sean Davis

Davis also helped found The Federalist blog. He frequently writes and tweets about political issues which are important to conservatives. He’s a very smart guy.

23. Ashe Schow

Ashe is a leading journalist when it comes to campus craziness. I’ve cited her work countless times on this site. She is excellent.

24. Dan Riehl

Dan is an old school conservative political blogger who maintains an active presence on Twitter. He has a deep understanding of politics and how things work in Washington.

25. Tammy Bruce

As a former liberal, Tammy Bruce brings a unique perspective to political analysis. Follow her and become a member at her site. All the info is on her Twitter page.


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