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Lewis & Clark Law School protesters shout down and disrupt Christina Hoff Sommers

Lewis & Clark Law School protesters shout down and disrupt Christina Hoff Sommers

Take over stage, chant and blast music to drown out the speech.

Christina Hoff Sommers was invited the the Lewis & Clark Law School Federalist Society chapter.

The “anti-fascist” coalition at the law school decided she should not be allowed to speak. Apparently having a different opinion, and fact checking the statistics behind claims of a campus rape crisis and wage differential makes one “fascist”.

The preparations reminded me of my appearance at Vassar, where student and faculty activists spread absurd lies about me and the student government demanded my appearance be cancelled.

Unlike my appearance at Vassar, where despite the feeding frenzy no one interrupted or disrupted my lecture, the coalition of students repeatedly disrupted Sommer’s appearance, shouted her down and drowned her out with chants and music.

According to Sommers, she was only able to give half her lecture. Here are some videos and reports from Andy Ngo, who covers many of the social justice warrior antics in the Pacific Northwest.

This post will be updated as more information becomes known. The big question is whether there will be repercussions for the students who deprived a speaker and those who came to hear her of their free speech rights.

Additional shout-downs are planned for her other planned appearances:


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There is no recourse to these actions. They have the tacit support of the administration. I guess the appropriate action should be disrupt the administration as the Left would… but that would not be tolerated.

    Tom Servo in reply to alaskabob. | March 5, 2018 at 7:36 pm

    Exactly what I was thinking – these kids are just catspaws for a Marxist administration that is laughing and cheering on all of their antics.

    Lewis and Clark Law School is squeezed by rising tuition and lower enrollment. Rather than working to create a product that will help you get a job, it is heading down the Evergreen State University path. Good luck with that. At least Evergreen has state funding to lessen the blow. L&C is private and does not have a big endowment.

    This is nothing new. They protested Justice Scalia when he came to speak years ago, but at least the administration kept the protesters from disrupting his speech. Now they can’t even do that. Shameful.

      Exiliado in reply to EBL. | March 6, 2018 at 7:19 am

      They CAN, but they WON’T.

      OleDirtyBarrister in reply to EBL. | March 6, 2018 at 12:11 pm


      Coincidentally, I was in Portland the day that Scalia spoke in or about early 2002 and saw those idiot protesters. Some were dressed in haz mat suits with their faces covered, holding signs and dancing around like little monkeys. Ironically, the L&C campus sits next to Dunthorpe, and a lot of that money was made back when off of natural resources.

      I cannot imagine being an employer and trying to get focus, logic, reason, and hard work out of such useless idiots.

    Remember Mr. Magoo Sessions promised to protect free speech on campuses?

The legal guild has failed us.

    They created the problem.

    The American Bar Association, for example, is way left of the population. Their magazine is useless for anything other than propaganda.

      I haven’t paid for my ABA membership in YEARS.

      They call me about every 18 months and offer me “a free 6 month trial membership.”

      When the 6 months is up, and they send me a renewal notice, I ignore it and when they call me to follow up, I tell them that the ABA doesn’t represent my interests due to it’s Progressive-Statist, anti-Constitutional policy statements.

      I tell them that I’m not going to pay for something that actively campaigns against my stated goals and desires and they cancel my membership.

      About 6 months later, they call me again and offer me another “free” 6 month trial membership. This pattern has been going on for at least the last 5 years.

This would be unthinkable in my law school.

Same thing was done to Robert Spencer at Stanford in Nov2017, but with the full participation of the administration.

Truly disgusting, and truly reminiscent of German universities beg. in the late 1920s, and continuing until on a fully Nazified shell existed.

DieJustAsHappy | March 5, 2018 at 6:10 pm

Another “guest” abused at another farcical educational institution. Why bother accepting an invitation to speak at any of them, especially when it’s known ahead of time what the likely outcome will be? Why waste time and energy on people who are bound and determined to not get anything out of a speaker’s visit, as well as preventing those who might welcome it but get little out of it because of the incessant disruptions? Why bother?

Go to those who are wiling to learn.

Does the SPLC need all these snowflakes?

A bunch of lemmings who have learned how to parrot the hate of their leader. They think they are courageous, but they are just silly. What a waste of human capital and opportunity to use their minds.

Is there some chance of suing the protesters? Or the administration that enables them?


    But the students at the meeting CAN file grievances with the Administration due to the acts of the protesters violating the school handbook / school policies.

    I am CERTAIN that there is a policy there about disruption of public events / speech, and that there is sufficient grounds to have any student investigated. Even if there is no permanent sanction, the investigation/process is the punishment, as it takes up time and resources.

    Alinsky Rules 4, 8 10 and 13 are in effect.

regulus arcturus | March 5, 2018 at 6:54 pm

One of these speakers should wear a “Come At Me Bro” t-shirt and shoot a few protestors when they rush them.

Paul In Sweden | March 5, 2018 at 6:56 pm

Christina Hoff Sommers suddenly realized a few years ago what a monster she and her colleagues created when she was brought up on Title IX charges. A real awakening for her. The only thing that is positive about her persecution is that Christina Hoff Sommers is reasonable, respected by reasonable people on either side of the aisle and well equipped to respond to outrageous postulations of activists when in a civil setting. Those civil settings seem far and few between.

My former job required that I spend a lot of time over a span of 2 decades at both Lewis & Clark and its adjunct, the Northwestern School of Law. Although it was founded, as many institutions of its era, as a religious (Presbyterian) college, it has morphed into another anti-American nightmare.

The security staff spend their nights monitoring nude, noisy, drugged and drunken parties, which I was told often spilled out onto the main campus.

Parents’ weekends were routinely used for daily nudist events, simply for the shock value.

Political Science students demanded that communism be taught as co-equal to democracy, representative republicanism and parliamentary monarchies.

The hedonistic, atheistic, anti-Americanism was echoed at the Law School, where the head honcho felt compelled to chide the law students that it was, indeed, a school of law, not a training ground for political activists.

Ironically, the local mosque that was the training ground and home for the “Portland Seven,” was also the religious home for the (mostly Saudi) muslim students attending Lewis & Clark. One student confided to me that, “Every time we try to include them or engage them, they refuse. They just keep to themselves.” My experience was that certain muslims would speak to me in English, only to be verbally abused by their compatriots when the conversation ended.

    Paul In Sweden in reply to bear. | March 5, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    “Political Science students demanded that communism be taught as co-equal to democracy”

    It seems a dream these days that far off in the future democracy will be taught as co-equal to socialism and communism. I just wish communism and socialism were taught as it exists in reality and as it failed in the past, but even that is too much.

      Paul, if it helps, the political science professor who told me this story about his classes responded to them, in his words, “I told them that we don’t teach about failed political or economic systems.” Kudos to him.

When the freaks show up, lock the doors, do not let them leave. Call in the police, have them charged, on the spot, with public nuisance, trespassing, whatever will fly in the situation.

Photograph and document the hoodlums, make them well known for what they are.

    The Packetman in reply to NotKennedy. | March 5, 2018 at 8:11 pm

    Calling the police won’t cure the problem, only treat the symptom for a bit.

    If the doors get locked, a little restore order-ative justice needs to happen. By all means take pictures, so their buddies will see that maybe disrupting conservatives isn’t so healthy.

    But keep doing the things we’ve done before, and we’ll keep getting the things we’ve been getting.

    bear in reply to NotKennedy. | March 5, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    NotKennedy, this won’t fly at Lewis & Clark. The administration is counting their tuition money, not their character.

    BTW, the ratio between foreign and U.S. citizens has changed dramatically over the years. Foreign students pay a LOT more, and are the preferred demographic.

stevewhitemd | March 5, 2018 at 7:35 pm

A sad day for legal education. How are these future lawyers going to abide by courtroom etiquette, precedent, and rulings when they behave this way in a classroom?

And where was the Dean?

My university (University of Chicago) simply will not tolerate this sort of nonsense. Where’s the starch in the spines of the L & C faculty?

    Steve, as to their “starch,”think way overcooked noodles.”

    Massinsanity in reply to stevewhitemd. | March 5, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    The scary thing is they will go work for the government in Blue states or for the DOJ and various other federal agencies the next time a Democrat wins the white house or some quasi government social justice/community organizing group that will only drag our nation down.

    They are unemployable in most of the private sector.

Massinsanity | March 5, 2018 at 9:05 pm

Look, I get the frustration with the administrations of these pathetic schools but what about the students who sponsored Sommers and those who were there to hear what she had to say and participate in a back and forth. Is there not one of them who can stand up to these losers and point out that there is only one group acting like facists… them.

We have to face facts that the administrations will not act, its time for students to stand up for their rights to free and open discourse on campus.

They just sit there and let the nonsense continue.

Fatherducque | March 5, 2018 at 9:15 pm

Would it be terribly rude to use force to reclaim the stage? It is getting more tempting everyday, though I am restrained by my inner angels.

If the legal and administrative powers will not act to protect freedom, what is to be done?

Sorry for this tone, but my family spent the whole war at, literally, Washington’s side.

    Ragspierre in reply to Fatherducque. | March 5, 2018 at 9:31 pm

    What’s needed is simple law enforcement. The idiot students either need to keep the peace or be arrested for violating the peace. It really is just that simple.

      Did Campus Security respond? Of course not.

        Ragspierre in reply to EBL. | March 5, 2018 at 10:17 pm

        That doesn’t change the truth stated.

        WHEN it’s done, it will catch on. In most places. In some, it will never see application because the “authorities” have lost their way.

        Milhouse in reply to EBL. | March 6, 2018 at 1:35 am

        So don’t call campus security; call the police.

          SDN in reply to Milhouse. | March 6, 2018 at 2:36 pm

          Depending on the law, local police may not have jurisdiction. Sheriff or state police probably would, but it isn’t certain.

“law” students. The profession is about to be in the best of hands.

DINORightMarie | March 6, 2018 at 12:54 am

I am so sick and tired of these “heckler’s veto” SJW bots who can’t think an original thought, can’t come up with their own slogans and chants, and somehow think what they are doing is “morally superior” or something.

Expel them. It is NOT their “free speech right” to shut down the free speech of others!

Their disgusting behavior, their childish antics, proved her point, beautifully.

Kick them out without a refund. Or give them a “this is a final warning” so that ANY other behavior that is disruptive to a class, to a speaker/guest on campus/to an administrator is grounds for expulsion.

Clean out these colleges – get the students’ attention, the parents’ attention. Heck, get the rich donor alumni’s attention! Cut.The.Funds. Then the administrators will, perhaps, grow a pair, or a spine – or both!

If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was & never will be. -Thomas Jefferson

Democrats determined to neuter the 1st an 2nd amendments, then the 4th, etc.

You could very well say, the democrats are at war with the American citizen and our constitutional rights, how else can you explain it?

“Quietly, but quickly, a raft of identical gun confiscation bills have been filed by liberal politicians in states across the country.”

States Begin To Enact Gun Confiscation Laws Denying Citizens Due Proce…
When politicians allow “children” to determine legislation based on the “children’s” emotions and passion, these politicians have…

‘any extreme risk protection’ (as some unelected liberal bureaucrat deems?)
New in Rhode Island, CT, CA, VT, ETC>:
8-8.3-9. Surrender of firearms. 2(a) Upon issuance of any extreme risk protection order …

… surrender to the local law enforcement agency …
… all firearms in the respondent’s custody, control, or possession and any concealed pistol license

And yes, they are going after our 1st amendment concurrently:

Add Dr. Corsi to this list: FASCISM IN ACTION: Here is the Tech Giant Purge List of Prominent Conservative Websites

If they succeed, expect the mass executions (happens every time this is tried), followed by the collapse of that regime along with peace and prosperity (just factual history).

I know this will sound horrible, but I have to say it:

Somebody should start documenting these episodes and exposing those who participate.

This kind of thing can only happen because there are no consequences. In the private sector, most people would never knowingly hire someone who is willing to violently shut down other people’s opinions. They make horrible employees.

Is here ahy reason why anyone would one define anyone’s speech (other than that which explicitly contains credible threats of violence itself) as “an act of aggression and violence,” if not to legitimize one’s own aggression and violence against the speaker?

It’s probably a safe bet to assume that not one of these protesters has actually read all the way through even one book authored by Sommers. Let alone prepared arguments (evidence + logic) against its contents. What seems far more likely is that they’ve been “informed” that the speaker is a “fascist” via social media, and what more evidence would one ever need?

One would think schools claiming to be “higher education” would wish to protect their reputations, lest they be seen as little more than places ruled by illogic, emotions, and mob actions.

One would think so. But if they will not, then how long can it be before taxpayers refuse to indirectly support such places via subsidized student loans, grants, and other means?

I, for one, see no reason why I would voluntarily support such an institution after it has obviously abandoned its mission.

And when a few of these fascists continue to obstruct conservative free speech, and get some missing teeth for their efforts, who will be at fault. I guess the only response to the heckler’s veto is violence.

I’ve never been confronted with this sort of physical suppression of a speaker or of my right to hear. I wonder what would happen if I were to lay on the shillelagh and drive the protesters physically from the room? It used to be that a sergeant at arms with a mace would do that job.

Law school graduating inept lawyers. Fresh meat.

And of course, who are the real fascists in this situation. Obviously the useful idiots disrupting freedom of speech. If they can’t see the irony of their actions then education at this institution isn’t working. Or perhaps they really don’t want to educate. Maybe this is more about indoctrination of more useful idiots.

Law students are supposed to be better than this.