This is the direction things are headed in, folks.

The left thinks it’s OK to punch a Nazi but they also think anyone they disagree with is a Nazi. It’s inevitable that someone’s going to get hurt.

At Middlebury College this week no one got punched, but a mob of left wing protesters got so out of control that a professor ended up in the hospital.

Harry Zieve Cohen reports at The American Interest:

College Protestors Send Professor to the ER

On Thursday, hundreds of students at Middlebury College shouted down political scientist Charles Murray, forcing him to deliver his remarks in a private room via a live web stream.

While he delivered his remarks, student troublemakers pulled the building’s fire alarm multiple times. Shouting could be heard in the background throughout the live-streamed lecture and subsequent conversation with Political Science Professor Allison Stanger.

When Stanger and Murray left the building, things turned violent, the Addison County Independent reports:

As Stanger, Murray and a college administrator left McCullough Student Center last evening following the event, they were “physically and violently confronted by a group of protestors,” according to Bill Burger, the college’s vice president for communications and marketing.

Burger said college public safety officers managed to get Stanger and Murray into the administrator’s car.

“The protestors then violently set upon the car, rocking it, pounding on it, jumping on and try to prevent it from leaving campus,” he said. “At one point a large traffic sign was thrown in front of the car. Public Safety officers were able, finally, to clear the way to allow the vehicle to leave campus.

“During this confrontation outside McCullough, one of the demonstrators pulled Prof. Stanger’s hair and twisted her neck,” Burger continued. “She was attended to at Porter Hospital later and (on Friday) is wearing a neck brace.”

Here are a couple of videos from the protest:

This is the left’s “punch a Nazi” policy at work. If they convince themselves and others that you’re a Nazi, you’re fair game for violence.

This is going to reach a boiling point eventually and it won’t be pretty.

Featured image via YouTube.


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