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Aleister’s 10 Favorite Higher Education Posts of 2016

Aleister’s 10 Favorite Higher Education Posts of 2016

What a year…

As we wind down to the end of 2016, I thought it would be fun to create a list of some of our best higher education related posts.

We’ve done so many that it wasn’t easy to settle on just ten. Also, the list below isn’t arranged in any particular order based on metrics like page views. They were all chosen by me based on the level of entertainment or the outrageous nature of the story. So here we go…

The first story comes from Yale, where some social justice warrior students figured out that they had the power to fire people based on emails about Halloween costumes.

10. Yale SJW Student to Professor: “I want your job to be taken from you.”

This was the year we learned that “Make America Great Again” is hate speech on Canadian college campuses.

9. VIDEO: Student’s Trump Hat Causes Meltdown at Canada’s Mount Royal U.

This is what happens when a conservative student group tries to hold a meeting at the University of Kansas.

8. Social Justice Warriors Go Crazy Defending Safe Spaces at U. Kansas

Christina Hoff Sommers is a feminist but not the right kind of feminist for some students at Cal State LA.

7. VIDEO: Feminists at Cal State LA Tear Down Flyers for Christina Hoff Sommers Lecture

At the University of Michigan, nothing says Black Lives Matter like shouting down a debate about Black Lives Matter.

6. VIDEO: Protesters Shut Down U. Michigan Debate on Black Lives Matter

Speaking of the University of Michigan, at least one student there learned how to turn the tables on the left and beat them at their own game.

5. Student Trolls U. Michigan by Choosing ‘His Majesty’ as Preferred Pronoun

Who can forget the great scary clowns on campus craze of 2016?

4. Dorm Evacuated at Merrimack College Over Report of Armed Clown

The Obama administration should always be remembered for their commitment to higher education.

3. Group That Used Dildos to Protest Campus Carry Invited to The White House

Let the record show that this man was right.

2. SUNY Prof With Reliable Election Model Predicts 87% Chance of Trump Win

And the number one higher education story of the year, without a doubt, was this:

1. #TheChalkening – Students for Trump troll campuses

Thanks for reading!

We look forward to another great year in higher education for 2017.


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It is reassuring to see the younger generation appreciates Roy Rogers’ horse as much as my generation does. But shouldn’t they also have something to say about Buttermilk? She carried Dale in many an episode and I think they should proclaim themselves to be Buttermilked from time to time….just to be fair and all that.

When my son applies for college, the probability of selecting a particular institution will be indirectly proportional to often said school appears in your posts, Aleister. Thank you for another year of covering the college crazy.