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Violent riots at UC Berkeley shut down Milo Yiannopoulos event

Violent riots at UC Berkeley shut down Milo Yiannopoulos event

Frenzy on the left growing.

Conservative activist and Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at University of California – Berkeley on Wednesday evening.

However, his event was cancelled and massive protests and violent demonstrations broke out on campus instead.

The Breitbart News editor [Milo Yiannopoulos] was set to deliver a speech inside a UC Berkeley campus building but hundreds of protesters began throwing fireworks and pulling down the metal barricades police set up to keep people from rushing into the building. Windows were smashed and fires were set outside the building as masked protesters stormed it.

The Berkeley Police Department said people threw bricks, smoking objects, and fireworks at police officers. University police locked down all buildings and ordered a shelter in place.

“This is what tolerance looks like at UC Berkeley,” said Mike Wright, a Berkeley College Republican member said as smoke bombs went off around him. Someone threw red paint on him.

Yiannopoulous was evacuated, and assured concerned fans he was safe.

As of this report, the demonstrations were not under control.

ABC7’s reporter stated earlier that there have not yet been any attempts to put out the fire, and that police had withdrawn from the balcony above the crowd where they had previously been stationed.

According to the reporter, police issued a dispersal order to the crowd, declaring it an unlawful assembly, but they have not yet attempted to move the protesters out of the plaza.

The campus may be looking at the Mizzou effect. In the wake of #BlackLivesMatter protests and social justice activism, enrollments to the University of Missouri plummeted and donations from alumni dropped precipitously.

The tweets indicate that Americans are appalled and angry at the tactics of the demonstrators.

My son is slated to begin submitting college applications in about 2 years. UC Berkeley will not be among the schools to which he applies, and I will make point of sending a note the university explaining why that will include a description of this event.

UC Berkeley is known as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement that began on American campuses in 1964. It appears that this is where it has gone to die.


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The seem to be working for the Trump reelection campaign.

Gee, the one person I know who went to Berkeley defriended me on facebook and won’t be able to see the post I make linking this with comments about intolerant liberals who can’t listen to opposing views.

This is exactly what Milo wanted, and the fools gave it to him.

An unhindered speech would have done nothing – but this is perfect video for every 2018 Senate race.

What to write about now that President Obama is in retirement? Write about how crazy evil the leftist are. Crazy and evil, both, together. The left has been systematically attacking institutions of civilization for decades.

OK there is just so much idiocy in this story it’s hard to list but ya can start with huh… wat…. liberal’s are burning chit because a gay guy came to campus

UC Berkeley will not be among the schools to which he applies

If they’re D’rat Party Rent-a-Mobs, they wouldn’t necessarily have anything to do with the school.

    Massinsanity in reply to tom swift. | February 2, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Lets see how he administration responds, that will be the telling aspect of this story.

    My guess there will be no repercussions for those involved.

      The administration has shown its reply. Let them burn down our campus with no repercussions. Too bad for real students.

      Napolitano should be indicted by the feds as a co-conspirator who supported the mob’s use of violence to stop a GAY MAN from speaking.

    Wrathchilde in reply to tom swift. | February 2, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Honestly it doesn’t matter if they’re affiliated with the school or not. The school had a duty to provide appropriate security, and even required an increased fee for this security. Where was it?

The left certainly seems to be “cruising for a bruising”. They should be careful what they wish for.

When I was a wee undergrad, we students believed in hearing and confronting all viewpoints. We successfully organized a debate between George Lincoln Rockwell (American Nazi Party) and Meir Kahane (Jewish Defense League). I was assigned to host Rockwell for dinner, and my friend gave the blessing for our meal: The Jewish daily prayer (in Hebrew). Speaking at length with Rockwell and his bodyguard (with his poorly concealed .45 under his coat) didn’t make me sympathetic to the Nazis. It scared the spit out of me that anyone could possibly believe what he preached.

The debate took place in a serious atmosphere, with a high level of decorum and total silence when the guests were speaking. Kahane received enthusiastic applause, and even Rockwell received a polite level of applause. We thanked both guests for their participation, and none of us will ever forget this highly educational event.

In the current college environment, I can’t imagine anyone being able to arrange such a memorable event. It would be disrupted by those who hate the Nazis, and by the BDS groups who hate the Jews. Current students and faculty seem ignorant of the fact that there are two (or more) sides of every dispute, and an intelligent person should listen to all sides before taking a stand.

    “Current students and faculty seem ignorant of the fact that there are two (or more) sides of every dispute, and an intelligent person should listen to all sides before taking a stand…”

    They are not ‘ignorant’ at all. Either were the Brownshirts.

    They are lazy, corrupt protracted adolescents looking for a free ride, and willing to do any sick act their university handlers ‘pay’ them to do.

    The answer: emasculate the left in our universities – hit them where it hurts: their pockets. No more student loans, grants, federal aid or nonprofit status to these Obama hate factories.

      Yes. I agree.

      “…ignorant of the fact that there are two (or more) sides of every dispute…”

      The Brownshirts KNOW there are two sides and they want to shut down their opposition. These are riots not protests. They have a plan.

Black Bloc rioters need to be treated like domestic terrorists. Their goal is to prevent citizens (and legal residents) from exercising free speech. It’s an attack on everything this country stands for. Maybe it’s time to take a page out of Reagan’s book and meet force with superior force.

This is so upsetting for me to watch! I live in the Bay Area and I can tell you many people here would support the shutting down of a conservative speaker, even if they dislike the means taken to do so. The school won’t lose students either – there are too many parents in the state who agree with the protestors.

    wbkrebs in reply to B Buchanan. | February 2, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    It’s been 30 years since I lived in Berkeley, but, at the time, the radical left was deeply entangled with the local government in the city and in Alameda County. This makes the problem of controlling leftist violence much more difficult.

    I think the useful analogy is with the Ku Klux Klan in the South prior to the Civil Rights movement. There is a group willing to use violence to enforce its views and a much larger group that is not violent itself, but is willing to condone violence for causes it favors.

      B Buchanan in reply to wbkrebs. | February 2, 2017 at 11:56 pm

      Haha yes wbkrebs, I remember even back then a conservative on a city ballot was identified as a Democrat! The town is even further left now.

      My neighbor across the street was having dinner up in Berkeley last night and expressed regret that he hadn’t known ahead of time about the protest or he would have joined. His description of what happened was that a “stupid student Republican group invited an ultra right wing scumbag to talk.” He refuses to use Milo’s name … because it what, gives him power? Makes him, gasp, human?

The son of a friend of mine was there and said there were far more protesters than they are showing on TV and no police in sight. Thankfully he got out safely. My daughter was admitted to Bezerkley engineering but refused to go because of the environment – they called her and tried to convince her to come and she proudly told them where they could stick it. Still not sure why I wasted the registration fees. I told my son to get out of Cali for college as it is a failed state and I moved out to the midwest a year ago and am grateful to live where the people are sane and grounded. I really hope they secede – good riddance!

I remember reading this story a few weeks ago. And a few weeks before that. And a few weeks before that. And a few weeks before that. And a few…

At this point, it is dog bites man type of event. Do people have to fall for it every single time? It is boringly predictable.

There is no difference between the tactics of the left and those of radical Islam. That’s because the final goal of both is total domination, regardless of how many bodies they leave in their wake. Morality to them is ‘whatever works is right’.

Cut off da money. The administrators, staff and faculty always change their tune when they are faced with funding shortages. It means layoffs! Sob! You get more of what is subsidized so stop subsidizing it. It is after all a state school. If regents, legislators, pols won’t then the feds can.

Bitterlyclinging | February 2, 2017 at 6:58 am

Permitted, condoned, even applauded. The movement will grow exponentially until pushback occurs, somewhere, somehow.
Card carrying Communist Walter Cronkite used CBS good offices and services to transport anti Vietnam war speakers from speech to speech to speech across the country.
“The war is lost!” Walter Cronkite. Not because it was lost, but because Walter wished it.

I sat with my mouth open this morning as my local abc affiliate described the events that unfolded in Berkely as “protests broke out when a right-wing provocateur didn’t show up for his speech” Got that?

Not only was the events framed as the protestors were made because their speaker didn’t show up but failed to identify the rioters as left wing and the reason Milo didn’t show was because the violence caused the cancellation of the event.

    Write an editorial to the local newspaper stating what you have here and trashing the news coverage as being biased. Bonus points if you can work in the term “Fake News.”

    Try to start an inter-media fight regarding truth in coverage.

      Proposed talking points:
      1. The rioters are objectively using storm trooper tactics to silence opposing viewpoints.

      2. The rioting is condoned by the local political authorities, as well as the university leadership.

I guess they have moved on from safe spaces, puppies and crayons.

American students these days are prepped for this from kindergarten – particularly in California. You can blame this on the NO TOLERANCE policies that are so common everywhere. No Tolerance for a child who takes two consecutive bites out of a Pop Tart and notices that it looks like a gun. No Tolerance for this, that and most especially ANY speech that “hurts someone’s feelings” or that disagrees with majority opinion. US education no longer teaches children to think. It teaches them to be an unthinking part of a group that does just exactly what they are told to do and thinks just exactly what they are told to think.

I cannot tell you how glad I am that I homeschooled my granddaughter and how relieved I am that she no longer lives in the USA so will be attending university elsewhere. I cannot think of a single college or university I would want my child to attend these days, never mind one I would actually pay for them to attend. And that includes every single one of our collective alma maters, which constitute some of the finest universities in the US, both public and Ivy.

This picture does not fit the narrative. You have those “homophobic” and “fascist” Trump conservatives defending an obnoxious and effeminate gay man while those “tolerant” and “peace loving” liberals doing all they can to destroy and disrupt anyone with a different viewpoint.

    B__2 in reply to natdj. | February 2, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Milo is a British-nationality Jewish gay man of Greek heritage and that is what gives him great power. Even though he is accused of being a ‘white nationalist’ by Berkeley’s mayor, essentially grouping him with Nazis and the KKK, he ticks many of the SJW victimhood group membership boxes which gives him some protection from the accusations against him. It is much harder to make stick an unsubstantiated accusation of being a Nazi against someone if your target is Jewish. It is much harder to make stick an unsubstantiated accusation that your target is a racist when he presses a professes a preference for black men as sexual partners. It is much harder to make stick an unsubstantiated accusation that your target is a misogynist when he is gay and has no vested interest in the sexual politics. All three of these accusations: Nazi, racist, and sexist, are normally conversation stopping insults and almost impossible to refute within the attention span of any open-minded audience. This is why the Progressives so fear Milo; he refuses to be cowed by any of their normally very effective insults.

Why isn’t this as about free speech? Where is the American Criminal Lobby Union? They’ve defended real Nazis, but here the silence is deafening.

Narrative, Milo doesn’t fit their narrative.

    Because “Free Speech” as a Constitutional Right is only about what the GOVERNMENT can punish you for speaking about.

    What private individuals do is on them individually.

    The remedy is to force the University to bring charges against any student that can be identified as a member of this protest for violating the Student Code of Conduct and have them EXPELLED.

    As before, Alinsky Rule #4 is in effect.

Congratulations Democrats. You’re letting paid anarchists take over. Where do you stand on this senseless violence and destruction Nancy Pelosi? How about you Chuck Schumer?
Unless you come out publicly denouncing this garbage and do whatever you can to put a stop to it you’re in league with these masked bomb throwers as far as I’m concerned.
Cut off their funding, President Trump!

Cognitive dissonance will explode their heads when somebody finally breaks it to them: They are the new brownshirts.

I just love how the Leftists are all about free speech and such…

Oh Wait….

smalltownoklahoman | February 2, 2017 at 8:24 am

I was reading elsewhere that Trump was teasing with a tweet the possibility of removing federal funds from Berkeley. That’s a possible good start but maybe they should also consider not forgiving any and all outstanding federal student loans for those students identified as having participated in this riot. Nothing like personal consequences to get people to start considering mending their ways.

Cut off monies to UC Berkley and all of their professors, yes.

Yet, that should only be the start of getting a handle on this. The administration needs to also designate such rioting as domestic terrorism, along with the ‘money men’ funding the anarchists.

Henry Hawkins | February 2, 2017 at 8:29 am

Do they get credits toward degrees for field trips like this?

holdingmynose | February 2, 2017 at 8:38 am

Wasn’t it just a day or two ago that Sen. Kaine was calling for street violence to resist Trump?

    Obama has gone back to his street thug days calling for the same thing. If that was said when he was in office, the DOJ would have been up in arms and you’d here “KKK” all over the place.

Keep it up. the country rejected them once and they are helping to do it again. What will they be doing when the state finally realizes that it can’t support them any longer?

Look, look we’re fighting fascism…literally destroying it!

No one has mentioned yet that the riots left the campus and included beating a man unconscious in the street. Or that these rioters are openly calling it a war action.

These things are NOT “demonstrations”. This is not an action bred of intolerance. IT is a terrorist act orchestrated by a small cadre of anarchists and others who wish to see the destruction of America and American society and fleshed out with idiots who want to belong or are looking for fleeting fame or recognition, of any kind. It is made worse by politicians who allow things like this to occur to further their own short term agendas.

Thank you Leslie for titling this post correctly.

“Violent riots” vs “violent protests” is entirely correct. Protests have signs and chanting/shouting. Riots have broken windows, fires, and milk-soaked bandanas.

Prosecute with extreme prejudice. Oh, wait. One arrest? ….

“UC Berkeley is known as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement that began on American campuses in 1964. It appears that this is where it has gone to die.”

You misspelled “this is where it has gone to be violently murdered and have its corpse dragged through the streets.”

buckeyeminuteman | February 2, 2017 at 1:03 pm

Wearing a mask, throwing fireworks, breaking windows and starting fires is not protesting. It’s criminal activity. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” should apply here.

(For the lawyers here) Would it be possible to pass a law (Federal) outlawing masks during a protest? I heard it’s illegal to wear a mask in D.C., so I’m not sure it’s a constitutional issue? Opinions?