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What can you say about soon-to-be-former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie?  At one time, it seemed his star was rising, that he was destined for the White House.  That is the historical moment to which Christie apparently clings. Christie, who leaves office—and almost certainly any political future—on January 16th, believes that if President Trump had not run in 2016, he'd be president today.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has declined to make a Shermanesque statement that would flatly rule out the possibility that he would appoint himself to fill the Senate seat of Democrat Senator Bob Menendez. Sen. Menendez is currently under federal trial, facing bribery and corruption charges. Should Menendez be removed from office or resign before Christie's term ends on January 18, 2018, Christie would have the power to appoint his replacement. In a recorded interview aired on this today's Morning Joe, New York Times reporter Nick Confessore said to Christie, "I'm looking for a Shermanesque statement here."

New Jersey Governor gave his 2018 Budget Address on Monday and asked the state's largest health insurance company, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, to set up a charitable fund to help provide funds to treat those with opiate addiction:
“I am confident Horizon will embrace this opportunity and partner with us to establish this permanent, sustainable fund,” Christie said, prompting laughter from the crowd packed into the State House Assembly chamber. “They will not turn their back on the people of New Jersey who pay their salaries and, as the people’s representatives, we will partner with them to make sure it happens by June 30,” he added.

It doesn't seem that long ago that Chris Christie was a serious contender for the presidency, and here we are, four or five years later, and he's counting his lucky stars that the prosecutor decided against filing criminal misconduct charges against him regarding Bridgegate. Reuters reports:
New Jersey prosecutors on Friday said they would not pursue criminal misconduct charges against Governor Chris Christie in connection with the "Bridgegate" scandal.

Amidst the multitudes of reports on the scores of Republicans abandoning Trump, there doesn't seem to be much coverage of those who have decided to stick with Trump.  Ben Carson, of course, is also still supporting Trump, and  Mike Pence has been quite strong in support of his running mate.  Quite a few other prominent Republicans are also not jumping off the Trump train. Ted Cruz has stated that he is sticking with his recent decision to support Trump and that he's doing so for the same reasons he made the decision in the first place. Politico reports:
The Texas senator told a local TV station in Muleshoe, Texas, on Monday that despite lewd video showing Trump joking of unwanted sexual advances on women he would still back Trump over Hillary Clinton. "I am supporting the Republican nominee because I think Hillary Clinton is an absolute disaster. Now my differences with Donald, I have articulated at great length during the campaign. And I tried all my might," Cruz told Maggan Rennels of Channel 6. "It was an amazing journey."

Joe Scarborough couldn't have been kinder as he slid the shiv into Mike Pence this morning. The opening segment of Morning Joe was devoted to the veepstakes, and Scarborough politely trashed Pence while making the case for Chris Christie. Scarborough went out of his way to praise Pence as an "able leader" and someone he likes. But he proceeded to say that Pence wasn't "ready for prime time." Joe broke out the deer-in-headlights metaphor and analogized Pence to previous running-mate "disasters." On the other hand, Joe argued that Christie is someone who has been on the national stage, capable of destroying Marco Rubio with one debate, and who is best equipped to prosecute the case against Hillary Clinton.

Just over a week ago I reported how Rhode Island legislature passes anti-BDS law, becoming the 10th state to pass legislation exercising the state's right not to subsidize the discriminatory Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). The forms of such legislation in various states focus on pension investments by and/or contracting with state agencies. None of these recent laws, or NY Governor Cuomo's Executive Order, criminalize or prohibit such boycotts, though some states have longstanding anti-discrimination laws barring boycotts based on national origin, race and other factors. In May, the New Jersey Senate passed a bill barring pension investments in companies engaging in BDS, and as it moved on to the state Assembly, BDS forces mounted a counter attack, but to no avail. An overwhelming bipartisan majority in the Assembly passed the law:
The New Jersey Legislature passed legislation that prohibits the state from investing  pension and annuity funds in companies that boycott Israel or Israeli businesses.

Chris Christie's endorsement of Donald Trump on Friday, February 26, 2016, served the primary purpose of deflecting for a news cycle or two the media momentum gained by Marco Rubio and to a lesser extent Ted Cruz coming out of the Thursday night CNN Debate. Whether it changed a single vote is doubtful, but it was a good PR move by the Trump campaign. The endorsement was considered by prior media fans of Chrisie to be a betrayal of everything Christie supposedly stood for. Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post wrote, Chris Christie’s despicable endorsement of Trump:

After a good ol' fashioned whoppin' in last night's Republican debate. Donald Trump found a new attack dog, former presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie. I would guess Attorney General is a possibility, too.

Numerous reports indicate Chris Christie is suspending his campaign, with a formal announcement later today). Details to follow.