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Report: Chris Christie ‘Seriously Considering’ Another Run for President in 2024

Report: Chris Christie ‘Seriously Considering’ Another Run for President in 2024

“has told friends that he’d be the only person in the 2024 field with executive experience who has run a presidential race before”

During the 2016 Republican presidential primary, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s strongest moment came when he effectively ended the candidacy of Senator Marco Rubio during a debate.

Christie is apparently considering another run in 2024.

Jonathan Swan writes at Axios:

Scoop: Chris Christie friends believe he’s running in 2024

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is seriously considering running for president in 2024, three people familiar with his thinking tell Axios.

Driving the news: While Christie isn’t saying anything publicly about his thinking — besides telling radio host Hugh Hewitt he’s not ruling it out — people close to him have an early sense of the rationale and outlines of a potential candidacy.

The big picture: Absent another run by former President Trump, the field would be wide open.

– Christie, whose 2016 bid for the nomination was short-lived, has told friends that he’d be the only person in the 2024 field with executive experience who has run a presidential race before.

– That’s a clear shot at one potential rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who’s enjoying a surge of popularity from Republican voters for his handling of COVID-19 and his sparring with the media but hasn’t yet endured the scrutiny of a presidential bid.

Swan is correct when he suggests that much of this depends on what Trump does.

Mark Moore of the New York Post notes that Trump recently told Sean Hannity that he is strongly considering running again:

Christie hasn’t spoken publicly about throwing his hat in the ring other than telling radio host Hugh Hewitt that he won’t rule out running against former President Donald Trump in a primary again, Axios reported on Wednesday.

But the outlet noted that if Trump doesn’t seek election in 2024, the candidate field would be wide open.

Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in an interview Monday that he’s still thinking about it.

“I miss the most, helping people,” Trump said.

“That’s why I did it. Look, this has been very traumatic. I had a great life, great company, great business, no problems and now all I do is, people go after you. It’s vicious, it’s horrible but you know what? I loved doing it because I helped people. And I’ve helped them more than any president,” he said.

Many people on the right are skeptical about Christie’s chances.


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The Friendly Grizzly | April 22, 2021 at 9:35 am

Oh, please… spare us.


Nope, you won’t get my vote in the primary!


Sounds like fun? Maybe we can add Jeb! to the pool, Haley too. I’m sure the grifters over @NR and the Bulwark can come up with a few more “sure bets” in time for the primary season.

Free Doughnuts in every home.

Check out Instapundit’s post and the comments thereupon. The jokes write themselves.

Years ago I thought that Christie was the real deal. Not so much now. I think he just a bag of hot air now. Why doesn’t stay home and try and straighten out NJ again.

Captain Zero’s got his fingerprints all over this one: remember the two of them waltzing along the Boardwalk together?

SeiteiSouther | April 22, 2021 at 10:12 am

No, Chris. JUST NO!

The only way I will break my habit of voting 3rd party if I don’t like the candidates is Ron DeSantis. He runs, I will vote for him. At least he has a backbone.

He should seriously consider hiring a detective to see if he can find his lost reputation.

Don’t. Just don’t.

Please no!

Unless…. he is setting up as a foil to any potential establishment primary candidates like JEB! or Kasich or heaven help us Romney, simply to divide the squish vote and give DeSantis clear sailing to the nomination.

Thanks for this post. Best laugh of the day so far.

The latest fatuous RINO polymorph running to splinter the NeverTrumper vote. He has a shot at that vote.

Krispy Kreme vs. Commie-la Joe………. should be a hoot. And another race to the bottom.

Doesn’t LI have a headline editor ??

I mean, come on, Chris aint running nowhere, even to the doughnut shop

running aint how he rolls

Hmmmm …. No but I’ll bet that just like a bug to a bug zapper … It’s just so bu tee ful


Why do people like him think they’ve got a shot? It’s like they have no self-reflection of past events.

Chris had his chance in 2020 and lost. Than he worsened his situation by by doing what he did with Trump. Anyone that turned on Trump is pretty much done.

    Because they are grasping for anything that will get them back in the conversation. They can then wait for events to turn so maybe they can gain some leverage to make a deal ($$$$$)or get a cabinet appointment or something later. Heck, if Biden can get elected POSOTUS just by sitting in his basement, anything is possible.

Yeah, the guy who got Obama re-elected. We need this blob again like we need Boehner again.

Obama, Christie back together again:

Trump/DeSantis in 2024 – if we still have elections by then.

It’s a bit too early to get excited. Get with us in about two more years. Until then, chill.

JusticeDelivered | April 22, 2021 at 1:30 pm

I gather the conus is that he is a deluded fool.

    henrybowman in reply to JusticeDelivered. | April 22, 2021 at 5:11 pm

    He pretended to be a Republican governor of a state that was and still is so Democrat that even the licensed gun dealers have to have their shop goods smuggled in, and there’s a counseling and waiting period legally mandated before you can give live birth.

    Mitt Romneycare was another one just like him.

2smartforlibs | April 22, 2021 at 2:12 pm

Only thing bigger than his waist is his ego

The world is sunnier when you have no self awareness.

Run for the senate and be a giant embarrassment to your state like Mitt Romney is to Utah.

Republicans literally have no self-awareness.

If Lil Marco doesn’t run, wutz the finfg point

when we die, that’s what we will look like

I’d vote for GF before I would vote for the fatboy

Nobody cares.

ANY idiot that thinks that Christie, Pence, or Jeb! have the slightest chance at getting the nomination can openly be called an idiot that is totally disconnected from the actual voters.

    Yes, but what does GOP Chairwoman Rona Romney say?

    And what the hell are we doing, tolerating this rino bozo as the head of OUR – repeat – OUR party?

      Ghostrider in reply to | April 23, 2021 at 4:42 am

      You are right. Ronna Romney McDaniel is the GOP’s biggest loser, fraud and political clown. She is the total opposite of what a leader should be.

      Two-faced Ronna is to the detriment and decline of the Republican Party what the Covid 19 virus is to infectious diseases.

Running what or where? A marathon, Pamplona, mafia money? In no way, shape or form could it be a presidential campaign run. He spent his capital a few years back.

Translation: Chris Christie wants a job under a GOP administration, and he’d be happy to give his endorsement to the leading candidate.

Sometimes a “run for President” is really just a “run for a campaign contribution slush fund”.

Lots of NeverTrump money out there for the next JEB!

Meh. To me it does not matter which Franz von Papen Republican get the nomination in 2024. A combination of voting fraud (worse than what we saw in 2020) and Republican voter apathy will decide the matter.

Personally I would like to see Jeb! get the Republican nomination. It would be a 57-state blowout loss for the quintessential Franz von Papen Republican, and even more fun to listen to the GOP Establishment make lame excuses like they did after Mitt Romneycare lost his “can’t lose” election in 2012.

    Well you are functionally the same as a Democrat then. You couldn’t handle losing 2020 after a pandemic and major recession hit while media, big tech and the cultural institutions all fought Trump with total ferocity.

    So instead of accepting your favorite president lost you decided “Voter Fraud!!!” and that the Democrats could have it all before you will accept it wasn’t voter fraud and vote in another election or believe voters will decide another election.

    Well you are dooming the country to go much farther to the left than you ever could possibly imagine, and I don’t think Trump even meant for you to take it this far when he decided to Stacey Abrams the 2020 election but don’t worry Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden will surely thank you.

He could call his campaign a bridge too far.

Fat chance.

In 2016, looking at the candidates, I said the three I would vote **for** would be Walker, Cruz or Paul. Most of the remainders would be varying degrees of “for” and “against.” But without question, if the RINOs managed to again nominate one of theirs to the top of the ticket (Christy, Kasich, Jeb!, or Graham), I would either write in a name, or for the first time in my life, not vote. Because with those names at the top of the ticket, to borrow a phrase, “At this point, what difference does it make!”

NO and hell NO. We don’t want you CNN and Obama loving NJ libtard

Imagine in your wildest nightmare that it comes down to two choices on the r side.
Christie or Nikki Haley.


I’d vote for him…….. To be locked in a room with Stacy Abrams and one doughnut.

This is great news for conservatives.

This is what normally happens in GOP primaries:

• One establishment RINO runs
• A half dozen conservatives run
• The 6 conservatives split the conservative vote; none get more than 15%
• The one RINO gets all of the establishment vote–about 30%
• The RINO is declared the winner and frontrunner in the early primaries, even though 70% of Republicans voted against him
• None of the conservatives can break out of the pack, so their money dries up, and they eventually have to drop out
• The RINO continues to raise money based on his “frontrunner” status
• Eventually, the RINO wins the nomination; not because the majority of Republican support him, but because his conservative competition had to drop out due to funding problems

Christie is a RINO. We need multiple RINOs to run to split the establishment vote the same way the conservative vote has historically been split.

I just had to read the comments because i knew how entertaining they would be.

I hope he does run. Just so we can laugh and point. And fatso will get his big ass handed to him again.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | April 24, 2021 at 8:16 am

“he’d be the only person in the 2024 field with executive experience who has run a failed presidential race before”


At this point, I am waffling between washing my hair and voting for a president in November 2024. Where’s the conditioner?