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Chris Christie Commutes Sentence of Marine Convicted On Gun Charges

Chris Christie Commutes Sentence of Marine Convicted On Gun Charges

Not the first time he’s done this

This is good news.  Chris Christie has commuted the sentence of a former Marine from Virginia who was convicted in New Jersey on gun charges.

The Marine Corps Times reports:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday commuted the sentence of a Marine who was about to start a three-year prison sentence after he was arrested on gun charges in 2011.

Hisashi Pompey was convicted in 2013 and was slated to begin his sentence on Monday. Christie signed the commutation on Friday.

Pompey was visiting friends in 2011 in New Jersey from Virginia, where he had legally registered the weapon. He was at a nightclub in Fort Lee when a friend who had been in a fight pulled Pompey’s firearm from its holster. No shots were fired, but Pompey and his friend were arrested.

This is not the first time that Christie has intervened in cases that involve reciprocal carry (not currently legal in New Jersey).

This Ain’t Hell reports:

Christie has done this before- in April 2015 he pardoned Shaneen Allen, a Pennsylvania permit holder, who was arrested for possessing a handgun in her car.

Christy also pardoned U.S. Marine and concealed permit holder Joshua Velez for bringing his Massachusetts registered handgun into New Jersey.


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Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. What a sec, do blind squirrels eat glazed donuts by the box?

So Christie waits until the last minute of the last day, and then “commutes” the sentence of a man who was simply exercising his Constitutional rights — leaving him with a criminal record that will destroy his chances of any employment in law enforcement, that had been his prior career, also now destroyed, with the Marines.
Only an immediate pardon, the day after the so-called offense, would provide any real justice.
Christie is a hypocritical RINO, who panders to the Democrat electorate until the last minute, before finally and begrudgingly doing what is RIGHT. Thankfully, Trump saw thru him within days, and dumped him.

crispy sure waits right until the end and under delivers.
charging a man for Constitutional owning a gun that some dumdum
illegally used. how is this justice?