Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump on Friday, February 26, 2016, served the primary purpose of deflecting for a news cycle or two the media momentum gained by Marco Rubio and to a lesser extent Ted Cruz coming out of the Thursday night CNN Debate.

Whether it changed a single vote is doubtful, but it was a good PR move by the Trump campaign.

The endorsement was considered by prior media fans of Chrisie to be a betrayal of everything Christie supposedly stood for. Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post wrote, Chris Christie’s despicable endorsement of Trump:

No matter how cynical one becomes about politics, it seems never to be enough. One hopes that with this irresponsible, soulless act, Christie’s career comes to an end.

Many speculated that Christie was vying for an Attorney General nod in a future Trump administration, or less likely given the geography, a VP nod on the ticket.

But it appears that The Donald is treating Christie like a one-night stand. At a rally the next day, Trump pointedly pointed for Christie to leave the stage.

That visual caused me to tweet that Trump didn’t respect Christie in the morning:

I didn’t realize until today how right I was, because I relied on the visual and missed the key sentence audible on the tape.

Trump told Christie: “Get on the plane and go home.”

At which point Christie put back on his little black dress, and did the walk of shame.


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