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Veepstakes: Scarborough Politely Trashes Pence, Makes Case for Christie

Veepstakes: Scarborough Politely Trashes Pence, Makes Case for Christie

Pence ‘Not Ready for Prime Time, Deer in Headlights,’ Christie Best to Prosecute Case Against Clinton

Joe Scarborough couldn’t have been kinder as he slid the shiv into Mike Pence this morning. The opening segment of Morning Joe was devoted to the veepstakes, and Scarborough politely trashed Pence while making the case for Chris Christie.

Scarborough went out of his way to praise Pence as an “able leader” and someone he likes. But he proceeded to say that Pence wasn’t “ready for prime time.” Joe broke out the deer-in-headlights metaphor and analogized Pence to previous running-mate “disasters.” On the other hand, Joe argued that Christie is someone who has been on the national stage, capable of destroying Marco Rubio with one debate, and who is best equipped to prosecute the case against Hillary Clinton.

This Insurrectionist found Joe’s arguments persuasive. Readers, weigh in. Is Christie the best choice, or would Pence provide needed stability? Sean Hannity likes Newt. And best not forget about Flynn. Let’s hear from you!

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I think it’s probably Newt and Pence.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Really? I think it’s Newt and Christie.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I think it should be Christie. I think without a doubt it should be Christie. He says he’s not looking for an attack dog, Chris Christie can prosecute the case against Hillary Clinton better than anybody else. And, you know, people worried about the bridge. I actually see that as a positive. You bring up a bridge investigation and go, yeah, they investigated me for closing one lane. They investigated Hillary Clinton for actually putting America’s national security at risk. Okay, let’s talk about those investigations. We’ll talk about them every day and we’ll be just fine.

. . .

JOE: Mark Halperin, tell me why I’m wrong. I think Newt Gingrich. Let’s say it’s down to Newt and Pence. I think Newt and Trump together are just two volatile chemicals you wouldn’t want to put in the same container. Everything eventually blows up. And Mike Pence, Mike Pence is just not ready for this. I mean, it takes a special person to be ready for dealing with the chaos that Donald Trump’s campaign can bring every day and he’s been accused of having sort of, I know Mike, I served with him, he’d be an able guy and I think he’ll be an able leader. He has been an able leader. But as far as the rough and tumble, he’s so off-brand from Donald Trump, that it makes absolutely no sense and I think bad things would happen.

. . .

JOE: If we go back, the disasters for vice-presidential selections — Aren’t they the Dan Quayles who aren’t ready for primetime from Indiana

MIKA: Admiral Stockdale —

JOE: — that have the deer-in-the-headlight moment when pressed by Lloyd Bentsen. The Geraldine Ferraro, who was a congresswoman, who wasn’t quite ready for the onslaught of dealing with what was happening with her husband. Yes, and Admiral Stockdale. You can go down the list. I always say and with all due respect to Scott Walker, who I love. He was one of my favorites early on, I said, he’s just not ready for the big stage. He’s a great shortstop but he’s a Double-A shortstop. That’s my argument for Chris Christie. He’s been there. We saw him throughout the fall. He delivered the best town hall meeting addresses all across New Jersey. He made us cry around here talking about his friend who died. He gutted the future of the Republican party, Marco Rubio. Finished him in one debate. He’s been a prosecutor. Am I carrying his water right now? No, I’m not. I’m just doing my political analysis. If you want to avoid crises down the road, isn’t the first thing you do is make sure you get get a Lloyd Bentsen type who’s been there before and is not going to wither in October?

. . .

MIKA: I think Donald Trump: do you want to hang around with this guy, too?

JOE: That’s another thing about Pence, Donald Trump is not going to want to hang out with Mike Pence.

MIKA: Oh, be nice! That’s not very nice.

JOE: Well no, I’m just saying, I know Donald Trump. I know Mike Pence, I like them both. You would not sit them next to each other on Thanksgiving.


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An interesting person thrown into the mix. Laura Ingraham.
Though probably not.

List of speakers:

Would the VP be in there?

Well one day to find out.

Just like Joe to prefer the less qualified loudmouth over the Articulate Conservative.

“If I had to vote for cancer or a heart attack, why would I vote for either?”

Charles Koch talking about the choice of Trump or Hillary for POTUS.

I won’t vote for either. Their “underlying principles” are not…good.

    “If I had to vote for cancer or a heart attack, why would I vote for either?” Add: If you choose not to vote, the decision will be left to others – and you’ll get either cancer or a heart attack regardless.

    IMHO, the choice is more like terminal cancer (Hillary) or a heart attack that could range anywhere from mild to quickly fatal (Trump).

    I’d rather have neither – but that’s not a realistic choice.

    Barring a miracle, it’s going to be one or the other.

      There is no choice. The end result is the same either way, except that Trump will destroy the Republican Party in the process. But that won’t matter soon.

      But hey, that is what Trump supporters want – chaos and anarchy in DC.

        BigDaveLA in reply to jennifer a johnson. | July 14, 2016 at 1:38 pm

        I think it’s more like metastacizing cancer that will continue Obama’s path of the destruction for our once great nation. Trump may not be my favorite, but if you vote for anybody else, it’s a de facto vote for Hillary, the devil in a blue Armani jacket.

        “But hey, that is what Trump supporters want – chaos and anarchy in DC.”

        Damn right. And you’re for the anti – American uniparty status quo.

      I think it’s more like operable cancer (Hillary, who we can vote out in 4 years and replace with a conservative — if the GOP learns its lesson) or fatal heart attack (Trump, who will destroy conservatism and America).

Wow, speaker list has Pam Bondi on it. Why the heck is she on it. She was a disaster in FL.

Flynn or Sessions is the way to go. I hope Trump is smart enough to avoid Newt or Pence, and I think Cruz wouldn’t take the job if offered.

One out side of the box candidate is Jan Brewer.

Trump does well when he’s not insufferably predictable. He should go with a surprise candidate, one not every political TV hack would guess at. Chuck Norris, say.

A few months back, it looked like John Kasich was positioning himself to be VP (Ohio is strategic), but then, it seemed he started to believe his own press releases.

That Scarborough is against Pense is the best reference FOR Pense.