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Democrat Misinformation in Georgia Week at Legal Insurrection

Democrat Misinformation in Georgia Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

For months, Democrats and the media have been talking about the danger of misinformation. Yet in Georgia, they have waged a campaign of untruths about the new voting law.

Woke corporations played along.

This just keeps getting worse.

Such a hypocrite.

You don’t say.

Chauvin trial updates.


Of course.

CNN is beyond parody.

Maybe defunding police was a really bad idea.


World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Where’s Mcconnell? Where’s McCarthy? Where’s Rona Romney?

The left is playng for keeps, and we have these 3 milquetoasts at the head of our political party.

    Likely busy trying to keep all 50 Republican senators from going squishy so they could do everything they could to prevent new legislation from Biden, which takes appealing to every senator elected including blue state Republican senators and ones who are known to be on the squishy side.

To punk on the Biden Harris regime, why not organize a National ban on wearing masks on May 1?

100 days. That’s what President Creepy Joe Biden asked for before he was inaugurated – 100 days of masking. King Joe, confidently said so himself several times.

That was the hallmark of his plan, the secret ingredient to end the coronavirus pandemic. He said so several times.

It was in his first batch of executive orders requiring people to wear masks when they are on U.S. Government properties; including national parks, on mountain tops, rivers, lakes, and forests, even when there are no other people around for hundreds of miles. Just give Joe Biden that—100 days and everything will be fine. His unlikable, nasty press Secretary assured us so.

Well, April 30 is the 100th day. On May 1, we rip off our masks for good. Or, not? Did Joe lie to us again?

To make a play on the famous words of an iconic, a real American President, “Well, Mr. Biden, tear down your mask mandate!”