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Stumbling Towards Decline With Biden Week at Legal Insurrection

Stumbling Towards Decline With Biden Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Does everyone appreciate the symbolic value of this moment?

How embarrassing.

Does anyone believe this would happen under Trump?

Why are we doing this?

So Democrats can just cancel members of Congress now?

Speech police. For real.

This was immediately politicized.

Maybe we should have the National Guard in Portland instead of DC.

Chauvin trial updates.

What a shame.

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Iain Sanders | March 21, 2021 at 9:47 am

This place is so slow & with that silly wheelchair at the top the first thing you see – emblematic of the new site! It makes you wonder how intelligent the prof really is..

Chairman “Big Guy” Xi-den’s stumbles are the perfect visual representation of the decline of U.S. influence and respect, and, our manifest inability to defend our interests and allied interests.

I don’t like Xi-den, at all, and, I totally reject his political ideology and agenda, but, I take no pleasure in seeing his frailties on public display. That would be sadistic. The man is a transparent stage prop and seat-warmer for his vile, harlot comrade, Willie Brown’s concubine.

“Blinken” is a perfect and accurate moniker for the hapless and witless dope who is leading the U.S.’s feckless, emasculated, transparently meek, ineffectual and incompetent foreign policy.

The Chinese communists’ open contempt and disrespect shown to the U.S. delegation at the Alaska meeting is a reflection not only of Chinese arrogance, belligerence and confidence, but, a reflection of the transparent U.S. weakness that Chairman Xi-den and his band of incompetent neo-communists telegraph to the world. As Iran’s increasing belligerence and attacks on Israel via proxies (including the recent, Iran-directed, intentional oil spill that damaged Israel’s beaches and predictably went unreported by the Israel-vilifying U.S. media) are similarly a reflection of the Islamic theocrats’ total contempt for Xi-den and the Dhimmi-crats.

I don’t expect the Dhimmi-crats to acknowledge the obvious — to wit, that the Wuhan virus was an intentional biological attack, expressly intended to depose President Trump. The Dhimmi-crats understand that the Wuhan virus was a political gift to them, so, naturally, they are loath to investigate its origins. But, for Blinken and his team to refrain from bringing up or rebuking China’s conduct in concealing the virus’s spread, and, in sowing disinformation to the WHO and to countries, is indefensible and outrageously cowardly.

The global rogues’ gallery (e.g., Iran, Hamas/Fatah/Hezb’allah, et al.; China) didn’t bother to contain their glee at the Chinese communists’ installation of Xi-den, because they understood full-well that Chairman Xi-den is a dim-witted, feeble, tottering, emasculated Chinese communist vassal/puppet/dotard/dhimmi who is transparently incapable of defending U.S. and allied interests. Xi-den is physiologically, neurologically, emotionally, psychologically, ideologically, temperamentally and intellectually unqualified to be President.

The Dhimmi-crats under Xi-den have resurrected vile Obama’s failed, vanity-driven, naive, self-congratulatory, destructive and manifestly incompetent foreign policy that is grounded in paying obsequious deference to the world’s worst, most belligerent state actors. “Leading from behind,” and all that.

Looks like NY governor Cuomo’s “Ralph Northam” strategy is working. There is sudden silence from the Joseph Goebbels media as they realize they can’t actually force him out if he refuses to go.

Come on man, he was just picking up some litter.

‘Giggles’ Harris is right around the corner,, sluttinrss and a whore’s mind along with her. Oh, yeah – and her incredible incompetence.

We’ll actually miss biden.

Only question is: How long before Biden resigns for health reasons and we have President Harris? I predict not long.

    Brave Sir Robbin in reply to Rand. | March 22, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    Why would the Democrats what him to resign. I should think they would like to keep him around even if he were stuffed with straw. They can do anything they like and blame him for all the bad they do.