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MSNBC, CNN Ratings Collapse Without Trump

MSNBC, CNN Ratings Collapse Without Trump

Out of sight, out of mind.

MSNBC and CNN have seen a drastic drop in ratings since President Donald Trump lost the election.

Fox has lost viewers, too, but nothing like the left-leaning networks. CNN Tonight with Don Lemon is down 32% from November 30 to March 5.

Overall, CNN’s primetime shows lost the most viewers.

Total Audience:

Prime Demo Rating:

(Also, has anyone noticed that left-leaning outlets do well with Republican presidents and right-leaning outlets do well with Democrat presidents?)

Trump is no longer in office. Trump is no longer on Twitter. Trump is no longer on Facebook.

Yes, Trump releases statements. Those are not as effective as his tweets or anything he would release as a president.

I’m sure Lemon, Cooper, and Cuomo still rag on Trump. It does not matter much to people because censorship took Trump offline, and he does not hold office.

You lose your focal point, you’re going to have a bad time. Trump Derangement Syndrome does not work as well when Trump is not the president.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Trump was loud and energized. He drew in people. President Barack Obama was brand new and a relatively unknown politician who (we cannot say a true unknown because he was a senator) came out and won the election.

President Joe Biden is…an old white male. He is just…there. Literally just there because he has not held a press conference, and his handlers do not allow him to answer questions at events.

The Democrats cannot impeach Trump. The tension over the Capitol Hill riots is over. We have an old white male in the White House surrounded by staff from the Obama administration.

The facts about Biden probably contribute to Fox losing viewers, especially Sean Hannity. He never kept his relationship with Trump a secret. Tucker Carlson remains popular, but he is considered controversial, so the left has grabbed him since they do not have Trump.

You know CNN and MSNBC want Trump to run in 2024. I’m sure Fox would love it, too, especially Hannity.


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2smartforlibs | March 15, 2021 at 11:11 am

they have done nothing but lie about Trump for the last 4 plus years. They had nothing else.

You would think these lefty networks would take up the Pravda routine and regale us with the virtues of socialism/communism. A natural progression.

Lucifer Morningstar | March 15, 2021 at 11:38 am

Trump is out and so is all the hate and lies. And Biden is a train wreck they dare not report about. So it’s no wonder that their ratings are collapsing. There’s nothing to keep the alt-left lunatic fringe viewers from watching. Which is all they had in the end.

Comanche Voter | March 15, 2021 at 11:46 am

Rachel Mad Cow hardest hit. It’s unseemly to snark on Shufflin’ Joe–and snark is her shtick.

The cable new networks created their own viewership problems. They trumpeted the mantra that the only real threat to the nation was Trump. Get him out of office and the nation would be saved. Well, he is now out of office and, therefor, the nation is safe.; at least in the minds of the lemmings who patronize the left leaning news media.

The drop at Fox is largely due to the network’s stance on the national situation since Nov. 03, 2020. In primetime, Ingraham did not lose much, because she was always a placeholder for Fox’s earlier news audience. Hannity has always been a RINO/CINO. Virtually all of his political guests are died in the wool RINOS. He will keep much of his branded audience, because of his longevity. Carlson lost the least because he is an equal opportunity, anti-government , pseudo-libertarian.

What is really killing Fox is their total refusal to report on 2020 election fraud and their downplay of the government actions against otherwise law abiding citizens. As long as they continue to ignore these issues, they will continue to lose viewership.

Even worse when one considers that air travel is up, and people only watch CNN when there is no alternative, such as airports. When you can’t even attract a captive audience …

The Cruz family vacation to Cancun is pretty illustrative of CNN and particularly MSNBC’s need to have a Republican politician, the more conservative the better, do something reprehensible in their eyes so they can spend hours and days and even weeks talking it into the ground, particularly now that Trump isn’t around to go to war with on a daily basis. CNN at least recognizes that despite how much they’d rather not, they have to cover the Cuomo scandal at least somewhat to try to save their reputation.

And it certainly doesn’t help that on your average day, on all three of those networks it’s likely what you saw an hour ago will be rehashed again the next hour, just with different talking heads. It’s pretty sad that you can often learn more about what’s going on the world by reading the crawl at the bottom of the screen. I’m also seeing this “learn it from the crawl” during the local news.

People are also tired of hearing about all the horrific ways they are going to die from the latest vaccine resistant strain of the virus from Timbukto if they don’t do what Lord Biden commands. Reruns of Family Feud are more informative than anything the talking pie holes on the Left wing media have to say.

Grrr8 American | March 15, 2021 at 8:24 pm

>>” … ratings since President Donald Trump lost the election.”

CORRECTION: President Donald Trump did not lose the election.

This country was the (and remains) the victim of a coup-via-color-revolution.

There is President Donald Trump — the duly-elected President in Exile.

And there is the Biden-Harris Junta that has seized control of the Executive Branch and so the rest of the federal government.

The problem with propaganda is it only works if people watch it.