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Explosives Stored In Gaza Terrorist’s Apartment Accidentally Detonate, Destroying Building and Injuring Dozens

Explosives Stored In Gaza Terrorist’s Apartment Accidentally Detonate, Destroying Building and Injuring Dozens

An explosion in Gaza on January 23, 2021, brings two trends together, a ‘work accident’ involving the use of human shields.

We have seen this movie before. A Palestinian terrorist suffers what is euphemisticlly called a “work accident,” frequently the premature detonation of explosives or rockets intended for use against Israel. We have covered dozens of such incidents, including the following:

We also have seen a corollary, the use of civilians and civilian structures as human shields for terror planning and attacks, both by Hamas/Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. We covered this tactic extensively during the 2014 Gaza conflict, where Hamas used the main Gaza hospital as a headquarters and fired rockets from nearby the hospital and other civilian structures.

An incident on January 23, 2021, brings these two trends together, a work accident involving explosives being prepared by a Hamas member in his apartment.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

An explosion destroyed a home in Gaza Saturday morning as terrorists attempted to prepare explosives to purportedly attack Israel, according to an IDF tweet.

The explosion took place in the home of a Hamas operative and at least 30 were injured in the explosion, according to Israeli media.

Pictures posted on Twitter by the IDF showed the massive extent of damage to the house from the blast.

Avichay Adraee, the IDF spokesperson for Arabic media, said on Twitter that the explosion was a result of storing weapons in the house. Adraee went on to say that “the story of the house is the story of many homes in the Gaza Strip,” that are being used for weapons storage.

“They have turned [homes] into warehouses of weapons, military parts and missiles for terrorist organizations and the people who pay the price in the end are the innocent civilians,” Adraee said.

Palestinian media reported on it:

Video circulated on social media showing the aftermath.


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Gee, that’s a shame.

Could one of these guys move next door to Pelosi?

The downtick is that some humans were probably caught up in the hate.

Pelosi should serve ObamaBimBama in eternal life, as he worships his own enablers.

The vile, jihad-enabling/whitewashing/excusing/rationalizing Dhimmi-crats will still find a way to contrive blame against Israel for this “accident.”

Foreign policy dhimmitude/appeasement are back, giving the global rogues’ gallery (e.g., Iran, China, Russia, Hamas, Fatah, etc.) cause for celebration after the Chinese communists’ successful installation of tottering, feeble, emasculated, corrupt, dim-witted, self-enriching, avaricious, mendacious, puppet/vassal/dotard/marionette, Chairman “Big Guy” Xi-den. Chairman Xi-den’s ascension presages a predictable return to the utterly incompetent, self-congratulatory, naive, vanity-driven foreign policy capitulation, obsequiousness, dhimmitude and deference that the vile Obama and his lackeys showed to the world’s worst tyrants and jihadists. With predictably deleterious results for both U.S. and allied interests.

The U.S. will be “leading from behind,” once again, with Chairman Xi-den and his vile harlot comrade ensuring that such Leftist/Dhimmi-crat messianic fetishes as “climate change” and the “transgender” totalitarian agenda, take foreign policy precedence over such pedestrian and mundane matters as defeating Islamic terrorism and confronting China and Iran’s increasingly brazen belligerence and bellicosity.

    Sadly you are correct. From Beijing Biden on down and including Fake News will find some way to blame the Jews. Any doubts, look at how they treated the Jews in NYC.

My all-time favorite Palestinian work accident…

Hey, let’s count our blessings.
Can you imagine if these idiots were running virus biowarfare labs?

An explosion in the home of a terrorist due to negligence? Hopefully he taught others the same safety methods.

Ha!  Ha! —Nelson Muntz

“You just HAD to have another cigarette, didn’t you Hasan?”

Don’t let the IDF knock down your home, get our do-it-yourself kit!

I’m sure the American ambassador to Gaza will be dropping by shortly to offer his sincere condolences.

Mom always said never play with bombs in the house

Missed a couple…

Mysterious blast in Beirut grain elevator kills over 100, levels waterfront
Accidental blast kills Weathermen bomb makers in Greenwich Village apartment

“….caused by weapons meant to target Israel.”

Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, And he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him. Prov 26:27

In Baghdad, home-prepped explosives were known by the short-hand “HME” for home-made explosives. Every now and then, a would-be jihadi gooned up the HME recipe and blew himself up and brought the masonry structure down on top of what was left of the cook. We were all in-favor of the bad guys taking themselves off the board or, better yet, taking each other off the board.

Liberals and haters do not understand the law of unintended consequences.

Terrorists seem to have a habit of hoisting themselves on their own petard. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I have far greater concerns far closer to home than some idiots allowing another idiot to blow himself, them and their neighbor’s homes to smithereens in a region which is not going to be recognized as being a legitimate state by my own country. For me, this is simply foreign urban renewal.

The Real Truth | January 26, 2021 at 12:33 pm

Hamas is one of the most dangerous groups in the Middle East, along with Hezbollah. They have caused so many deaths of innocent people in the Middle East. I have absolutely NO sympathy for the injuries, or deaths of ANY people involved in these 2 organizations !

Or as Achmed the Dead Terrorist would say, he suffered from premature detonation.