We have covered numerous examples of Palestinian terrorists blowing themselves up during what are called “work accidents.”

In some of the cases it’s clear that it was a self-inflicted martyrdom, in others it’s suspicious that perhaps the Israelis had a hand:

Add one Ahmed (Ahmad) Mansour Hassan to the list, the Jerusalem Post reports:

Two Palestinians were killed and one was wounded in an explosion on Sunday in a building in Gaza, health officials said….

“An explosion took place this morning in a house west of Gaza City,” police spokesman Ayman al-Batnijiy said. He gave their ages as 35 and 13.

“The police launched an investigation into the cause of the explosion.”

Israeli media identified the victims as Ahmad Mansour Hassan, a commander of an Al-Aqsa Marty’r Brigade missile unit. He was apparently killed while preparing a rocket. The explosion also killed his son, and a third individual was critically injured.

The Times of Israel has more on Hassan’s career:

The head of a missile unit belonging to an offshoot of the al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades was killed in a mysterious blast that rocked central Gaza on Sunday morning, Palestinian media reported….

Ahmad Husan was the head of the missile unit of the Ayman Jawda Group of the al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades, according to the Ma’an news website.


Here’s the image the Palestinian Maan News Agency uses:


Palestinian media is raising questions as to whether this really was an accident (via Google Translate):

Palestinian sources said that an Israeli reconnaissance plane bombed the building near the Shifa Medical Complex west of Gaza, while other sources suggested that the explosion was caused by an accident.

So was it really a work accident? In other news,  in 1996 Hamas master-bombmaker Yahya Ayyash’s cell phone *accidentally* blew up when he was holding it to his ear.


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