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Delusions of Unity Week at Legal Insurrection

Delusions of Unity Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

The theme for Joe Biden’s inauguration is “America United.” Are you feeling the unity yet?

Democrats sure have a funny way of showing their desire for unity.

They can’t let go of their hatred of Trump.

Of course they do.

Somehow, Antifa is never accused of violence by Democrats.

Silencing critics is not a sign of good faith.

They want COVID lock downs to end now? What changed?

Will he get a refund now?

Our media is a joke.

Ratings problems?

World news.

Branco cartoon!


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Nothing says “unity” like 25 thousand troops next to you.

You would think.they could have used a few of these troops in Portland and other towns when businesses were being burned to the ground and Police were being defunded and shot at.

UNITY is a fantasy unless the WORDS are followed by ACTION.

Step 1 = Restore confidence in US democracy with an independent review of the 2020 Election. Investigate all of it. Report on the good, the bad and the ugly. From media interference, change in rules without legislative authority to out of state voters to abuse of absentee ballots.

The Truth must come out – so that future elections can be protected.

Dems and Agenda Media say the election is over and there were no issues. FINE. If that’s true – they should have no issue with an independent review.

MONEY = POWER. Why pay taxes if there is not transparency to assure the people that our democracy is sound? No taxation without representation – a principle upon which the USA was founded. Roughly 75% of taxes are paid by Rs.

Taxpayers must unite. No one can fight this alone.
> I tell everyone to join Union of Taxpayers

You know why the National Guard is showing up for the inauguration?
Because nobody else would.

Joe Biden is one bubble off plumb. He doesn’t the mental capacity to be in control so who is? I’m pretty sure it’s not Kamala Harris.