The United Nations looks to the incoming Joe Biden administration for ‘global action’ on climate change — much like under President Barack Obama’s reign, a top U.N. official declared.

“The U.S. played a very important role in getting the Paris Agreement together. So we certainly are hoping that we will see this kind of leadership coming back,” said Patricia Espinosa, who heads the U.N climate office.

Reuters reported the U.N. climate chief’s expectations from the Biden-Harris administration:

A swift resurgence of U.S. leadership under President-elect Joe Biden and wealthy nations fulfilling a promise of cash for poorer countries could galvanise action on climate change this year, the United Nations climate chief said on Tuesday.

In November in Glasgow, Scotland, the U.N. will stage its most important climate summit since the 2015 event that yielded the Paris Agreement, when nearly 200 countries committed to halt rising global temperatures quickly enough to avoid catastrophic change.

The November summit, which was delayed by a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, serves as a deadline for countries to commit to make deeper emissions cuts to deliver the Paris treaty’s aim.

“The U.S. played a very important role in getting the Paris Agreement together. So we certainly are hoping that we will see this kind of leadership coming back,” Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, told the Reuters Next conference.

With only 10 months until the summit, President-elect Joe Biden must reboot that leadership “very fast”, Espinosa said.

The hopes at the U.N. are high after Joe Biden recently tapped former Secretary of State, John Kerry, to head the White House climate change office.

“John Kerry is looking to resume climate diplomacy that was disrupted under President Trump,” the public broadcaster NPR remarked.

In 2017, Donald Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the accord, citing its adverse effect on the U.S. job growth and economy. Joe Biden, on the other hand, wants the U.S. to reenter the Obama-era international agreement.

Kerry, who engineered the 2015 nuclear deal, which handed out billions of dollars to the terror-sponsoring Iranian regime, now plans to revive the old climate policies by bringing in a host of Obama staffers Biden-Harris White House.

“The contours of John Kerry’s White House climate change office are beginning to emerge, with the former Secretary of State drawing heavily on Obama administration alumni,” Politico confirmed Tuesday.

Biden has promised to reenter the Paris agreement “on day one” of taking office.

“The United States will rejoin the Paris Agreement on day one of my presidency,” Biden declared on December 12.

Biden’s move will come at a heavy price for the U.S. working class and manufacturing sector. The globalist agreement penalizes the U.S., a world leader in clean energies, while rewarding the big polluters like India, Russia, and China.

Sticking with the Obama-backed Paris agreement for the next two decades will cost the U.S. economy “close to $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs, while households would have $7,000 less income,” the Trump White House said in June 2017 while pulling out of the agreement.

While President Trump stood up to the globalist forces and defended the U.S. interests, Biden has announced plans to undo his legacy. Besides rejoining the Paris accord “on day one,” he has promised to hold a global climate summit within his “first 100 days in office” to align the U.S. policy to the ones being pursued by the European Union, Canada, and others.

Trump: “I will not sacrifice tens of millions of jobs, thousands and thousands of companies, because of the Paris accords.” (October presidential debate)


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