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Selling Influence for Fun and Profit Week at Legal Insurrection

Selling Influence for Fun and Profit Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

The same media that obsessed about the Russia collusion hoax for three years seems rather uninterested in Joe Biden’s lucrative adventures in Ukraine. Good thing we have Tucker.

Social media is blatantly running interference for Biden.

And let’s not forget Hunter’s activity in China.

Nothing to see here!

Our presidential debate process is beyond biased. It has become a sham.

Maybe the SJWs on the staff have something to do with it.

Amy Coney Barrett is going to be confirmed.

Orwell in real life.

Democrats embarrassed themselves during the hearings.

Someone needs to retire.

Time flies!

A good sign.

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Connivin Caniff | October 18, 2020 at 10:09 am

Unfortunately, President Trump must immediately take time off his campaign schedule to go face to face with Barr and Wray, in order to command them to verify the Biden hard drive, now! They’ve clearly hidden it from him, depriving him of a dispositive impeachment defense, and they have had months to perform the simple act of verification. Any BS, and he should immediately and publicly fire either or both of them. What does he need them for, anyway? He could have had an insurmountable lead at this point if they had just been honest and faithful to their duties, on many fronts. Neither has come through on anything, and Wray has in fact subverted the Trump campaign with unfounded white supremacy claims, a ridiculous defense of Antifa, and the in-kind donation of a groundless “Russian disinformation” defense to Biden re the hard drive. We could be dealing with real Fifth Columnists. These are not just campaign complaints: This apparent subversion is an existential threat to everything that is America.

    Connivin Caniff in reply to Connivin Caniff. | October 18, 2020 at 10:57 am

    Just thought of something else. While Trump is forcing Barr and Wray to do a lot of “splainin”, he should have loyal Justice Department veteran (and genius) Mark Levin and also Rep Devin Nunes available to provide, in real time, on-the-money follow up questions, in order to paint these two suspects into the Corner of Truth. Have both Levin and Nunes sit in the room. If the two miscreants don’t like it, the two alleged public servants can leave – permanently.

Trump put both men in their current positions. Hope he does better in his second term

How about analyzing the polls first from the % of pollsters who favor Biden.

Second, intuit the % of anti-Trump media (members and articles).

Third, intuit the media members influenced by other media members.

Fourth, intuit the % of Trump voters who will not disclose their ballot choice vto the media.

Finally, if the introversion factor is 90% why would more than 50% of the polls be accurate.

The background questions are:
Can you have an opinion about what an opinion is?

You really have to ask if Nancy Pelosi held up the articles of impeachment in December because of this laptop.