Seriously, rude. In a segment on ::double checks notes:: CNN, Nancy Pelosi met unexpected pushback when she tried to denigrate anchor Wolf Blitzer when he pushed her sidestepping why she is refusing to work with the White House to pass another coronavirus relief bill.

Pelosi accused Blitzer of disrespecting the committee chairs responsible for pushing legislation forward (way to own your role, Nancy!), then accused him of disrespecting the “knowledge that goes into meeting the needs of the American people,” then when Blitzer tried to graciously move on by saying “these are difficult times and we’ll leave it on that note,” Pelosi told him he was wrong, to which he reminded her that the whole ordeal is about the American people, first and foremost.

Forget about advocating for the people, Speaker Pelosi is far more interested in demanding respect for the job they are not doing.


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