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Europe 2019: Another Year of Failed Multiculturalism

Europe 2019: Another Year of Failed Multiculturalism

Selection of my 2019 posts show how the promised multicultural utopia morphed into a European nightmare.

Having covered Europe, and Germany in particular, since the day Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the continent to mass migration in the autumn of 2015, I often feel like a chronicler of doom. The multicultural utopia promised by the EU politicians and the media talking-heads has made way for the nightmare of Islamic terrorism, mass sexual assaults, and knife crimes of epidemic proportions. This year was no different. The compilation of my 2019 posts below reflects the grim reality that mainstream media chooses to deny.

This year too, the threat assessments made by the German and other European intelligence agencies fell on deaf political ears, with governments advocating the return of ISIS families, and allocating funds for counselling and welfare benefits to Islamist war criminals coming back from the Caliphate. The UK police struggled to deal with the surge of imported knife crimes on the nation’s streets. This year too, jihadi knife attackers targeted innocent people in London, Paris, and Berlin.

European Jews bore the brunt of Europe’s misguided immigration policies. With antisemitic violence hitting records since the collapse of Nazi Germany, a senior German official told the country’s beleaguered Jewish minority to stop wearing Kippah and other religious symbols on the streets to avoid antisemitic attacks.

I covered this unfolding nightmare in my posts throughout the year:

British PM Theresa May Holds Summit to Address UK Knife Crime Epidemic (March 2019)

German Police Foil Major Islamist Attack, Arrest Ten Suspects (March 2019)

Berlin: Sharp Rise in Violent Anti-Semitism (April 2019)

German Intel Report Details Threat Posed by Muslim Antisemitism (May 2019)

Germany: Government Official Warns Jews Against Wearing Kippah (May 2019)

German Intel Service: Number of Islamists in Germany at Record High (June 2019)

Left-Wing Activists Stifling Free Speech on German Campuses, Says Leading Professors Association (September 2019)

German Mosques Pray for Erdogan’s Military Offensive Against Kurds: ‘Allah, Lead Our Glorious Army to Victory’ (October 2019)

Migrant Gangs ‘Infiltrating’ German Welfare System, Says Senior Police Official (October 2019)


European mainstream politicians responded to the rising migrant crime and Islamic terrorism with more appeasement. Judges handed out light sentences, allowing potential murderers and rapists to walk free. European academicians backed them up by publishing ‘studies’ explaining away the surge in migrant crime, jihad terrorism, and Jew-hatred.

Austrian Police Charge Woman For Hitting Migrant Who Molested Her (January 2019)

Germany Introduces “Counseling Service” to Combat Radical Islam (January 2019)

Top EU Court Prohibits Passport Checks on Cross-Border Buses Entering Germany (January 2019)

Merkel’s Government “Deliberately Helped” Terrorist Escape Justice, U.S. Attorney General Says (February 2019)

Germany: Asylum-Seekers Brutally Assault Passersby Out Of ‘Boredom’, Get Away With Light Sentences (April 2019)

UK Police: Proposed Islamophobia Definition to ‘Undermine Counter-Terror Operations’ (May 2019)

Potential Knife Attacker Allegedly Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ Outside Berlin Synagogue, Walks Free (October 2019)

Antisemitism Among Muslims a Result of ‘Islamophobia,’ Claims Official German Study (April 2019)

Germany’s Top Muslim Organization Calls for ‘Islamophobia’ Czar (April 2019)

Germany Calls For EU-Wide ‘Migrant Redistribution Coalition’ (July 2019)

Germany: Hundreds Probed Over Anti-Migrant Comments on Facebook (August 2019)

Top EU Court Wants Global Removal of ‘Hateful’ Content on Facebook (October 2019)

London Bridge Attacker Identified as Paroled Terrorist with Links to Al Qaeda (November 2019)


The people of Europe rose up to this state-organized madness, giving right-wing and anti-establishment parties their best result in the EU election so far. Patriotic, anti-EU parties did well in the national elections as well. Leaders of eastern Europe stood up to Brussels and Berlin, refusing to allow settlement of illegal immigrant in their countries despite threats of legal action and economic sanctions. With so much talk of gloom and doom, it was a delight covering the popular backlash on the European political stage:

Anti-EU Right-Wing Parties Win Big in European Election (May 2019)

Open Borders to Turn Europe into Islamic Caliphate, Italy’s Salvini Warns (May 2019)

EU Takes Hungary to Court Over Immigration Law (July 2019)

Germany’s Right-Wing AfD Surges in Eastern Elections (September 2019)

Poland: Nationalists Return to Power in Parliamentary Election (October 2019)

Orban To Erdogan: Hungary to ‘Use Force’ if Turkey ‘Opens Gates’ to Illegal Migrants (October 2019)

EU Official: Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic Broke EU law by Refusing to Take in Migrants (November 2019)


This was also the year when Boris got us Brexit — well almost. While the British prime minister deserves much credit for getting the parliament to enact the will of the people, it was the EU’s insistence on open border immigration that brought many to the polling stations, first in the 2016 Brexit referendum and then in this month’s general election.

UK Parliament Overwhelmingly Passes Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal (December 21, 2019)

With Brexit wrapped for Christmas, could 2020 have more good tidings in store?

Trump: ‘Migration Has Been Very Bad For Europe’

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Much of the “EU” is committing SUICIDE !

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | December 29, 2019 at 4:39 pm

FYI, how many of those “multicultural” folk are among the people that the EU just told to eat cake?

EU plot to cut funds for poor post Brexit!

Multiculturalism was never designed to succeed: it was designed to foster polical violence, which the swamp/left/islamic axis could use to react with government violence and fascism.

When we have glorifed pigs like that racist michelle obama running around speading the poison, it will only get worse:

Michelle Obama Demonizes White People:

European Jews bore the brunt of Europe’s misguided immigration policies

I would argue the women and girls of Sweden and the UK did.

The problem with multiculturalism is that most non-European cultures aren’t benign, much less altruistic.
Even intra-EU, there is a reason why the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) tend to be profligate and the north tends to be thrifty and saves much (so do the Japanese). If Europe is that diverse over lesser virtues, the world is more diverse.

Think about the Swedes and Swiss. They were both homogenous societies with low crime and poverty but they decided that if they brought in a bunch of desert-dwelling tribal immigrants they would rapidly blend into their wonderful society and follow its rules. WRONG! The quickly found out that islam teaches its followers that the infidel OWES them anything they desire. Now these two countries have hundreds of thousands of muslims raping, killing and demanding free housing, food and the right to practice their religion(?)without interference. This is almost as silly as the left’s position that if they make guns illegal then outlaws will not have guns. I think it’s the same crowd.

Import the third world, become the third world. Rather simple is it not?