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Migrant Gangs ‘Infiltrating’ German Welfare System, Says Senior Police Official

Migrant Gangs ‘Infiltrating’ German Welfare System, Says Senior Police Official

Migrant gangs ‘play racism card’ to silence officers, says senior police union representative

Migrant clans are ‘infiltrating’ the country’s welfare system, a senior German police official said. The Arab gangs are increasingly exercising their influence on employment office and other public services in Germany, says Oliver Huth, the deputy chief of the Criminal Police Officers’ Union (BDK) in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“Clans are increasingly infiltrating government agencies and job centers,” with powers to distribute payments and benefits, German newspaper Die Welt reported, citing the police union representative. He accused German politicians of “failing” to stand up against migrant crime clans, local media said. These gangs often play the racism card against police officers investigating them, the official added.

The Munich-based weekly Focus was the first to publish the remarks made by the senior police official this week:

“These people don’t play by the rules. This means that there is trouble during the searches, be it of individuals or pubs/bars. Well-muscled men gather around the police officers. They start abusing [police at the scene], and refuse to show their identification papers. They often play the racism/xenophobia card. They say, for example: Your are only doing this because we are foreigners. The crowd builds up fast. In five minutes the colleagues end up facing a mob that provokes and  besieges the officers. There is often uproar in the courtroom. The clan members sit in the audience and stoke up tension. The witnesses are threatened in the corridor. (…)

For decade [authorities] simply watched how the criminal excesses spiralled uncontrollably. Many riots related crimes in Duisburg, Essen or Dortmund come to my mind. The clans fought each other. Shooting turned into murders. These were signs that the other side did not take police and judiciary seriously. There was no pressure to pursue the crimes. (…)

We know that organized crime is increasing its influence on the public administration. Either bribes flow in or other perks are offered.” [Translated by the author]

Germany’s left-wing politicians are openly colluding with the migrant gangs. Earlier this month, Germany’s Die Linke party, the successor of the East German Communist party, decried Berlin police’s efforts to clamp down of the organized crime in the city as ‘racist.’ The Linke party is part of the left-wing coalition ruling the state of Berlin.

Die Linke calls for an “end to the ‘smear campaign’ against people of Muslim and Arab origin,” Focus weekly reported. Police measures are “stigmatizing and criminalizing Muslims,” said Ulla Jelpke, the spokeswoman for the far-left party said. Berlin police are “harassing respectable citizens” in the name of fighting migrant gangs, she added.

The campaign to make German police more ‘diverse’ has opened up the country’s law enforcement to Arab crime gangs. Socialist-ruled Berlin has been worst hit by this criminal infiltration. “Applicants from crime clans are being accepted into the Berlin police despite their criminal records,” a 2017 report in Focus weekly said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open border immigration policy has helped these foreign crime gangs to expand their operations in the country. “Members of these [criminal] clans were trying to recruit right outside the refugee housings,” a spokesman for the German Police Union (GdP) told Die Zeit newspaper in 2017.

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BierceAmbrose | October 13, 2019 at 2:52 pm

What’s the arabic for “Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers”

There is only one way to end the domestic threats from Muslims: Send every one of them back to their home country, including descendants of the original Turkish immigrants.

Surprised anyone?
I think not
Money for nothing and your chicks for free

When I’m depressed about the state of affairs in the USA I just check in on Germany. Hard to beat the level of stupid in that place.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing new in this report. It’s been going on for at least four years now. And that’s only since I’ve become aware of it.

Con-men can smell gullibility. It’s what keeps them fed.

“ing”???? No it’s “ed.”

The EU forced them to take them in. Nothing short of a peaceful invasion.