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Germany’s Top Muslim Organization Calls for ‘Islamophobia’ Czar

Germany’s Top Muslim Organization Calls for ‘Islamophobia’ Czar

A Federal Commissioner needed to fight “latent anti-Muslim sentiment,” says Germany’s Central Council of Muslims

Germany’s leading Muslim organization has urged the government to appoint a Federal Commissioner to counter anti-Muslim attitudes in the country. “Such a Commissioner is needed more than ever because we have a latent anti-Muslim sentiment in Germany,” president of the country’s Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, said.

Mazyek’s demand was supported by leading German political parties, including Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition partner, the Social Democratic Party. The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) was the only party to oppose the call.

The proposal comes at a time when crimes against Muslims are on decline in Germany. “In 2018, 813 attacks against Muslims and mosques were registered, compared to 950 such crimes in the previous year,” German newspaper Die Welt reported earlier this week. “These recorded crimes include hatred against Muslims or Muslim refugees on the internet (so-called hate comments), threatening letters, attacks of women wearing headscarf and on Muslim men on the streets, as well as property damage and Nazi-graffitis on houses and mosques,” German daily the Neuen Osnabrücker Zeitung commented.

The head of the Muslim umbrella group also called for more ‘sensitivity training’ for Germany’s police and judiciary.

Die Welt reported the broad political support for the demands made by Germany’s Central Council of Muslims:

The head of Germany’s Central Council of Muslims calls for a Federal Commissioner to combat hate against people of Islamic faith. He received support from the leader of the Left Party [successor of the East German Communist Party]. The suggestion received mixed reaction in the parliament.

The Left Party backed the demand made by the head of Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, to appoint a Federal Commissioner to fight hostility towards Muslims. “Because Islam is part of Germany, there should be a Commissioner to counter anti-Muslim hostility,” head of the Left Party, Katja Kipping, told Die Welt. “It is an expression of our basic Liberal order, that not only people who reside here can practice their faith, but also that we protect the faithful against hate and defamation.”

Kipping was reacting to Mazyek’s demand. Talking to the Neuen Osnabrücker Zeitung, he had called the appointment of such a Commissioner “necessary than ever before” because there is a “latent anti-Muslim sentiment in Germany.” (…)

The SPD [Merkel’s junior coalition partner] and the Green Party are open to the idea. “Hostility towards Muslims is a theme that we must keep a watchful eye on,” SPD’s interior affairs spokesperson Lars Castellucci said. “We will seek dialogue with the Central Council [of Muslims] to look at which measures are best suited, and join forces to push them. Filiz Polat, Green Party’s spokesperson for Islam, described the demand made by the Central Council [of Muslims] as “more than understandable.” “Generally speaking,” Anti-Muslim racism gets “less than sufficient attention despite growing Islamophobia and hostility towards Muslims in Germany.” There is an urgent need for “a debate and solidarity against Islamophobia spanning across the society.”

The AfD party described the demand for a Commissioner to fight hostility towards Muslim as “not meaningful.” Although, attacks and violence against any ethnic or religious group must be decisively countered, said, Volker Münz, spokesman for Church related matters. “However, it doesn’t help if every group gets a commissioner from the Federal Government.” [Translated by the author]

While hate crimes against Muslims are on decline, violence against Jews is on the rise. In 2018, Germany witnessed a ten percent surge in anti-Semitic hate crimes. last year “there were 1,646 incidents recorded nationwide, compared to 1,504 in 2017,” German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported. Many of the perpetrators are clearly identified as individuals with Muslim backgrounds.

Earlier this week, the German-Israeli Association (DIG) highlighted the case of Rabbi Brukner from Cologne who was forced to give up using public transport after repeated attacks. “In past, Rabbi Brukner often faced anti-Semitic attacks in buses and other means public transport, as he was clearly recognizable by his Kippah. Brukner had decided to use the local public transport to get closer to the people of Cologne,” DIG said in a statement. “In future, to protect himself from massive personal attacks, he will be using a service vehicle.”

What happened to Rabbi Brukner is not an isolated incident. According to media reports, some 70 percent of German Jews have stopped wearing Jewish symbols in public to avoid insults and assaults from, what media describes as, “immigrants of Turkish and Arab origin.”

While Germany’s Muslim organizations are highly sensitive about “latent anti-Muslim sentiment,” they refuse to even acknowledge the hatred and violence coming from within their own community, let alone fight it. They get a free pass from the country’s media and political class that are willing to bend over backwards to address every perceived grievance aired by these self-appointed community leaders.

Video: Arab demonstrators chant “Death to the Jews”, “Allahu Akbar” and “Adolf Hitler”

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Islamoramouses. Europe surrenders without firing a shot. Amazing to see it happen.

    Europe is ruled by crony-communists. Their allies street enforcers are the islamists.

    Greedy pigs like merkel and the people who support her don’t understand they’re going to be eaten by the islamists. But then, the ruling class will take their ill-gotten gains and head to Monaco.

Right before a Europhobia czar, and before a Nativephobia czar, the latter who would audit diversity and adventures that are well known first-order forcings of immigration reform/refugee crises in social justice zones, waterboarding in the Mediterranean, behind the walls under a veil of privacy, and overtly with a smile and bludgeon.

When six million Muslims have been killed by the hands of the Germans, perhaps they should give some serious consideration to appointing an Islamophobia Czar, right after the after the appointment of the Anti-Semitism Czar.

But since that day will never come, it might make more sense to appoint a Terrorism Czar to protect Germans from the more near at hand threat of atrocities at the hands of Muslims.

inspectorudy | April 6, 2019 at 2:59 pm

What we see here and in Germany is that muslims are like water and never quit their attacks on whatever they are pushing against. They cry foul when they are the foulers and they demand protection from us when it should be us who demand the protection from them! Anyone with half of a brain can Google deaths due to religion in the last 50 years to see who the criminals are. The only tsar Germany needs is a spine implanting Tsar!

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | April 6, 2019 at 3:07 pm

Adolph Hitler would be so proud of Aiman Mazyek.

Muslims perpetually scream victimization and most governments happily go along.

These recorded crimes include hatred against Muslims or Muslims refugees in the internet (so-called hate comments)

Ah. A written comment a Muslim doesn’t like is a “crime”.

Good. That clarifies things.

Let’s see. Wasn’t it just yesterday that Germany blamed itself for Muslim violence against Jews. All anti-Semitism is due to Islamophobia. I said at the time that the Muslims know how to play the leftards and they wasted no time proving me right.

Kind of hard to blame the 1066 Grenada massacre of Jews or the 1465 massacre of the entire Jewish population of Fez during the Moroccan revolt on twenty first century “Islamophobia” but, hey. I’m a thinking man. Muslims have always hated the Jews. But being a thinking man with a knowledge of history means I’ll always get passed over for leadership positions in what for now passes for Germany (I’m only three quarters Italian; one of my great grandparents was from the Black Forest). Apparently they prefer ex-Stasi agents and other types of traitors.

But, like clockwork, having blamed Muslim Jooo hatred on German “Islamophobia” here they are. Muslims demanding an “Islamophobia” czar.

It reminds me of how the Dems couldn’t bring themselves to actually condemn potty-mouthed Ilhan Omar’s rabid Jooo hatred (Mark Steyn called her the mayor of Jew-hate Junction) and instead wilted and passed a resolution so anodyne that Omar voted for it and took a victory lap.

And she deserved to take a victory lap. She won, after all, and the resolution more strongly condemned Islamophobia than her Jooo hatred.

It’s too early to make predictions for the next election but I’m feeling pretty positive about things considering the defacto leaders of the opposition are the mayor of Jew-hate Junction and Buffy the GND Eonomy Slayer.

Speaking of Buffy, I have to admit that at times I thought, sometimes, she was kind of cute. But then she released one of her Instagram videos in which she’s squatting on the floor, looking into the camera, and talking while she eats. It was disgusting. Didn’t her mother* teach her not to talk while she eats. I saw the video over at Twitchy. If your weight loss program involves puking you may still be able to catch it.

*AOC’s mom lives in Florida to escape people who think like AOC. So, who knows, maybe mom did teach AOC not to talk while eating. And like everything else including how much she saves in taxes now that she doesn’t live in New York, nothing stuck in that empty head of her daughter.

    Arminius in reply to Arminius. | April 6, 2019 at 11:02 pm

    I checked. The article on Twitchy titled something along the lines of “This is why nobody takes her seriously” has dropped off the top page and I don’t know how to find archived articles. Nor do I want to start now learning how to find out how. If you are really interested in getting started in Bulemia just stick your finger down your throat. Or, on the other hand, search for the video of AOC smacking more loudly than any woman I ever would take out to dinner and yes, you are too fat.

    Ace calls her, among other things, Donkey-Chompers. That’s no exaggeration. I will never get that sight and that sound out of my head. Cute? Never again. I wouldn’t put it past her to smear herself with her own menstrual blood while on Instagram and eating popcorn.

The road to total dhimmitude and full-bore Islamic totalitarianism begins with a single step. Germany and other European countries are well on their way. Secular democracy and the values of the Enlightenment will be dead in Europe, in less than twenty years, at this rate.

    Arminius in reply to guyjones. | April 7, 2019 at 1:01 am

    Enlightenment values are already dead in Europe and have been for decades. In 2009 an Austrian woman was convicted of hate speech for stating a simple fact. The “prophet” of Islam, Muhammad, was a pedophile. It’s undisputed that he married Aisha when she was a child of six, and consummated the marriage when she was still a prepubescent child of nine.

    How do we know this? Because she was still playing with dolls. According to the hadith collection Sahih al-Bukhari girls who had begun having menstrual cycles could no longer play with dolls. Dolls were graven images, you see. And as a kindness children were allowed to play with them. But, in the sick minds of Muslims, girls who had entered puberty (but puberty is a years long process) were grown women (they are not) and therefore were forbidden dolls. And could be married off.

    Actually, according to the Quran girls who had not entered puberty could be married. How do I know this? Allah assigns a waiting period or Idda to women who don’t menstruate of three months before they can be divorced. This applies to both women who have become too old (i.e. been through menopause) and too young to have menstrual cycles.

    Obviously if a Muslim can divorce a girl too young to have periods, he can marry her.

    So, she asked rhetorically, what do we call it when a fifty plus year old man has sex with a nine year old girl? We call it pedophilia.

    In 2018 the case finally reached the ridiculously named, anything-but European High Court of Human Rights. And of course the conviction was upheld by those quislings. The ruling was absurd. The ECHR mumbled something about how the Austrian courts had carefully weighed the woman’s right to free speech with the rights of others not to have their religious feelings hurt.

    I would be ashamed to author that sort of excrement.

    The ECHR also said something about how the Austrian had a legitimate interest in keeping the peace by suppressing the woman’s (her name is Elizabeth something or other, but she’s not identified by name in the court documents) speech.

    If that was their intention, the Austrian and ECHR have failed miserably. In fact, by killing free speech they have guaranteed violence. If you have bothered to read any of Anders Brevik’s 1500 page manifesto you know he’s a whack job. As if after learning he shot up a children’s summer camp you need to read his manifesto to know that.

    But on one of his more lucid days, apparently, he quoted JFK. “If you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.” Brevik wrote that while growing up he witnessed numerous assaults by Muslim immigrants on native Norwegians. He suspected that it had something to do with Islam. So he studied Islam, both the Quran and the Sunnah. Then he was painfully aware that Islam is in fact the problem. He wanted to go into politics. Until he learned that you can’t talk about Islam except if you’re lying through your teeth about Islam being a beautiful religion of peace and tolerance. Like all politicians do.

    Since it was impossible to speak truthfully about Islam even back in the nineties when Brevik gave up his ambitions to go into politics and instead decided to go into terrorism, it’s impossible to speak as if the values of the Enlightenment will die in the near future.

    The Euroweenies killed those values off and buried them decades ago. The flesh of those values were eaten by maggots and otherwise rotted away and now if you dig up the Enlightenment coffin you’ll find nothing but bones.

    I was always disgusted by pols who pontificated on what was and what was not Islamic. Such as the Islamic state could not possibly be Islamic since they killed other Muslims. That’s a laugh. Immediately after the “prophet” died Muslims started killing other Muslims. Killing other Muslims who aren’t sufficiently Muslim is the national sport of Islam. Abu Bakr, the first “rightly guided Caliph” after Muhammad died embarked immediately on the wars of apostasy. He noted that Muhammad had to be talked out of burning purported Muslims alive in their own home (gee, wonder where IS got that idea) if they didn’t show up at the Mosque for their required prayers (if killing other Muslims means you aren’t really a Muslim then Muhammad wasn’t a Muslim). Prayer is Salah in Arabic. Abu Bakr vowed he wouldn’t distinguish between Salah and Zakat, or tithing. If a people paid no more than a tying rope or a kid goat to Muhammad, they would pay that to him or he would kill them all.

    Keep in mind that, when asked, Muhammad said the best generation of Muslims were the first generation. His companions. Muhammad wanted to kill other Muslims, but was talked out of it. His companions did nothing but killing what Imams Obama, Cameron, May, Merkel, Francis, et all consider other Muslims. But nobody does excommunication like Muslims do excommunication.

    Keep in mind I think it’s all B.S. but Muslims believe in their historical fables. At the Battle of the Camel in 656 tens of thousands of Muslims were killed on both sides. After Uthman, the third rightly guided Caliph was assassinated Ali, Muhammad’s son in law, ascended to become Caliph.

    Aisha, Muhammad’s child bride and favorite wife, heard about it while en route Mecca for the lesser pilgrimage or Umrah (Muslims can do the very pagan rituals of circling the Kaaba, running between two sacred hills or kissing black rocks anytime of year but it only counts as making the Hajj if they do it during the month of Ramadan). She immediately suspected that Ali was complicit in the assassination and turned her camel around (the battle was named after her camel as the Sunnis are embarrassed by a woman leading an army) and led her forces against ali’s.

    So here we have Muhammad’s child bride, the “mother of the faithful,” leading an army against Muhammad’s son-in-law Ali, the “commander of the faithful.” And as I said earlier slaughtering tens of thousands on both sides. And Imam Obama tells me that if you’re killing other Muslims then you can’t be a Muslim yourself? Well, if he’s right the Muslims haven’t gotten the memo. Right out of the gate Muhammad’s professed best generation of Muslims started doing just that. So, as in all things President “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” is a complete cluster****.

    He also declared, after Muslims shot up the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo that this was against Islam (seriously, WTFO???!!!) because no religion condones the killing of innocents.

    That’s true, President simpleton. But who does Islam count as guilty? Well it’s a trick question; pretty much everybody including most Muslims. But specifically if we go to one of the six core collections of ahadith, Sunan Abu Dawud, the book of prescribed (Hudud) punishments, chapter two (chapter one isn’t very long so basically when you crack the book open you’re right there) the punishment for making fun of the prophet is death. There’s a sahih or genuine (meaning no Sunni can question or doubt it) hadith that graphically and bloodily describes how a blind Muslim kills the slave mother of his children when she wouldn’t stop ridiculing the “prophet.”

    I guess it’s only weird when white men like Thomas Jefferson father children with their slave women. And not even Jefferson, to the best of my knowledge, required Sally Hemings to speak only in glowing terms about whoever it was who founded the system that enslaved her.

    So, when Muhammad found out about the killing the next morning he called everyone together and demanded the killer identify himself. The blind man, trembling in fear, stood up and went before the “prophet.” He explained that she did nothing but talk trash about the beloved “prophet” despite him telling her to stop so finally he slit her belly open with his dagger. Muhammad declared him innocent of any crime.

    We are looking at two very different value systems. One says you have to shut up about Islam and Muhammad. No, wait, we’re not looking at two different value systems, are we? Europe has already surrendered to the demands of Sharia compliant Muslims. Now Europe is Sharia compliant.

    I was just a swabbie, but I knew what I was defending. Not just a country, but a set of ideas. Among those ideas is freedom of speech. And I knew, and still know, why it’s important. It’s how we settle disputes peacefully. Through debate. Not one single western leader could make the case. Now it’s all censorship all the time.

    So just wait. They’ve created a powder keg by going down this road and it’s just begging to explode.

Same modus operandi they’ve been using for 1400 years successfully. If they can’t conquer you by force, they move in anyway and conquer you with breeding. Moslems view tolerance and acceptance of other people’s beliefs as a weakness and then, under the cover of the protections offered by “religious liberty” they destroy everything about your society and culture and demand that you accept theirs as the new normal. “Islamophobia” is just a word they made up to allow them to be perpetual victims. The definition of Islamophobe: A non-Muslim that knows more than they should about Islime. You welcomed them with open arms Europe, now reap the fruits of your labor.

If you know the history of Islam, you know it is impossible to have an irrational fear of Islam, therefore, Islamophobia only exists as an insult silence opposition and not something real.