Austrian police have changed a young woman with inflicting bodily harm for defending herself against a sexual molester, local newspapers report. The incident took place during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Vienna’s landmark City Hall square, where a 21-year-old Swiss woman pushed back an Afghan migrant who tried to assault her.

The woman also filed charges of sexual harassment against the man. Several eye witnesses corroborated the women’s testimony. The Afghan apparently harassed other women at the venue as well, media reports say.

Three years ago, the western German city of Cologne witnessed mass sexual assaults on the New Year’s Eve as thousands of migrant men raped, assaulted, and robbed more than 1200 women. So far, only a handful of these perpetrators have been brought to justice.

The Swiss woman could face fines under the country’s law, Vienna-based tabloid Blick reported citing an Austrian legal expert.

German newspaper Die Welt covered the incident on Friday:

In Vienna, a young woman was inappropriately touched by a man at the City Hall square (Rathausplatz). The 21-year-old woman, a Swiss tourist, was on her way to the big New Year’s Eve party in the capital with her three female friends, the Austrian media reports.

Around 1.30 hours, a man touched the young women from behind. In almost a reflex, the women turned around and hit the man. The man suffered a nasal bone fracture. He turned to the security personnel, was taken to a hospital, and was reported to the police by the woman for sexual molestation.

The 20-year-old Afghan man denies any wrong doing. However, “the witnesses said that the Afghan man had groped several women,” the Police  spokesman Harald Sörös said. The woman, too, faced consequences for the incident: She was charged by the police with bodily harm and might have face a trial. [Translation by the author]

Despite massive police deployment, the city of Cologne again witnessed chaotic scenes this News Year’s Eve. German newspapers reported pitched street fights between ‘young men’ and Cologne police. Police officers and first responders were attacked in several German cities on the New Year’s Eve.

Growing incidents of migrant crime in Europe have eroded public confidence in the police and justice system. The number of weapons permits in Germany has skyrocketed since Chancellor Merkel opened the country’s borders to immigrants in the spring of 2015. According to official figures released in December, German authorities issued 600,000 licenses for non-lethal weapons in past four years, an increase of 130 percent.

The incident in Vienna once again highlights how virtue-signalling European institutions have failed the women of Europe. In today’s Europe, the well-being of an able-bodied migrant trumps the rights and safety of a sexual assault victim.

The self-proclaimed champions of women’s rights have failed the European women too: no outrage from the women’s rights activists on either aide of the Atlantic, not a word from thousands of angry feminists who took to the streets of Europe donning ‘pussy hats’ just two years ago.

Dutch MEP Marcel de Graaff, ‘EU to ‘criminalize’ criticism of open borders migration.’

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