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Merkel’s Government “Deliberately Helped” Terrorist Escape Justice, U.S. Attorney General Says

Merkel’s Government “Deliberately Helped” Terrorist Escape Justice, U.S. Attorney General Says

U.S. Ambassador Grenell: “Adem Yilmaz is responsible for deaths of U.S. servicemembers.”

The United States has accused the German government of letting a convicted terrorist escape American justice. Turkish national Adem Yilmaz, responsible for the murder of two U.S. servicemen, was deported to Turkey despite an American extradition request to face trial in a New York court.

“Adem Yilmaz is responsible for the deaths of U.S. servicemembers,” U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell said on Thursday. “This failure to extradite him to the United States violates the terms and spirit of our Extradition Treaty.”

Yilmaz, who served eleven years in German prison for the foiled 2007 terror plot to target U.S. citizens and facilities, including the Ramstein air base, was also behind the 2008 suicide bombing in Afghanistan that killed two U.S. servicemen and injured 11 others.

“We are gravely disappointed by Germany’s decision to deport a dangerous terrorist — Adem Yilmaz — to Turkey, rather than to extradite him to the United States to face justice for his complicity in the murder of two American servicemen,” acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said in a statement. “The German government deliberately helped Yilmaz escape justice by placing him on a plane to Turkey,” he added.

German authorities defended the decision to reject the U.S. extradition request, saying they feared the violation of legal rights of the terrorist. “An extradition could have only occurred if the Americans said they would restrict the charges to crimes not already punished,” a spokesperson for the Frankfurt court told The Associated Press.

The German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported:

The United States sharply criticized Germany on Thursday for deporting a convicted terrorist to Turkey despite an extradition request for him to stand trial in a New York court.

Adem Yilmaz was deported on Tuesday to his native Turkey after serving an 11-year prison sentence in Germany for planning a 2007 bomb plot to attack American citizens and facilities in Germany as part of an Islamist extremist cell.

The United States had requested his extradition to face terrorism charges for conspiring to carry out a 2008 suicide bombing near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border that killed two US soldiers and injured 11 other people. Yilmaz, a member of a group called the Islamic Jihad Union, is also accused of carrying out attacks on US troops on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in 2006.

The 40-year-old terrorist, now safely back in Turkey, may never again face justice for his crimes. He was detained by the Turkish authorities for questioning upon arrival, but it was “unclear if he will face charges there,” German media reports said.

Yilmaz’s German accomplice, Fritz Gelowicz, who was serving a twelve-year sentence, was released early in August 2016—ahead of the U.S. presidential election—based on ‘good behavior.’

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government not only treats foreign terrorists with kid-gloves, it is also busy rolling out the red carpet for captive ISIS terrorists holding German citizenship. Berlin has been especially worried about the fate of the wives and children of German ISIS war criminals detained by the Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria. German officials have justified the diplomatic efforts to bring them back by citing “humanitarian considerations and Germany’s duty to protect its citizens.”

While the government is deeply sensitive of the rights of these Islamic terrorists, it has shown little compassion for the victims of their horrendous crimes. Out of a thousand German nationals who traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Islamic State, more than three hundred have returned home so far. Only a handful of these genocidal terrorists have faced any sort of police interrogation, let alone jail time, in Germany, local media reports claim.

By placating the terrorists and refusing to face the Islamist threat head on, Chancellor Merkel’s government is doing a great disservice to Germany and her Western allies.

President Trump: ISIS Caliphate has been ‘decimated.’

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Morning Sunshine | February 9, 2019 at 2:17 pm

Germany is NOT our friend.

This would be a good time to revisit our extradition agreements with all of our supposed European allies.

    This is a strange case. The court claims, on its own independent behalf, that the extradition was not possible unless the US swore to prosecute only for crimes that he hadn’t served a sentence for in Germany prior to now. No such crimes were in the indictment being used for extradition. The DoJ was trying to reply to this issue in writing when the State of Hesse shipped the man to Turkey with all available speed.

    Whose fault is this? The DoJ? Did anyone bother to ask for such assurances, or are such assurances supposed to be volunteered as a matter of course? Did the US fail Germany, or did Germany fail the US? How “independent” was the process of rushing the man out of the country? I doubt I will see questions to these answers, but I feel like someone took his/ her eyes off the ball, and now a terrorist is forever out of reach.

      Not sure why someone would rate you down for you comment. And you’re right. I just get annoyed when sundry bureaucratic agencies make mistakes on high profile criminals. And the Germans seem especially prone to this sort of
      mistake when combined with people from the middle east.

        randian in reply to Tiki. | February 9, 2019 at 11:37 pm

        Mistake? Perhaps, though I wonder how many Muslims have infiltrated Germany’s bureaucracies and would repeatedly and intentionally make mistakes of this kind, so long as they benefit the umma.

      NavyMustang in reply to JBourque. | February 9, 2019 at 6:00 pm

      Ah, Hesse! Then this is no surprise. I know that when I was stationed in Germany in the 90s/early 21st century, that state was the most vocal in wanting the “Amis” out.

      They are the Birkenstock wearin’, granola eatin’ state of Germany.

Merkel can’t get enough of muzzie terrorists.

Germany is gone, France is gone, England is gone

It’s the ???????? and a few Eastern Countries

That’s all folks

The Muzzies will have their nukes, and just like the muzzie Dr that gave the wrong medication to Jewish patients, they will get in power and they will destroy the world…

    CDR D in reply to gonzotx. | February 9, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    Italy has retreated from the abyss, at least so far with the M5S in charge. I think Di Maio recently told Macron “Vaffanculo”, and expressed support for the Gilets Jaunes. Hopefully, as Macron becomes more oppressive, the Yellow Vests can reclaim their country.

    Our media is scared to death that the Yellow Vest movement might spread here, and consequently gives it little coverage.

    Goddamn the globalist elites to hell.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to gonzotx. | February 9, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    I have specifically mentioned before that we need to extract France’s nukes, otherwise it will be necessary to nuke the areas where nukes are located, by that time french citizens who are still trapped there will probably find a quick end better than living under Muslim thumbs.

    One good thing about nukes, is that unlike many other weapons, their effectiveness at ground zero in high density areas is still 100%.

    After 8 years of the seceret radical muslim obama, we’re not far behind:

      Bullshit. Absolute bigoted paranoia. The new Moslem community patrol is exactly the same as the various Jewish community patrols. There is no reason why the Moslem community should not have a patrol just like any other community. All you’re doing by yelling and screaming about this is to justify the vastly overblown concern about “Islamophobia”; any time someone points out that this is not really such a big problem, all the Moslems have to do is point to idiots like you. You also discredit those who are genuinely concerned about the Islamist threat.

      The other likely consequence of making a fuss over this is that it will lead to a backlash against the Jewish patrols, with the direct result that crime will increase and people will suffer, just so you can feel smug in your mindless hatred of all Moslems.

    Milhouse in reply to gonzotx. | February 10, 2019 at 2:49 am

    There was no “muzzie Dr that gave the wrong medication to Jewish patients”.

Should we really be surprised by Merkel’s action to help a convicted terrorist escape justice? Justin Trudeau did the same thing in 2017. He awarded a convicted terrorist the equivalent of 10.5M USD and helped him get out of Canada. He didn’t deport him, mind you. He helped him escape with his loot before the widow of one of his victims, SFC Speer USA, could enforce a judgement against him. Trudeau knew that Mrs. Speer had been awarded a $134 million dollar judgement against Omar Khadr, who had actually pled guilty to five counts of war crimes and sentenced to forty years in prison (reduced to eight years by pretrial agreement). Trudeau was aware of the judgement which is why he helped Khadr escape before the judgement could be enforced by a Canadian court. Trudeau wanted Khadr to leave Canada a very rich man.

BTW, what did Khadr do with the loot? He used it to fund terrorism. So essentially spit in the face not only of a U.S. Military widow, but all widows in the US and Canada. And all active duty and military veterans in both the US and Canada.

Almost all western politicians are willing to lie on behalf of Islam. And I include Pope Francis in this who like the rest of the European pols knows perfectly well what Islam is. It is a creed of violence and conquest. But unlike his predecessor he’ll never tell the truth as in Benedict’s Regensberg addresss.

Pope Benedict made the Muslims angry. Must. Not. Make. The Muslims. Angry. The clergy at Al Azhar University cut off all dialogue with the Vatican until Francis groveled and begged them to restart their dialogue. I don’t know what’s wrong with Western so-called religious leaders. The Archbishop of Canterbury is cut from the same cloth. They’ll stand by and let Muslims kill Christians throughout the Middle East and though they sometimes condemn in they make sure not to identify who is doing and why. Because they know that will kill their precious dialogues with Muslim clerics. Which is worthless and counterproductive but they don’t care.

Recently the UK PM Theresa May demonstrated in the starkest way possible that she knows perfectly well exactly what Islam is. She runs around proclaiming that Islam is a religion of peace. In 2018 Asia Bibi’s husband begged the UK to provide asylum for her and her family. A lot of people reading this may not be aware of who Asia Bibi is nor the details of her case. Asia Bibi is a Roman Catholic (you can hear the crickets chirping at the Vatican from here) Pakistani woman. In 2009 was laboring in a field picking berries. When they had a break she went to the well to fetch water for her fellow farm laborers and herself. Islam teaches that non-Muslims are unclean (it’s really the reason why CAIR and CAIR affiliated Muslims demand Muslim-only swimming hours at public pools, for just one example’; they don’t want to have to swim with the filthy kaffir). There were two Muslimas among the field workers and they were outraged that this unclean Christian woman dared to drink from the same cup of water as Muslims. Asia Bibi dared to defend her right to do so, so the two Muslimas accused her of blasphemy by insulting the prophet. She of course hadn’t, but Pakistan has a really outrageous blasphemy law that’s commonly used by Muslims to take revenge on non-Muslims as to be accused is to be convicted. So if a Muslim owes money to a Christian and doesn’t want to pay it back the Muslim simply accuses the Christian of blaspheming Islam or their so-called prophet. While a Muslim woman’s testimony may be worth only half that of a Muslim man’s according to the Quran and Muhammad (Muhammad says this is because women are stupid and immoral; remember that when Linda Sarsour runs around claiming Islam is totes feminist) a non-muslim’s word is worth nothing in a Sharia compliant court against a Muslim accuser’s. So she was convicted and sentenced to death. She spent eight years on death row before under international pressure the Pakistani supreme court overturned her conviction. Recently she was acquitted again. Naturally millions of Pakistani Muslims were and are outraged and are howling for her head. Literally. So now she lives under police protection and has to move from safe house to safe house. She can’t even see her own husband and her five kids so essentially she’s still in prison and death row.

Why do I say that? She’ll probably be executed by the police who are guarding her. That’s what happened to the former governor of Punjab state, Salman Taseer. Here’s where I insert the obligatory “not all Muslims” blah blah blah. Not all Muslims are insane. Taseer condemned Pakistan’s blasphemy law as an outrage and an international embarrassment. For that crime one of his bodyguards shot him dead in 2011.

Her husband knows what is going to happen if she stays in Pakistan. Either the millions of outraged Muslims in the lynch mob will get her or the police will. Which is why he begged the UK to give them refuge. Here’s where PM Theresa May outed herself as a liar who knows perfectly well that Islam is NOT a religion of peace. There was on the whole strong support within her own government to grant Asia Bibi and family asylum. But she personally squashed it due to “security concerns.” Which is code for Must. Not. Make. The. Muslims. Angry. Most Muslims in the UK are from Pakistan. But of course the outrage mob wouldn’t be limited to Pakistani Muslims although it’s guaranteed that they’ll be outraged. She knows the exact same violent mob that is out for Asia Bibi’s blood over there also live in the UK. So because she knows that granting Asia Bibi asylum would anger a “certain segment of British society” Gee, I wonder what segment that must not be named would happen to be? Those troublesome Anglicans? She wants to pretend it’s a mystery, like how we may never know the motive of someone who pull out a knife and goes on a stabbing spree shouting Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar is Muhammad’s own war cry. Muslims are perfectly aware of this, but of course Muslim apologists like Linda Sarsour and their leftist non-muslim allies will object and say it’s a perfectly innocent phrase which is simply part of their call to prayer. They are of course lying (it’s just what hey do). In this case lying by omission. Because according to the Islamic sources such as Al-Tabari/s multi-volume history (it’s complete fiction of course) of the early days of Islam before attacking a village he would listen for the call to dawn prayer. If he didn’t hear that Allahu Akbar he’d attack shouting Allahu Akbar.

So of course we know the motives of Muslims who go on killing sprees shouting Allahu Akbar. Theresa May knows this as well. Which is why it’s now hate speech to tell the truth about Islam in Britain. There are several thousand British Muslims in prison for committing, planning, or supporting terrorism or terrorist groups. There are tens of thousands more on terrorist watch lists, so many the police simply don’t have the manpower to actually maintain surveillance on them all. Theresa May makes sure they have even less resources in that regard because she has hundreds if not thousands of police officers scouring social media for “anti-Muslim hate speech.” Which is code for the truth that she knows perfectly will but doesn’t want the public to know. BTW, in Britain as well as the rest of Europe when you are charged with hate speech, anti-muslim hate speech in particular, the truth is no defense. In essence the good dhimmis in charge of Western Europe and now Canada have adopted Sharia slander laws. All schools of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence, which is an oxymoron) define slander as making public something Muslims don’t want known. So slander includes the truth.

Another one of Theresa May’s “security concerns” if that if the UK provided Asia Bibi and her family asylum Muslims all over the world would be motivated to attack British embassies and British nationals. If PM May believed her own BS about Islam being a religion of peace why would she worry about outraging Muslims in the UK and abroad? Wouldn’t she just go ahead and give her asylum, secure in the knowledge that the peaceful adherents of the Religion of Peace (TM) would have absolutely no problem with it? Of course she doesn’t believe her own BS. She knows she’s lying when she tells the public that Islam is a religion of peace. Which she and every other R.O.P spouting Western pols have to do quite often since Muslims quite often go on killing sprees shouting Allahu Akbar. And of course we’re told that these very Islamic acts of terrorism have nothing to do with Islam. As Theresa May demonstrated in her despicable treatment of Asia Bibi and family. You can’t listen to a word they say, they’ll betray themselves by their actions.

Not like we Americans have had leaders who were much better in this regard. I was dismayed and appalled by Bush’s Muslim outreach after 9/11. So was the FBI, back in the days before Obama turned them into a criminal anti-American cabal. A couple of agents visited the home of an Imam suspected of having terrorist ties and providing support to terrorism. He wasn’t there so they asked his wife if she knew where he was; they needed to talk to him. She got a puzzled look on her face and told them something she clearly thought they already knew. They were shocked and dismayed when she told them he was at the White House per the Bush administration’s invitation. I believe it was six days after the attacks that Bush visited the Islamic Center of Washington D.C. He started this “Islam is a religion of peace B.S. As a matter of fact he said “Islam is peace,” and clarified that later by claiming the very word Islam is Arabic for peace. In December 2001 he visited the same Islamic Center and gave a short speech praising Islam to commemorate Eid Al Fitr, the day when Muslims break their Ramadan fast. Included in his remarks was this gem:

“Islam traces its origins back to God’s call on Abraham. And Ramadan commemorates the revelation of God’s word in the Holy Koran to the prophet Mohammad — a word that is read and recited with special attention and reverence by Muslims during this season. …”

These visits to the Islamic Center were disgusting on many different levels. First of all, if a Mosque calls itself an Islamic Center it is expressly saying it is a Muslim Brotherhood Mosque. Make no mistake, the MB is a terrorist organization. Hamas, designated by the USG as a foreign terrorist organization, is simply the Gazan wing of the MB and says so in its charter. Currently the MB sponsors a number of terrorist organizations, particularly in Egypt, although it attempts to maintain plausible deniability about their direct role in those groups terrorist operations. And the MB was outlawed in Egypt (and remains outlawed in many Muslim countries) as a terrorist organization. Specifically because of their attempt to assassinate then President Nasser in 1954 (the gunman missed). Admittedly I didn’t know just how man mosques had been started and were owned by MB front groups. But I knew then that any mosque that called itself an Islamic Center was MB mosque. Because it’s supposed to be more than a Mosque but essentially a center to maintain ideological purity among American Musllims so they would be prepared for the “civilizational Jihad” against the US and indeed all the countries of North America and establish an Islamic state.

Bush should have known this. The FBI certainly did.

Second , the Abraham of the Quran is very different from the Abraham of the Bible. In fact, he’s unrecognizable. He is in effect the anti-Abraham. Muslims don’t learn about Abraham from the Bible; indeed they are expressly forbidden from reading the Bible. Here’s the Abraham they know:

Surah 60:4

“There has already been for you an excellent pattern in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people, “Indeed, we are disassociated from you and from whatever you worship other than Allah . We have denied you, and there has appeared between us and you ANIMOSITY AND HATRED FOREVER until you believe in Allah alone” except for the saying of Abraham to his father, “I will surely ask forgiveness for you, but I have not [power to do] for you anything against Allah . Our Lord, upon You we have relied, and to You we have returned, and to You is the destination.”

When Allah tells Muslims that someone is an excellent pattern, it’s not a mere suggestion. Muslims will model themselves on that excellent pattern or they are hypocrites and apostates; Allah calls Muhammad an excellent pattern without exception and Muslims will model themselves on his example or they won’t see heaven. That’s Allah’s call on Abraham that every informed Muslim is aware of. That there must be animosity and hatred forever between them and non-muslims. Note that there is one exception to the excellent pattern set by Muhammad. When he tells his father he will pray for forgiveness for him. Allah commands Muslims to never dare pray for non-muslims for any reason, even if they’re your own father and mother.

So I’m listening to this guy’s remarks and groan, “Doesn’t this idiot know he just affirmed and praised Muslims for hating the rest of us?” Because that’s the only message they can get from those remarks. “This is weird,” they’d think to themselves, “But the President of the United States just told us we are right to hate him and all other non-muslims in the US. Which is great, weird but great. So he knows we’re on the right track and he’s not.”

Third, Bush’s remarks on his two visits to the Islamic Center of Washington amounted to a call to surrender. That’s how the Islamic terrorists would and did take it. Which only served to embolden them. We all know Bush didn’t exactly surrender but by boosting their morale he convinced them that we eventually would quit (I give you the election of Barack Obama as proof they were correct in their evaluation).

Finally, if this idiot was convinced of his own BS (and I am convinced he was)) then he’d be deaf to any intel about just how pious and truly Islamic the terrorists were and are. And therefore incapable of forming and implementing an effective strategy.
If you told him that their playbook is the Quran, the hadith collections (actually back then we only had Sahih al Bukhari which had been transliterated into English in the 90s, the rest came later, but if you can only have one you want that one to be Sahih al Bukhari because in Sunni Islam it is second in authority only to the Quran) and the Sirah liturature. Siraat Rasul of Allah, or Life of the Prophet of Allah, had been transliterated into English back in the 50s, he’d simply refuse to believe it. His trusted advisers kept telling him that Islam is a religion of peace, the the word Islam means peace, so the terrorists could n’t possibly be using books that he never read himself as their playbook. Muslims have been using their sacred texts as their playbood for conquest and the violent subjugation , slaughter, and forced conversion on non-muslis for twelve hundred years. It’s a thin playbook with only a few plays in them but it has worked for them consistently and it’s so simple a six year old can understand it. But apparently adult politicians are too stupid to grasp what a six year old can, or they are for a variety of reasons complicit.

Bush was the one pol I was convinced wasn’t lying. He was stupid and ignorant and intended to stay that way. His subsequent blunders in Afghanistan and Iraq proved me right, I believe. His nation building follies were based upon his untutored instincts that, hey, people are the same everywhere and we all want the same things. Wrong!

Barack Obama, on the other hand, was lying. A lot. Beginning with his God-awful Cairo speech. Islam has given us the arch? Really? They must have a time machine because the Babylonians had the arch for thousands of years before the birth of Christ, although it was really the Romans who perfected it. Given that the elevated aquaducts at Segovia, Spain and Pont Du Gard, France are world famous landmarks he had to have known about them. They are extremely well preserved considering they were both built about five centuries before Muhammad was born (according to the Islamic historical narrative which I’m convinced is an utter lie).

Obama stated he was a student of history. And went on to demonstrate he never heard of Rome. He also never heard of Gutenberg when he credited Islam with our “mastery of the pen and printing.” He demonstrated he never heard of China or the Greeks.when he credited Islam with the invention of the magnetic compass and our navigational instruments. The Chinese invented the magnetic compass at least a miillenia before the birth of Christ and first used it for navigation about four centuries before Christ. The astrolabe was based upon principles known for thousands of years before Islam came along for Obama to pander to; the first known astrolabe was made by Hipparchus of Alexandria circa 160 B.C. It’s probably the most ancient of navigation instruments. Claudiius Ptolemy, an Egyptian-born Greed (and obviously a citizen of the Roman Empire) invented the quadrant in the first century A.D. The student of history never heard of France as two French Jews are credited with the invention of the cross staff. I should add that the astrolabe essentially aided navigation by containing an engraved star chart or in other words a map of celestial objects while the other instruments measure angles from the viewer’s position to celestial objects. All of the one mentioned so far were originally used for astronomic and surveying purposes but it later dawned on enterprising individuals that they could also be used for navigation. For instance, it was a German, living in another country that Obama never heard of, who first suggested that the cross staff, also known as the Jacob’s staff after one of the French Jews who invented it, be used as a nautical instrument. Of course one of the disadvantages of using it for navigation that never arose when astronomers used it for making observations of the stars or when used for surveying was that the navigator had to stare directly at the sun when using it to determine latitude (celestial navigation requires making regular observation of celestial objects day and night to avoid error). That was solved by the invention of the back staff which used mirrors to transmit light to the navigator’s eye. The backstaff was entirely European invention and Muslims had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Maybe the student of history never heard of Europe; that would explain why he never heard of Roman aquaducts.

Obama certainly never heard of Great Britain because they invented the octant and later the sextant. The sextant remains in use today although most sailors now rely on GPS. But the USN is again teaching its officers to use the sextant as they’ve discovered their officers have become poor navigators since they abandoned it about twenty years ago.

Let’s see; what else ,what else did he lie about in Cairo. We’ve already established that Obama never heard of ancient Greece. Apparenlly he never heard of the Ancient Babylonians since the roots of what we now know as algebra go back that far, the Greeks made great strides in it, as did another country Obama never heard of, India. In fact that’s probably where the Muslims stole it, and then took all the credit for it. He also credited Islam with a long tradition of religious tolerance and racial equality. In fact, Islam has done no such things. There has never been a place where Muslims ruled where there was religious tolerance. Search on the term “Islamic Holocaust of India” and you’ll learn just how much “tolerant” they were of the religions there. Sholarly estimates of just how many Indians of all religions were slaughtered by Muslims between 1000 and 1500 A.D. Range from 50 to 120 million although most scholars settle on 80 million. At that’s only for a period of five hundred years. Muslim rule in India as well as the slaughter lasted over twice that long, so many millions more were killed for the crime of being mushrikun, the Arabic for idolators or polytheists. In fact genocide in India was undoubtedly the largest in history. Not to discount the horrors of the genocides/mass murders of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or Mao (Mao was clearly the worst, with the largest body count of the bunch. But the ideology of Islam, especially when you look at the many millions more Muslims killed in their conquests and centuries of bloody rule outside of India, makes the adherents of the ideologies of fascism and communism look like underachievers.

In theory the Christians and Jews in conquered lands such as what is now Iraq, Syria, the Levant, Egypt and the rest of North Africa and medieval Muslim Spain should have been treated better as they were “people of the book.” People who the Muslims recognized as having received divine revelation (the Zoroastrians of the former Persian empire also fall into this category). In fact, they were slightly better off the the Mushrikun of India but only slightly. They had to pay a head tax called jizya which was supposed to allow them to live and practice their faiths but only under debilitating laws that made Jim Crow look mild in comparison. Allah, in Surah 9 of the Quran, commands Muslims to humiliate and make the lives of the people of the book a living hell in this life while he would cast them into hellfire in the afterlife. Also, Islam never developed a work ethic. Why would it when they were entitled to live off the labor and taxes of the kuffar or unbelievers? But Muslims would still slaughter Christians and Jews if they got “uppity” and forgot their place or sometimes just for entertainment. In the tenth century one of the emirs of one of the Muslim provinces in Spain (I forget which one) was presented with one hundred “barbarians” or Christians by one of his viziers (a high executive and very powerful executive officer who assisted and advised the emirs) after Friday service. They were all beheaded one by one simply for the entertainment of the Muslims.

Search on the term “1066 Grenada massacre” to find out what happened in Spain when the kuffar forgot their place. The emir of Grenada appointed two Jews as viziers. First the father, and when he died then his son. Christians and Jews were supposed to occupy only the lowest place in society. And here were two Jews who now occupied the highest rung of the social ladder. Even worse, as viziers they would exercise power over Muslims. So the Muslims stormed the palace, crucified the vizier, and killed as many Jews in Grenada they could lay their hands on.

The idea that Muslim Spain was some sort of multi-cultural oasis is a lie, and even worse it’s a Western lie. The Protestants of the enlightenment had an almost rabid hatred of Catholicism. So they concluded that anything had to be better than Catholic Spain. So they picked up on the Muslim fictions about how tolerant and cultured the Muslims were, and added to it by inventing a story about how the Muslims really brought civilization to backward Catholic Spain. In fact Visigothic Spain had an extremely well developed society with high art, beautiful architecture, and a love of learning. St. Isadore, a Catholic Bishop who died shortly before the Islamic invasion preached that Spaniards had to study not only Christian texts such the writing of St. Augustine of Hippo but also the classical works of the ancient Greeks and Romans. But the Protestants of the enlightenment would here none of that. So they painted a picture of a retrograde Catholic Spain that was actually saved from itself by their Muslim conquerors. Later multi-culturalists embellished the story, and then after they got rich with petrodollars the Saudis and Gulf Arabs funded (and basically destroyed) Islamic studies to further embellish the fiction. In fact Muslim Spain was a hellhole for non-muslims just like it was everywhere else. In the aftermath of the invasion Spain’s largest export were slaves. Even the medieval Muslim historian ibn Khaldun found it laughable that the crude desert Arabs and their Berber accomplices could have brought civilization to Spain. He wrote that they were themselves uncivilized and they weren’t even interested in culture. They were only interested in war booty and “Greek” women as sex slaves. The Muslims called all Europeans Greeks and Greek women were supposed to be especially beuatiful.

Racial equality? The Islamic slave trade in Africa lasted for 1200 years. Muhammad taught that Satan was a black man, he called Ethiopians “raisin heads,” and when he wanted to teach his companions about the positional authority of an Imam he used the example of a black man since they were the lowest of the low but if one was an Imam (which was unthinkable) then Muslims would have to obey him. Muhammad taught that all dogs must be killed. Unusually he got pushback from some Muslims, primarily the Bedouin (the nomadic Arabs) who needed them for hunting and to guard their livestock. So he relented about killing all dogs but he still insisted all black dogs be killed since they too were satanic. He had a real problem with blackness and this attitude was passed on to his companions and later generations of Muslims who even today are racists. The Arabic word Abd means slave. For instance the name Abdullah means slave of Allah. It’s also what they call a black man (plural abeed). It Is in reality the Arabic equivalent of the N-word as black American converts to Islam have discovered. Islam is an Arab-supremacist religion.

Dr. John Azumah, himself an African, studied and wrote his doctoral thesis on the Islamic slave trade. Undoubtedly it’s what he learned during the course of his studies that led him to leave Islam and convert to Christianity. He converted his thesis into a book in 2001, The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa, calculated that between 10 to 18 million African slaves were imported to Arabia and sold throughout the Islamic world in the period between mid-seventh century and the 19th century. But as Dr. Azumah notes, those are the ones who survived the trip whether down to the East African coast to be herded onto ships or the especially brutal Tran-Saharan land route where the slaves were forced to march across the desert with limited subsistence or water. The Islamic slave trade was primarily about sex. So the Arabs took two women for every male. The males were predominantly boys from six to twelve years old whom the Arabs prompty castrated at point of capture. They didn’t want their African slaves to breed since that just created a useless mouth to feed until the kid got old enough to be of any use as a slave. Why bother with that since as far as the Arab slave traders were concerned they had an endless supply of ready=made slaves right next door to Arabia. So typically the Muslim slave owners would kill any child birthed by their sex slaves (who they also used as domestic servants) and of course castrated males can’t breed. So eunuchs brought much higher prices then the relatively few intact males they enslaved (although the Islamic slave trade was primarily about sex the Muslims also had use for field workers). The eunuchs were fit for domestic service since they couldn’t have sex with the women, whether the Muslim women in an average slave owner’s home or the sex slaves in the royal harem. The Muslims didn’t limit castration to their black slaves. The Muslims had a thriving white slave trade as well. The took white slaves anywhere the Muslim world abutted the Dar al Harb, the “house of war” that is where Muslims don’t rule. They took millions of white slaves. In Mediterranean countries Europeans essentially abandoned coastal areas due to frequent slave raids but Arab slavers sailed as far north as England, Ireland, and even Iceland to take slaves. Ronald Segal in his 2002 book, Islam’s Black Slaves: The Other Black Diaspora writes that at the beginning of Tenth century the Caliph in Baghdad had seven thousand black eunuchs and four thousand white eunuchs in his palace. But the Arabs didn’t have the same racist contempt for whites as they did for the Zanj, their term for sub-Saharan black Africans. Here’s what the forementioned medieval Arab historian had to say about the Zanj.

This is the almost universal opinion among Arabs; we have the writings of very influential Muslims who like ibn Khaldun remain household names to this day. They’d write that the only difference between the Zanj and other animals was that “their hands had been raised from the ground,” that apes were more intelligent and easier to train than the Zanj, and that the Zanj were born to be slaves. It was the Islamic slave trade that prompted the European/Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Portugues merchants who sailed to the East Coast of Africa discovered they could make a fortune buying African slaves and selling them in Europe. The Europeans thus developed a great demand for more slaves, and the Arab slavers recognized an economic opportunity when they saw it and redoubled their slaving activities. They established slave trading posts on the West African Coast to service the European market and the Portuguese not only made a fortune selling slaves to Europeans but also transporting slaves from one trading post to another.

Islam never developed an abolition movement as did the Judeo-Christian West which had abolished slavery and put a stop to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in the Nineteenth century. Muslim countries only abolished slavery under outside pressure Saudi Arabia didn’t abolish until 1960, and Mauritania didn’t nominally abolish slavery until 1980. I say nominally because they forgot to criminalize it until 2007. And they’ only began reluctantly began to prosecute slave owners within the last couple of years. But in fact slavery never ended in the Islamic world. In 2013 a Saudi princess was arrested in California during a human trafficking investigation for holding a domestic worker against her will and forcing her to work without pay at her condo. Also in 2013 two Filipinas escaped from a Saudi owned compound in a Virginia suburb of Washington D.C. Allegedly it was to be used for use by Saudi embassy staff. The women said they were held against their will, forced to work as domestics, and also used as sex slaves. This was hardly surprising as human trafficking and enslavement is part of Saudi society and culture. Saudis also look down on Filipinas as inferiors, though not as inferior as the Zanj. Typically when a woman accepts employment as a domestic worker her employer will confiscate her passport, force her to work without pay for years beyond what the contract that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on stipulates, and also use her as his sex slave since the Hanbali shool of Islamic Jurisprudence makes draws no distinction between a slave and what is supposed to be a paid domestic servant. They’re one and the same as far as Hanbali “jurists” and ordinary Saudis are concerned. But this practice isn’t limited to Saudi Arabia. There’s very disturbing video from Kuwait when an Ethiopian domestic slips and falls when ordered by her mistress to clean the outside of the windows. Apparently she was leaning out the window as she grabs the frame with one hand. I don’t speak much Arabic but she’s clearly begging the Kuwait woman to hold onto her and help her inside. What does the Kuwaiti woman do? She whips out her cell phone and records the Ethiopian’s agony. You can hear her laughing and mocking her on the video which I don’t recommend anyone watch. After a few minutes to poor Ethiopian woman’s strength is drained and she falls from the seventh story apartment. She survived as she slammed onto a metal awning over the first story and only suffered a broken arm and bleeding from the nose and ears. The Kuwaiti authorities claim The Ethiopian woman was attempting to commit suicide and had a last minute change of heart. Could be; every year hundreds of enslaved domestics manage to escape their Kuwaiti employers and they all have the same story. Years of involuntary and uncompensated servitude and abuse, including sexual abuses. It’s not difficult to imagine that women who try but fail to escape would want to end all that by killing themselves. The Kuwaiti woman was charged only with failing to help the Ethiopian woman, a relatively minor charge since while human trafficking and slavery is nominally against the law in Kuwait and carries more serious penalties, as in Saudi Arabia they don’t take the crimes of forced labor and sex slavery at all seriously. This is apparently what Barack Obama considers racial equality.

He also credited Islam, especially at places like Al Azhar University where he was speaking, for keeping the “light of learning lit for centuries,” preserving knowledge, and setting the stage for the European renaissance and enlightenment. This is laughable. Al Azhar University was nothing more than a madrasa until 1964. Up until that point the only “sciences” taught there were the ridiculously named “Quranic sciences” and “hadith sciences.” After 1964 they added secular subject to the curriculum. So Al Azhar has only been in the “learning” business for just over fifty years, not centuries as Obama claimed. And the Muslims preserved nothing. It was the conquered peoples who preserved what they could. Whether or not anyone actually said regarding the library of Alexandria, “Burn it. If we need to know it it’s in the Quran. If it’s not in the Quran we don’t need to know it” isn’t important as that was the Muslim attitude toward the texts of the conquered peoples. These peoples were their inferiors and they had nothing to teach them. So they burned libraries and razed universities to the ground from Spain to Nalanda, India. It was Christians and Jews who preserved that knowledge by grabbing whatever texts they could. And they were eventually able to convince their Muslim conquerors that there were some things worth knowing that aren’t in the Quran. Most notable among these was a Nestorian Christian living in Baghdad at the time of the conquest named named Johannitius (Hunayn ibn Ishaq) and an Egyptian Jew named Isaac Israeli ben Solomon.

Johannitius had learned Greek by studying it on Greek island in the Eastern Roman Empire. So he was able to translate Greek texts into Syriac (a dialect of Aramaic, the language widely spoken in the Middle East during Jesus’ time) and his son and nephew translated it from Syriac into Arabic. Ben Solomon was able to translate the Greek texts into Hebrew and then into Arabic on his own. The Muslims did learn that the filthy kuffar did have something to teach them after all, but they only things they were interested in learning were practical things such as the medical texts of Galen and Hippocrates. They were entirely uninterested in the rest of the Greek texts. So the vast majority the texts the crusaders brought back from the Middle East had never been translated into Arabic. Modern multi-culturalists have invented this fable that the renaissance was entirely due to the influence of Islam on the Western civilization and as evidence they claim that the texts the crusaders were almost entirely in Arabic. There were a few; Due to the efforts of Johannitius and his son and nephew some of the works of Galen that were lost in the original Greek. But the vast majority were in the original Greek, and Johannitius was not a Muslim but a Christian. Muslims themselves had nothing to do with the it. There were individual scholars living in the Islamic world that had some influence on events in Europe that led to the renaissance and enlightenment, but Islamic culture per se had nothing to do with. Many of not most of these scholars weren’t even Muslims. And while there were some Muslims scholars who had some influence their work in the rational sciences went against Islamic orthodoxy and was considered by some Muslims in the Islamic establishment heretical. These Muslim scholars were harassed and even persecuted for their writings. So whatever contributions Muslim scholars may have had on European thought these scholars had that influence despite Islam, not because of it. Yet Obama gives Islam all the credit. When in reality it was scholars of classical antiquity who really gave birth to the renaissance and enlightenment.

All in all this pandering, grovelling, disgusting, and dishonest speech confirmed the low opinion I formed of him during the campaign. He was the first anti-American President who only wanted wanted the office to punish America and help our enemies abroad. Especially in the Islamic world such as Iran. For instance, during the Cairo speech he announced he would withdraw all American troops in Iraq by 2012. This was in keeping with his campaign promise to “end” the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course you can’t end wars simply be withdrawing your forces. The enemy has something to say about when wars end, as subsequent and widely predicted events in Iraq demonstrated. There is a much more accurate term for what Obama was going to do than “end wars” that dates back to ancient Rome. It’s called “abandoning your allies in the field.” He clearly negotiated through Biden with the Iraqi government about an American security presence in Iraq in bad faith (he always negotiated in bad faith). Some fools in the commentariat actually thought the US and Iraq might actually come to some sort of agreement. I actually yelled at my TV, “Obama announced In Cairo in 2009 that he was withdrawing all US troops. What part of “all” don’t you understand?”

Speaking of negotiating in bad faith, I give you the abortion that is usually referred to as the Iran nuclear deal. Theoretically his negotiators were representing the interests of the United States and on same team as the other P5+1 negotiators, representaives of the five permanent members of the UN security council plus Germany, sitting across the table from the Iranian negotiators. But some of the other negotiators let it slip out that sometimes it felt like it was Iran and the US negotiating against everyone else. I”m like, what do you mean “felt like?” Obama was on Iran’s side all along. When representatives of the Obama briefed Congress it was clear they were representing Iran’s interests and hiding facts from Congress. At one point Sen. Menendez told a DoS rep that it sounded like the administration was getting its talking points from Tehran. Overall I always thought Memendes was a s**tbird but I couldn’t fault him on this. The address for the Mullah’s US lobbying and PR firm was 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C. Really they were breaking the same law as Manafort by failing to register as agents of a foreign power per the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Then it slowly leaked out that there were all sorts of secret addenda that Congress and the American people weren’t allowed to know about. Only the Iranians could know. And then they lied to the press by creating an echo chamber, which Ben Rhodes later bragged about.

And who can forget about how he and his administration lied to Congress and the public, and according the General Accounting Office broke the law, about why and how he traded five high-ranking Taliban members for one deserter/traitor. The law requires that he consult Congress via the Secretary of Defense to inform the appropriate Congressional Committees at least thirty days prior to transferring any prisoners from GITMO and explain why it’s in the national security interests of the United States to transfer (or release) any prisoners from GITMO and explain what the USG has done to mitigate the risks that these prisoners won’t return to their terrorist war against the United States. Failing that, it was illegal for Obama to spend any funds on the transfer. The Obama administration didn’t tell Congress about it until the the Taliban elite were already in Qatar. And unbelievably the Obama administration thought it would be a PR coup comparable to winning the release of the Iranian hostages. My god, the Iranians didn’t kidnap and hold a bunch of deserters/traitors. On the other hand in an official Pentagon report in 2010 DoD concluded that since the traitor had in fact deserted his post after an initial flurry of searches the military decided the deserter/traitor simply wasn’t worth the effort to recover. Yet somehow the Obama administration decided that someone who the military had determined wasn’t worth the effort was worth five high ranking terrorists.

Susan Rice provided the clues. She painted the deserter traitor as a hero who had “served honorably.” I’m sure to the Obama administration he was a hero and had served honorably. In fact as far as they were concerned he was the only service member who had served honorably in Iraq and Afghanistan. He betrayed the country. Since they planned and did do the same on a regular basis in the deserter/traitor they recognized a kindred spirit.

So I can’t get too upset about Merkel.. Really, when you think about it, she’s just following Obama’s lead.

Sorry for the length of my novella, as well as all the typos. Which I can’t fix. But despite the length I forgot to include some vital information. For instance, Dr. Azumah estimates 80 percent of African slaves died en route the Islamic world. So the 10 to 18 million who were enslaved in the Islamic are only 20 percent of the total number of Africans who were taken as slaves. When you factor in the fact that Arab slavers normally killed the men, pregnant women, the elderly (really, anyone who was worthless to them as slaves or simply undesirable as slaves) you get an idea of just how horrific the Islamic slave trade was.

I also forgot to include ibn Khaldun’s writings on just how inferior the Zanj were:

“beyond [known peoples of black West Africa] to the south there is no civilization in the proper sense. There are only humans who are closer to dumb animals than to rational beings. They live in thickets and caves, and eat herbs and unprepared grain. They frequently eat each other. They cannot be considered human beings.

…Therefore, the Negro nation are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because [Negroes] have little [that is essentially] human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals, as we have stated.”

Finally a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure. First Douglas Murray and Gad Saad have a laugh fest at the very idea that Muslims invented anything themselves.

Muslims will often claim that the Quran is a scientific miracle that confirms its divine origin, since it contains facts about genetics, embryonic development, and the cosmos that couldn’t have possibly been known to mere humans in the Seventh century. Facts that were only confirmed by science centuries later.

The Masked Arab, a former Shiite Muslim turned atheist and a citizen of the UK, blows that myth apart by fisking a video of the most popular Islamic apologist (most popular doesn’t equal good) in the Muslim world, Zakir Naik.

It appears Germany will always be the most prolific at attempting to destroy/dominate the world.