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Germany Introduces “Counseling Service” to Combat Radical Islam

Germany Introduces “Counseling Service” to Combat Radical Islam

Chancellor Merkel spent €100 million on Islamist ‘de-radicalization’ last year

Germany is rolling out a ‘counselling service’ to combat the surge of Islamist indoctrination across the country. The taxpayer-funded service “will mainly target Turkish and Arabic-speaking families” where children may be “flirting with extremism,” German newspapers report.

The programs comes at a time when Chancellor Angela Merkel is allocating huge sums of public money in hopes of preventing the country’s growing Muslim population from becoming more radicalized. According to the German state broadcaster MDR, the government spent nearly €100 million on Islamist ‘de-radicalization’ programs in 2018. “Nobody knows if the money is put to meaningful use,” the broadcaster noted.

The state broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported the details of the program:

A new prototype project was launched in Germany on Wednesday, aimed at counselling parents who are concerned their children may be flirting with extremism. The Turkish Community in Germany (TGD) non-profit established the service primarily for Turkish and Arabic-speaking parents, but said that German native speakers would be able to receive help as well. (…)

Funded partly the European Union and Germany’s Ministry for Families, counseling is set to be available through at least the end of 2019, although founders hope they will receive the budget to continue the service indefinitely.

For years, German authorities have warned about an uptick of young people in Germany becoming radicalized online. Between 2013 and 2017, the number of people considered extreme Islamists in Germany rose from 100 to at least 1,600, and an average of around four credible tips about planned terrorist activities are received on a daily basis.

According to the German domestic intelligence agency (BfV), the number of Islamists in the country is much higher. That figure is around 10,800, a two-fold increase in past five years. Thanks to Chancellor Merkel’s open borders policies, young immigrants from Muslim and Arab countries are bolstering the ranks of jihadis operating on German soil. Since the onset of the migrant crisis in the autumn of 2015, German Islamists have been attempting to recruit asylum seekers for the cause of jihad, police reports say.

German schools, prisons and even military are becoming fishing grounds for these Islamist recruiters.

German authorities are alarmed by the what they dub as “kindergarten jihadists.” The outgoing German intelligence chief, Hans-Georg Maassen, warned about the “new generation of jihadists being raised in Germany.” Adding that “Islamic State uses headhunters who scour the internet for children who can be approached and tries to radicalize these children, or recruit these children for terrorist attacks.”

In recent years, the German armed forces, the Bundeswehr, have unmasked 24 jihadis within their ranks. According to newspaper reports, at least 29 Bundeswehr soldiers have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight on behalf of the Islamic State.

Germany’s open borders have allowed the ISIS fighters to return home with ease as well. Out of nearly a thousand German nationals who had joined the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, over three hundred have come back home. Most of these returnees — war criminals to be more precise — are now walking free on German streets. Given their level of Islamist indoctrination and combat experience, they will take up the roles of operatives and masterminds of jihad in Europe for years to come.

Despite countless warnings, the Chancellor Merkel-led government has failed to make the obvious connection between its open borders policy and rising threat of Islamic radicalization. The German government would be well advised to use its funds to secure national borders and curb illegal immigration, instead of wasting them on aimless ‘de-radicalization’ programs.

Germany’s growing Salafist Islamic community

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Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

I create a problem…I refuse to acknowledge that problem…I blame you for not wanting to help me make it a bigger problem…I make you pay me to pretend to make the problem easier to live with…I make criticism of me or the problem a criminal offense.

    Ghost Rider in reply to bear. | January 10, 2019 at 11:39 am

    That sounds like a typical politicians solution to problems they created but refuse to acknowledge.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to bear. | January 10, 2019 at 11:51 am

    Bullets would cost less and be far more effective. No amount of counseling will fix what is wrong with those people. 1400 years of inbreeding makes them dull and extremely aggressive. Then they are brainwashed by the least peaceful, most deranged cult the world has ever seen.

Maybe its just me BUT had Germany been slightly more careful with who it lets in its country it might not have had to spend 100 mil?

Surgery and radiation is the only cure for cancer. Germany has cancer all over its country and the way they are going about it is silly. Does a person who has cancer go to counseling? If they do not eradicate it now it will metastasize and then they will have no-go zones like many other “Compassionate” nations now do.

If she’d only start with ‘Midnight Basketball’ like we did here, all these problems would go away- just like it worked in the States!

Muslims seeking to spread islam across the globe are not “extremist” muslims. They are simply devout, or compliant, or observant muslims.

The koran teaches muslims that it is their duty to spread islam. It also teaches them that non-muslims are their enemies and their inferiors, and that muslims are justified in fighting and killing non-muslims, and taking their lands and their wealth.

The west is not going to “de-radicalize” muslims because the “radical” beliefs in islam’s supremacy and muslims’ right to impose islam on non-muslims through violence, are core tenets of the islamic faith.

From the shores of Tripoli, the gates of Vienna, Philippine Islands, the Bosporous, or the Eurasian Steppe, the only (read:only) effective solution to radical islam is erradication through military conquest.

But mutter Merkel appears to be hell-bent on channeling Santayana and his famous comment about the past.

The raped, robbed, murdered and abused in a society will only tolerate those who enable it for so long. There’s a limit, and then people snap.

The gruesome result is often political leaders dangling from a lamp post (metaphorically speaking, of course).

This might work if the counselors carried and used pistols to dispatch the Muslims who refuse to abandon Islam.

You just can’t make this shit up.
“The bullshit piled up so fast in Vietnam, you needed wings to stay above it.”

“Counseling” will obviously take precedence, in Muslims’ minds, over the word of God, as allegedly transmitted to Mohammed; sure.

The perpetually vain, foolish and naive Obama believed in a variant on this stupidity; that his supposed worldly sophistication, personal charm, time spent living in Indonesia, and, excessively obsequious (and, undeserved) flattery of Muslims and of Islam, would prove to be a moderating influence against their ideology’s intrinsic supremacist, totalitarian and belligerent tenets. The foolish futility of Obama’s efforts were readily apparent, at the time. Merkel’s antics are no less foolish and futile.

She continues to confuse hostile Islamists with friendly but feckless East Germans.

Prediction: the German government will recruit Muslim counselors to do this work, on the theory that moderate Muslims have more influence on radical Muslims than non-Muslims.

BUT, these ‘moderates’ will mostly be radicals masquerading as moderates. For what Islamist could or would pass up the opportunity to get paid by government to convert, recruit and train new jihadis?

Thus, this initiative will not merely be unproductive; it will produce the opposite of what is intended.

Meanwhile, Merkel, the Kraut press, the BBC and US media blame the AfD and so-called ‘far rightists’ for all of Germany’s cultural problems.

Oh dearie me.

After the successful “Denazification” program of the 40s and 50s, Germany now finds itself flooded again with Jew-haters. But this time, the anti-semites have no illusions that fair-skinned Aryans are the Master Race.

“Kill ’em all and may Allah sort them out!”