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Kavanaugh-mageddon Week at Legal Insurrection

Kavanaugh-mageddon Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

This week was exhausting in many ways. The day of testimony by Ford and Kavanaugh felt like a week.


Lindsey Graham spoke for millions.

And still it drags on…

This is the left.

The hearings have motivated conservative voters.

We need to change this.

World news.

Branco Cartoons!


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I suspect that this thread will be the most commented “this week” thread in LI history.

(Small note/edit request: you have a link to the Czech article under “Branco Cartoons.”)

Been waiting for a while to use “Kavanaugh-megeddon”, huh?

What’s being missed or ignored is that both Ms.Swetnick and Dr. Ford state the allegations occurred Maryland. They could, if they sought justice, go to the State Prosecutor today and file charges as there is no statue of limitations. The State Prosecutor has even said they would investigate (see link below). Further, Democrats in the Maryland legislature are already making overtones they want to order an investigation (see link below).

If this isn’t political and about keeping a conservative Justice off the SCOTUS please explain why aren’t the accusers going to the court of proper jurisdiction? Dr. Ford is represented by Ms. Katz who was Ms. Swetnick’s AAL at one point. Why isn’t Ms. Katz, as an officer of the court, telling or suggesting this?

My prediction; if the FBI comes back with a report that cannot confirm either allegation we will see Dr. Ford and Ms. Swetnick – Katz and Avenatti in tow – going to the State Prosecutor in Maryland to file charges! This will lead to Democrats, including Jeff Flake, to announce they can’t vote for someone under criminal investigation and thereby stalling and ending Kavanaugh’s nomination. Will Democrats then seek to impeach Kavanaugh from the Court of Appeals? Is this a “trial run” of impeachment for Democrats as they seek to control the House and Senate post the November election? We know the court ruled Friday the case against Trump can move forward (see link below).

Fact is, I believe the goal(s) are to: (1) Stop Kavanaugh (as Schumer said with 30 min of his nomination). (2) Win back the House in November (which controls the purse strings). (3) possibly retake the Senate. (4) Hold the Kennedy seat vacant until after the 2020 election when the Democrats believe they will defeat Trump – if they haven’t already removed him via impeachment. I think were in for a rocky road.,amp.html,amp.html

A note of thanks to the LI crew for all your work in recent days. It is much appreciated. Hope ya’ll are taking time to refresh, what with the week ahead and our approaching just a month from Election Day, 2018. You’re in my prayers. This, also, goes for those of you who post here, whether I agree with you or not. You’re struggling with the questions and insights are recognized and valued. Sincerely, Big Al (my moniker when I shot pool)

Thank you, Ragspierre.