In a last minute change, Sen. Jeff Flake agreed to vote Kavnaugh’s confirmation out of committee with the stipulation that the Senate agree to an FBI investigation into the recent Kavanaugh accusations. Flake specified that the investigation should be limited in scope and last no longer than a week.

Senate Leadership and the White House have reached an agreement and granted the Flake’s request a mini-FBI investigation.

From the Judiciary Committee:

And the White House in on board:

From Sen. Hatch:

Your friendly reminder that nothing you do will ever be good enough for the left:

You knew it was coming:

A couple things to consider here:

Senate Republicans don’t seem the list bit rattle by the delay. No one is raising hell and everyone, even the White House, is just…calm. And they’re all on message here.

Giving Democrats what they’ve been dying for, an FBI investigation that proves nothing except how bogus these claims are, satisfies Democrat demands and puts the vote a week closer to the midterm elections. It might also make it a little easier for red-state Democrats to vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

However, a week is an awfully long time in the news cycle and gives Democrats more breathing room than I’m comfortable with.

There’s also the Rosenstein hubbub, which Trump pushed to next week. If something major happens there, that sucks the oxygen out of the news cycle, which is what I suspect will happen here.

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