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Democrats Throw the Kitchen Sink Week at Legal Insurrection

Democrats Throw the Kitchen Sink Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Democrats launched a final pathetic effort to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation this week.

When the questions didn’t work, they got really nasty.

This is what real collusion looks like.

The paper of record.

An absolute disgrace.

Return of the Creepy Porn Lawyer.

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Kitchen sink? How about the toilet?

Somebody should send a secret letter to the FBI about Senator Feinstein. The rumor is that she works with the ChiComs.

It occurs to me that a huge portion of what we know about the conspiracy against Trump came from the tweets between the two lovebirds Strzok and Page.
Has nobody looked into the communications of the other co-conspirators? What do you think we could learn from the texts of McCabe and especially Ohr?

“European Union Parliament Votes to Sanction Hungary Due to ‘Breaches of the EU’s Core Values’”

The EU says to Hungary: “That…that’s not who we are.” Also probably “you didn’t build that.”

Just wait until the normals start feeling the effects of the EU’s new censorship laws. That criminal enterprise needs to be broken up. It was an attempt for Germany to win by diplomacy what it couldn’t win by conquest.

WaPo has just released the name of the accuser and the story is a wild one. She claims that Kavannaugh and Judge were both drunk and she had been drinking too, tried to take her clothes off while she was pinned on the bed. Then she claims that Judge jumped on to the two of them laughing hysterically and she was able to get away. She also claims that she has been in therapy all of her life because of this incident. It is her word against the two guys word so it will go nowhere. If the Dims were ever going to get any mileage out of this story they should have brought it up in the hearings. She says the reason she never brought it up was that she was not supposed to be there and she was drinking too and was afraid of her parents. Let’s see, three teens, drinking and cutting up and one jumped on the other two laughing hysterically and she was able to get away! Does that sound like an attempted rape to anyone on the planet?

    Communist Professor at University of California. Lock Her Up!

    alaskabob in reply to inspectorudy. | September 16, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    As has been covered in LI before dealing with exactly the same issues that faced male students being accused, sometime later, of rape. In some cases, another friend or counselor pushed this into the woke rape allegation. Now she states that she knew Kavanaugh could wind up on SCOTUS and so lept tabs on this… fortune teller also.

    Sad to say, I think this episode has become a mental crutch for her to deal with a whole bunch of issues including what appears to be marital issues.

    I could give Feinstein and Dems notice for playing this card just right, but it is a messy card which will have to be played solely as the woman had no responsibility in this. Not way.

    Considering the pantheon of Democrats over the years, Kavanaugh’s “mistake” was playing teenage footsies with someone who becomes a member of the perpetually aggrieved party. She is the necessary cannon fodder the Dems want. I think she may see this as a form of therapeutic bargaining looking for closure. It won’t.

    I guess she was afraid of her parents clear up to 2012 when she finally told someone.

The toilet? They wouldn’t be that desperate. That’s what they drink out of.


No, it does not sound like rape, or even attempted rape, at all. But the Democrats won’t use that angle; instead, they will point to the accusation and say it proves that Kavanaugh is incompetent, and therefore should not be on the Supreme Court.

The accuser has come forward. Name Christine Blasey Ford. Professionally she drops the Ford.

DuckDuckGo claims she had an account on twitter chrisssea, but that has been deleted.

Psychiatrist and professor someplace in Palo-Alto i don’t know the University.

This is nothing more than a strategically played fraud. That Swineslime withheld the letter until the hearings were over, and that the allegedly aggrieved woman wanted anonymity (until this weekend, that is) shows what a sham it is. But all they need is for a couple of votes to go wobbly, and that is the object of this play.

Hmmm. I just had a thought. Is she sure that that was Kavanaugh and not some Kennedy scion?

Who wears a bathing suit under their clothes to a party ?

The members of the house and senate who paid OUR money to shut up those women who they violated MUST be identified. Those members should not be allowed to vote.

All members are complicit in the cover-up since they voted to allow the payments and to keep the individuals names secret.