Could you blame Brett Kavanaugh if he were angry at the malicious treatment he has received at the hands of Senate Democrats and their alt-left supporters?

Before the hearings even started, he was accused of hating women and children, of being a threat to the lives of non-whites and women, of being a threat to freedom.

The hearings were abysmal.

His children had to be escorted from the hearing room because of lunatics who coordinated with Democrat Senators shouting at him, he was set up for a phony photo narrative that he refused to shake the hand of a parent who lost a child at Parkland, he was falsely accused of perjury by multiple Democrat Senators, ethics complaints were filed against him seeking both his impeachment from his current position and to disbar him, there was an attempt to file a private criminal complaint (something that doesn’t actually exist), and Senator Kamala Harris circulated a dishonestly edited video of his testimony.

Democrats, sensing they lost the battle of the hearings, then dropped their post-hearing hand grenade by leaking to the media that Sen. Dianne Feinstein had forwarded to the FBI a secret letter accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault in high school against an unnamed woman at an unnamed time at an unnamed place. The information was in Feinstein’s hands since July, but she only acted after the hearings. Kavanaugh and the male who supposedly was present both categorically deny the event took place.

This is not the least bit comparable to Republicans blocking Merrick Garland. If Democrats had the procedural power to block Kavanaugh without defaming him, so be it. Republicans sought to block Merrick Garland, not destroy him.

What we have is an attempt to dehumanize and delegitimize Kavanaugh in defiance of his demonstrable life of exemplary professional, judicial and community service. This goes far beyond blocking the nomination. They want to strip him of his livelihood, to slander him, to make him regret ever having dared move forward as Donald Trump’s nominee, and to set up a social justice warfare basis to pursue him and hound him for a lifetime, whether on or off the bench.

I wasn’t political during the Clarence Thomas hearings, though I was aware of the hearings. And of course I’ve read about what they did to Robert Bork. Has Kavanaugh been treated worse than Bork and Thomas? Why choose among horribles, they each were the victim of the Democrat judicial nomination playbook.

I still think he’ll get confirmed, though Democrats no doubt have more handgrenades to throw. They are threatening Susan Collins and her staff. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gloria Allred made a cameo appearance at a press conference next week.

Will this harden Kavanaugh in his Supreme Court career?

Harvard Law School constitutional law Professor Adrian Vermeule, joined by Case Western law professor Jonathan Adler, raised that prospect on Twitter:

“The comitragedy is that Senate Democrats might, by their own actions, be turning Kavanaugh into the determined angry partisan they falsely imagined him to be all along.”

“It would speak well of his humanity if it did”

“You’re asking him to be a robot. That’s not how people are – and the Democrats would have been better off taking that into account.”

“Slander has consequences.”

NeverTrump Prof. Tom Nichols raised the same point:

“One other thing: if Kavanaugh wasn’t determined to be the next avenging conservative hardass, I bet he is now.”

I couldn’t blame Kavanaugh if he concluded that the opposition to him was evil, and if he determined to get even.

It’s not his nature, and I doubt he’d do it. He’ll be a dignified and principled Supreme Court Justice. He’ll deal with the slander and smear campaign in the dignified manner that Clarence Thomas did.

That’s the temperament Kavanaugh has exhibited throughout his life on and off the bench.

But just because future Justice Kavanaugh will resist the impulse to get even, doesn’t mean we have to exercise such judicial restraint.

You have seen the ugly face of #TheResistance, and if you think it’s just about a judicial nomination, you haven’t been paying attention. They treated Kavanaugh the way they treat conservatives, Republicans and the deplorables. This isn’t about Brett Kavanaugh.


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