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Branco Cartoon – No You Didn’t

Branco Cartoon – No You Didn’t

Free at last

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Genius! You are always spot on!

GREAT COMIC!!! Really hits the nail on the head. The one thing Obama hates more than anything else is being revealed for the fake hero that he is.

Since Branco has been picked up in wider syndication, this one should cause rending of garments among all the right people!

I can’t wait for Branco’s take on Obama’s “Return to American Values” message. Values like:

1. surrendering American sovereignty,
2. selling out American labor,
3. destroying the American middle class,
4. selling off American government to billionaire globalists,
5. replacing US Constitution with the communist manifesto,
6. adopting vapid diversity as a virtue in itself,

The nothingness of being everything to everybody (except those who actually want to build something that makes freedom possible). I’m waiting for our national anthem to be replaced by “Whatever… This is Who We Are”

Another front runner in the Professor’s Branco CoTY poll.

Spot on as usual! Depicting the real Obama – the guy that takes credit for everything and accepts blame for nothing. Haven’t missed him while he’s been off playing with his rich friends.

smalltownoklahoman | September 10, 2018 at 2:10 pm

Another great one Mr. Branco! Great way to highlight the differences between them!

Every detail is so important in political cartoons, and you consistently nail them.

The irony of this,in NY State as is NJ and Calf., state regulatory taxing and regulations and state employment laws take back and spend up to maintain overt state regulatory controls. Why these three states are losing the very people who pay tax dollars but are dismissed as only that. The voters who vote Republican EVERY TIME not only deal with “You didn’t build it” but “You owe us to be able to operate it” !

If Pres. Trump were not to be in office in 2020, I would love to see him take on the democrats of NY State Albany and NY City which created a Democratic Party which continue to govern by fiat and subscribes to ‘3 men in a room” backdoor government in Albany and Tammany Hall jurisprudence in NY City.

He should have included ObamaCare. It’s been a big millstone around the neck of businesses. I guess “taxes and regulations” sort of cover it, but making it explicit somehow…

In a way, it’s true. Obama was the greatest gun salesman in history. So to he brought us Trump’s economic revival. No Obama, no Trump. Simple as that!