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Donald Trump, Jr.’s Wife Opens Envelope With White Powder, Taken to Hospital

Donald Trump, Jr.’s Wife Opens Envelope With White Powder, Taken to Hospital

Vanessa “was coughing and felt nauseous.”

Donald Trump, Jr.’s wife Vanessa is at a New York City hospital after she opened an envelope with white powder. From ABC7NY:

The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr. and sent to the couple’s apartment on East 54th Street in Manhattan.

His wife, Vanessa, opened the letter just after 10 a.m. She and two other people were decontaminated by firefighters at the scene and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

They appear to be fine, officials said.

Police and Secret Service agents are at the scene investigating.

An updated report from the AP says that “she was coughing and felt nauseous.” So maybe this wasn’t a hoax:

Detectives from the New York Police Department’s intelligence division and Secret Service agents were investigating.

“The Secret Service and our law enforcement partners in New York City are investigating a suspicious package addressed to one of our protectees received today in New York, New York. This is an active investigation and we cannot comment any further,” Secret Service Special Agent Jeffrey Adams said in a statement.


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I saw this on CNN. They were wondering aloud why the Secret Service was not opening their mail for them.

I saw it because I was getting my car repaired. There was a nice-looking black woman there at the time. Soap operas were on, and she asked the rest of the people in the room if she could change the channel. We of course said yes. She asked for, and got the controller. She messed with it a bit and said “There are only 3 channels. I’d rather not have CNN, but I guess that’s better than soap operas!.

I just smiled and said “I hear you!”

If this is not a hoax I hope they identify the deranged person who sent it … and that he resists arrest!

Find the deranged liberal democrat voter that did this and hang them as a warning to all the other deranged liberal democrats out there that are only too happy this happened!!!

What is coming out about the Obama admin and the weaponization of the FBI/DOJ is serious business. If anyone thinks that the Deep State won’t try to kill you to protect themselves, think again. At this point, it’s all they are going to have left.

More leftist tolerance.

Unfortunately this is only the beginning. Over at CTH in the comments section Mossed Israel agents brought in to protect Bill Preistap wife from danger. Serious business! Deep state will stop at nothing to keep the secrets tapped down.

    Oh, is Bill feeling like singing?

      murkyv in reply to Dave. | February 12, 2018 at 8:03 pm

      Maria Bartiromo did a lengthy interview with Nunes over the weekend.

      she was pushing him hard on Priestap, and he was very very cautious about his answers. He kinda left it hanging that there is some crap about to hit the fan.

      theory is, Comey threw Priestap under the bus during his testimony to Congress, and since he is the top one in that “intelligence” loop who still has his job while all of the others have been re-assigned or retired that he may be cooperating with the Intelligence Committee.

      I rarely go to CTH, but Sundance does do a decent job of laying out and citing known facts. He just sometimes gets a bit windy in his conclusions.

      There are a couple here that just HATE him, even though the site is often linked in the sidebar (blogs I read) right here on LI.

        murkyv in reply to murkyv. | February 12, 2018 at 8:08 pm

        Ya know…scratch that last line.

        even though the site is often linked in the sidebar (blogs I read) right here on LI.

        It is Gateway Pundit linked, which is hated by the same ones almost as much as they hate CTH..

        I rarely go there either.

          Ragspierre in reply to murkyv. | February 12, 2018 at 9:07 pm

          Hate? Who doesn’t love a clown…??? Or a cartoon…???

          Cite to to a Gateway Pundit story that was wrong.

          Then compare to the Ny times rate of fake stories.

          You’d be more informed reading TGP.

          Milhouse in reply to murkyv. | February 13, 2018 at 10:42 am

          Do you really want to go there? Let’s start with his repeated insistence, with absolute certainty, that Darren Wilson suffered an orbital blowout fracture of the eye socket. He even forged a CT scan to back up his claim.

    Chalmers Tekniska Högskola?

An absolutely amazing lack of security.
The Donald’s retribution is coming.

I feel a great disturbance in the intertubes, as if millions of Democrats all cried out at once and creamed their underwear.

This cold war needs to go hot, and soon. It’s like we have a rattlesnake in our camp and we are waiting until it bites someone before doing anything about it.

Does that seem right to you? – Firefly

Again, we didn’t have this nonsense in my alternate timeline. The day after Democrats orovoked one of their village idiots to shoot up the GOP softball practice, Chelsea Clinton was found hanging from a highway overpass.

In the middle of her funeral, a large asteroid impacted and incinerated all the attendees.

It was a tragic week, but the Democrats never resorted to violence again.

I know, I know, you think that’s deplorable. But what’s really deplorable is that otherwise good and strong people like yourselves allowed a Marxist professor to beat your brothers and sisters over the head with a bicycle lock. And the bastard is still alive.

I don’t understand why you won’t mount up. What is it going to take?

Prof: All things considered, you were right Fen. We should have hauled every Marxist out into the street and shot them dead.

Fen: Meh. Hindsight 29/20 and all. No worries. Now we have the privilege of building more character. Hey, I’ll trade you my camo blanket for your tin of coffee beans? Deal?