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NY Man Arrested After Threatening To Kill Trump Supporters at Republican Congressman’s Campaign HQ

NY Man Arrested After Threatening To Kill Trump Supporters at Republican Congressman’s Campaign HQ

Rep Zeldin: “In the US, political scores are settled at the ballot box, not by trying to kill your political opponents.”

via Suffolk County PD and

A 75-year-old man has been arrested for threatening to kill President Trump supporters, including those of GOP Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY).

The man, Martin Astrof, showed up at Zeldin’s campaign headquarters in Long Island and threatened to kill a volunteer there as well as other supporters of Trump and Zeldin before nearly hitting the volunteer with his car.

Astrof was later arrested at his home and has been charged with making terroristic threats and reckless endangerment.

The New York Post reports:

A Long Island man was arrested Friday for threatening to kill supporters of President Donald Trump and Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin – then nearly hitting a Zeldin campaign staffer with his car, according to Suffolk County police. It was the latest in a string of attacks against the administration and its allies.

Martin Astrof, 75, of Nesconset, “became irate” at the Suffolk County campaign headquarters of Rep. Lee Zeldin at 11:15 a.m. Friday, local police said.

He threatened to kill a campaign worker, as well as other Zeldin and Trump supporters – then “backed his car up in an aggressive manner nearly striking the worker,” according to authorities.

Astrof fled the scene and was arrested at his home Friday afternoon. He was expected to be arraigned Saturday on a felony charge of making a terroristic threat, and on second-degree reckless endangerment charges.

Representative Zeldin identified the campaign worker as Donato Panico and Astrof as a “NY-1 Dem.”

Fox News reports:

Astrof had driven to the Nesconset, N.Y., campaign office of U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, and become “irate with a campaign worker” and threatened to kill him and Trump supporters, police said.

Authorities said that after making the threats, Astrof backed his car up in an “aggressive manner,” nearly striking the worker before driving home.

. . . .  Zeldin identified the campaign worker as Donato Panico, a deli owner who helped feed first responders after the attacks of 9/11 and was given an American flag flown near ground zero as thanks.

The congressman, who is running for re-election in New York’s 1st Congressional District, presented the flag to President Trump at Panico’s request.

Zeldin notes that “In the US, political scores are settled at the ballot box, not by trying to kill your political opponents.”


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Expect this to disappear very quickly from the headlines.

Compare and contrast to Charlottesville!

4th armored div | July 7, 2018 at 7:01 pm

Max(ine) belongs at SuperMax for inciting violence in the USA.

The Shtumer Schumer and Pelosi of the PullUp Brigade need sanity tests.

    Milhouse in reply to 4th armored div. | July 8, 2018 at 3:30 am

    She did not incite violence; she didn’t even invite it. There is nothing to lock her up for (except her financial shenanigans, for which her defense would be that she’s too stupid to understand them).

      bour3 in reply to Milhouse. | July 9, 2018 at 10:54 am

      She has incited violence, and she did invite it. Let’s argue about this all day as you parse precisely with tweezers and microscope the language broadcast to worked up crackpots eager for a reason to get physical.

75 years old? That’s just sad. No more car keys for you, grandad.

Can you believe this geriatric nutcase? Nothing surprises me any more. Grow up? Never!

This is what happens when you have politicians who say bring a gun to a knife fight, harass them where ever they are let them know they are not welcome anywhere, when you have political leaders who stay silent as these acts of violence and hate are done because of politics.

People have become horrible. You can’t drive anymore without encountering someone who seems to think the road rule only are what they say they are, and traffic lights or stop signs are optional. Narcissism is running ever higher since Duh One was in office, who was the epitome of narcissism. And seeing how Hillary and Bubba got away with doing whatever crimes they wanted, these small minded, egotistical fools believe they can too.

Social media has been creating little monsters who hide behind keyboards, then start bringing those lack of social graces out with them.

The only saving grace is they abort more than they breed, though murdering the children is now some kind of twisted virtue. We have devalued life, yet elevated animal life to be greater than human life. Well, given actions like this turd old man, they might have a limited point.

Another embittered, rotting fruit from the Leftist Tree of Hate.

With Dumb-o-crat pols and their obsequious media allies beating the drum, daily, for Trump’s assassination, and, advocating violence and harassment against his supporters, it’s predictable that a motley assortment of Leftist zealots, loners, losers and/or, the mentally ill, have been successfully goaded into attacking conservative pols and citizens.

The Dumbs represent the party of brazen and gleeful lawlessness, disorder and Party-sanctioned, brownshirted, jackbooted “activism,” which is how the Dumbs are content to describe the activities of hooded, weapon-carrying, violence-instigating Leftist goons, apparently.

The first Project Veritas video shows staff admitting Hillary paid for training the homeless, the elderly infirm and the handicapped to start violent fights at Trump rallies as part of a criminal organization of political terrorism.

Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies
specific quote at 13:55-14:40

The culture of violence and slander was so strong in the DNC and Hillary campaign that a person of substance in the campaign had no trouble slandering Republicans generally as *”murderers”* in addition to the sensational racist slur against black Republicans.

It seems plain enough that the Clinton Campaign never ended. We’ve had an FBI agent talking about “insurance” in cast Trump won, and we have a Special Counsel pursuing moon beams for well over a year. So, the next question is, was this man really acting alone? Was he paid or manipulated into this performing for this incident?

Hmmm. Arrested for terroristic threats and reckless endangerment. Sounds pretty generic.

Sorry, without more detail, it’s hard to see a whole lot here. Some peevish old fart makes some sort of threats, but they’re not quoted. Was it a generic “I’ll kill you people”? That’s a standard pleasantry nowadays. I’ve trained myself not to use it, since people who don’t know me but know that I own guns and swords and chainsaws and such might conceivably think I’m serious. But loads of people say such stuff every day, and it’s generally inconsequential. And I’d have to know a lot more about “nearly hitting a volunteer with his car” before getting all torqued up. People “nearly hit” pedestrians every day. Hell, a car missed me last night by a mere four feet!!!—I was on the sidewalk, and he was in the road. Hard to get excited about it.

    Milhouse in reply to tom_swift. | July 8, 2018 at 3:39 am

    Most crimes are pretty generic. Making a threat in a way that a reasonable person would take seriously is a crime. Aiming a weapon (e.g. a car) at someone in a way that puts them in reasonable fear of being imminently injured is assault.

Probably another lunatic ‘inspired by moooochelle obama.’

May the karma come back and hit her 10x.

Dementia can do that to you.

Go pound sand, little man.

You don’t deserve the courtesy or respect granted to normal people who post here in good faith.

You’re just a pathetic little troll. Whine harder bitch.

    Fen in reply to Fen. | July 7, 2018 at 11:40 pm

    Rags: “coward”

    Hey, keyboard commando, I’m from Texas you moron. And I’ll be in Austin visiting friends this summer.

    So how about we meet for coffee? No? I’ll do a special YouTube for everyone here at LI. You can show us what a Tough Guy you really are. LOL.

    Fen in reply to Fen. | July 8, 2018 at 12:29 am

    Heh. You’re the one dodging. Talk tough and then cower. Meet next for drinks when I come to Austin. What are you afraid of tough guy?

    Hey Fen….

    You and Ragspierre meeting for coffee would be quite the event.

    I’m thinking…PAY-PER-VIEW!!!!!

These kind of people do not concern me too much. It is the person who makes no verbal or public threat at all, who simply show up and produces a weapon, probably a high capacity firearm and simply starts killing people.

There are threats and, then, there are THREATS.

Gee… how many of these kinds of stories have we had in just the last SEVEN DAYS? The libs seem to have a real problem and they don’t know with whom they are dealing. I don’t have a MAGA hat but might get a MAGA T-shirt. Let a lib scum mess with me. I have been flipped off on the fricken freeway for having a Bush bumper sticker. These days you can’t even weat a T-shirt or hat without thinking that some moron on the left will become unhinged. Bring it on, dip shytes…… I am sick and tired of being called every name in the book when it is the other side that is a bunch of violent bigots.


And I can see Milhouse riding shotgun!!


    Milhouse in reply to franker. | July 8, 2018 at 3:33 am

    Rags is telling the truth. Fen is on record here frequently fantasizing about murdering people, including children. He’s the last person who can criticize this person.

      Fen in reply to Milhouse. | July 8, 2018 at 4:43 am

      That’s a lie Milhouse, you of all people should know better. I’ve made colorful remarks to drive home a point, and I’ve stated that people who operate outside the law shouldn’t be protected by the law, and that those who target family members are putting their own loved ones on the table.

      That’s it. And you, with your typical weaselness, have distorted that, taken it out of context to falsely malign me. All over some petty grudge you are still nursing because I called you out on your situational ethics.

      Shame on you Milhouse.

      Milhouse in reply to Milhouse. | July 9, 2018 at 2:51 am

      Sigh. The two of you seem like little children when you get at each other like this. Rags is worse than Fuzzy, but he did originally have a valid point, which Fuzzy dismissed.

      On the instant matter, Fuzzy, Rags is correct that you have the means at your fingertips to “dispel your ignorance” as he puts it. You have access to every comment Fen has made, and to every comment Rags has made. The way I would go about it, if I had such access, would be to search for comments by Rags, in response to Fen, which contain the string “murder”, and for each of them then call up the immediately previous comment. You should find the relevant ones fairly quickly.

      As I recall it Fen did not make any “true threats”, as the law puts it. Everything I recall him writing is protected from government action by the first amendment, and I would oppose any attempt to use the law against him. But Rags’s description is accurate, and I believe such comments have no place on a private blog.

        Oh whatever, Milhouse. This is just a big yawn right now. If you and Rags can accuse someone of making death threats against people, including children, but can’t provide a link to back it up, that’s not my problem. Don’t make claims you can’t support. Easy-peasey.

        Everyone here is very clear about who is making unfounded accusations and uttering wild smears against others without any evidence at all. I think that my point is made.

      Milhouse in reply to Milhouse. | July 9, 2018 at 2:56 am

      Rags, I don’t even remember how this fight between you started; I wonder whether either of you remember. I do remember thinking that you originally had a valid point, but that you took it way too far, and attributed bad faith to Fuzzy without adequate grounds.

      Fuzzy, I seem to recall Rags originally having a valid point which you dismissed too easily, though I can’t recall what it was. But rather than reason with you he quickly decided you were evil rather than merely mistaken, and you retaliated in kind, and it spiraled from there.

        Oh who knows? I’m fine with taking the blame for the start of the bad feelings between me and Rags. I really don’t think about it when I’m not at LI, so it’s hard to drum up much give a damn. I guess that at some point I must have said something that ticked him off or maybe I too easily dismissed some important point he made (as you suggest), but who knows? Maybe it was just one of those things? I dunno. Something happened, I guess.

        Yikes, I can’t really think of a thing to say; I guess I just don’t really care about it that much.

      Barry in reply to Milhouse. | July 9, 2018 at 8:35 pm

      Rags wished for Trump to die in an airplane crash.

      Rags tries to tar others with his made up BS. Milhouse just follows his nevertrump leader.

      Although, to his credit, MH did say he might vote Trump should shrillary run again.

Bernie bros are old, white men. Funny that such a hated group among Democrats is carrying so much of their water.

lostinlodos | July 8, 2018 at 4:37 pm

Wait. Are we sure he didn’t just put the car in the wrong gear and mistake the accelerator for the break?!?