We’ve been documenting the harassment of people within President Donald Trump’s administration and the government over immigration.

Looks like the list has expanded because vandals smashed the GOP’s office in Nebraska and spray painted ABOLISH ICE on the sidewalk.

From The Associated Press:

Someone threw bricks through the Nebraska Republican Party’s office windows in Lincoln and spray-painted “ABOLISH ICE” on a sidewalk in front of the building, party officials said Tuesday.

Executive Director Kenny Zoeller said the vandalism happened between midnight and 3 a.m. at the party’s downtown office, three blocks from the state Capitol.

The vandals caused approximately $1,200 in damage, according to a Lincoln police report. One brick smashed all the way through a front window, and another shattered one pane of a second window’s double-paned glass. A newspaper carrier discovered the damage shortly after 3 a.m. and called authorities, police said.

Zoeller said someone also spray-painted the word “Resist” on the party’s front windows in December. He said his office frequently receives threats of violence, particularly in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election and the heated national rhetoric that followed.

“I really wish I could tell you I’m surprised by this, but I’m not,” Zoeller said.

Zoeller told the media that GOP activists have started to donate money to help cover the repairs “and plan to use the incident in a fundraising pitch.”

10/11 Now reported these statements from local officials:

Chief Bliemeister:
“The Lincoln Police Department is investigating the vandalism that occurred at the Nebraska Republican Party office. Every criminal investigation deserves our best efforts and this incident is no different. Officers canvassed the area for witnesses, processed the scene for evidence, and are collaborating with nearby businesses for video surveillance. Investigators are following up on all leads, including tips from citizens. As with any incident, the Lincoln Police Department is responsible for serving victims of crimes, conducting follow-up investigations, and ultimately, resolving the case to the best of our law enforcement abilities. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Lincoln Police Department at 402.441.6000 or Lincoln Crimestoppers at 402.475.3600.”

Mayor Beutler:
“An act of vandalism committed because of political disagreement is reprehensible and should never be tolerated. That’s why the vandalism that occurred at the Republican Party Headquarters should be condemned by all. It is insulting to suggest that Lincoln police officers would ever put politics above their job to protect and serve our community. Our Administration has consistently demonstrated that the safety of all residents is our top priority. J.L. Spray shouldn’t be exploiting this issue to further divide us, he should using it unite us behind the cause of political civility.”

The Nebraska Democratic Party somewhat condemned the attack:

“We understand how frightening it is right now to be working in politics where people are resorting to violence, racism and other divisive rhetoric,” said Jane Kleeb, the party’s chairwoman. “Our workplaces and homes are meant to be safe places where we pursue our goals and dreams.”

Rep. Maxine Waters called on for those in “The Resistance” to confront Trump officials, but like I said before, the left has targeted others. A DC socialist group chased DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a restaurant and then confronted her at her private residence.

A website doxed Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller when it posted his phone number. Protestors then surrounded Miller’s apartment.

Actor Peter Fonda demanded someone rip Barron Trump from Melania Trump’s arms and thrown him in a cage full of pedophiles.

A restaurant owner kicked out Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family. That same owner then stalked Sanders and her family to another restaurant and started a protest!

Protestors accosted Florida AG Pam Bondi at a Tampa movie theater.

Protestors tried to harass Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), but his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, was not having any of their crap!

Authorities arrested a man who allegedly threatened to kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s family.

Authorities also arrested a man who allegedly threatened to chop up Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his family with an ax.

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