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Yale SJW Student to Professor: “I want your job to be taken from you.”

Yale SJW Student to Professor: “I want your job to be taken from you.”

What happened at Yale last fall is worse than anyone realizes.

Last fall at Yale University, an administrator and professor named Nicholas Christakis, Master of Silliman College at Yale was confronted by a mob of angry students over a nontroversy regarding Halloween costumes and cultural appropriation. Christakis and his wife, who also worked at the school, ultimately resigned over this.

We covered the story, see here and here.

New videos of the confrontation have been posted online by Tablet Magazine which shed new light on the situation. It was much worse than anyone knew.

Here’s an excerpt from Tablet’s report:

New Videos Show How Yale Betrayed Itself By Favoring Cry-Bullies

What these videos show is that, far from being some sort of outlier among the protesting Yalies, the childish hysteria displayed by the shrieking student in the original video was only slightly more intemperate than the behavior of her peers; indeed, another student (at around 3:00 in Part IV) can be seen calling Christakis “disgusting” to his face just moments before the young woman who became infamous across the country and around the world screamed the same thing.

Nor are Yalies outliers among college students nationally. A recent Knight Foundation survey on campus attitudes to free speech finds that the kids are anything but all right: 27 percent of college students believe administrations should restrict “offensive” political speech, 63 percent favor schools banning costumes, and half believe that news reporting on campus protests should be prohibited. Another poll conducted last year, meanwhile, found that more than half of all students nationwide support campus speech codes.

In the video clip below, a student angrily tells Christakis that free speech is someone else talking and him listening, which is another way of saying shut up. She also tells him that she wants his job taken from him.

Her exact words are:

“Do not interrupt me. I was not angry and now I want your job to be taken from you. I don’t want you to have this job. I am disgusted knowing that you work at Yale University, where I will get my degree…

Sir, you do not want to play this game with me, OK? Understand that. Look me in my face first of all, and understand that you are such a disappointment to this university…

You want free speech? Here’s how it works. Someone speaks, you listen.”

This footage is nothing short of stunning. It’s cued to start at the 3:50 mark, just push play.

Did you notice the woman being hugged in the background by another student? She was crying in an earlier video.

These are not rational adults. They’re coddled babies. This new footage also illustrates what’s really behind all the campus protest culture we’ve seen in recent years. Power.

It’s about the power to shut up anyone who disagrees with them, the power to take anyone’s job, shut down any program they don’t like, speech they don’t like, etc.

When Yale capitulated to the angry mob and let Christakis resign over this, it just emboldened the mob which now knows it has the power to fire people.

Is it any wonder why no one stands up to students like these?

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Was at a college night this week and a mom was asking about Ivies – told her they are not teaching ‘seek the truth’ and she should be wary of sending her child to a school if (s)he was susceptible to be brainwashed…case in point – look at all the head-nodding lemmings at ‘Yale’ – the University of the World, not the US…

I never tire of the left eating themselves.

Any other Ivy oldsters out there remember when students in lecture hall in the late ’60s and early ’70s would loudly *hiss* whenever their professors said anything remotely politically incorrect? Any of you *also* remember those students *never* being disciplined for their disgusting behavior?

Well, this is what you get 45 years later: students hissing professors, *on steroids*.

I am so ready for their “revolution”………I realize the “Revolution” will not be televised, I know that it will not have a soundtrack, I do know that it will last about ten minutes.

buckeyeminuteman | September 14, 2016 at 7:43 am

She goes to Yale therefore she needs to check HER privilege.

    When they finally face reality, their heads will explode.

      Anonamom in reply to Paul. | September 14, 2016 at 8:46 am

      The problem is that many of them will never have to face what most normal people consider to be reality. Yale graduates will go on to higher degrees and/or cushy jobs in large corporations or government – bureaucracies that are beginning to look more and more like universities when you look at their policies.

      The divide between the elites and the producing class is becoming a chasm. It does not bode well for social stability.

Ya know……nothing says “oppression” like a black woman attending an Ivy League school!

This is the inevitable outcome of the gradual conquest of the academy by the radical left. Having purged the institutions of nearly all conservative, traditionalist, and even moderate or merely liberal voices, they are left to devour each other.

The same will happen to the remnants of FDR’s vaunted “Democratic coalition” of competing special interests as the welfare state bankrupts itself. Unfortunately, the devastating coincidental social and economic costs will make this less enjoyable to watch.

    Ragspierre in reply to Estragon. | September 14, 2016 at 8:18 am

    It’s axiomatic: conservatives like people. We believe in people, and want the best for everyone.

    People like Cloward and Piven are delighted to use people as pawns in creating…quite deliberately…mass misery.

    Conservatives might take some grim satisfaction is seeing the inevitable effects coming from causes, but we’ll still feel for the human misery that comes with it.

    Just as we do every day.

      casualobserver in reply to Ragspierre. | September 14, 2016 at 9:53 am

      You can sum up the motives and methods of the modern progressives with one of their cherished phrases: “Greater good”.

      While sometimes complicated, using all kinds of “nuance” and “subtle” logic, they will ultimately rationalize everything this way. That includes throwing a few under the bus. Those who know better, the “smarter people” only have the best interest of society in their “hearts” and it is all channeled through the “greater good” mentality. A prime example is how the most common defense of programs that explode in funding but shrink in effect is to highlight the suffering of the few who benefit.

Bitterlyclinging | September 14, 2016 at 8:16 am

“Freedom is not free. The roots of the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed periodically by the blood of patriots”

My job in science (research not teaching) means that these are the typical types of people I meet. Not because other scientists are crazy, but because we share a university campus with all the all the humanities/social-sciences “studies” departments, and they make their presence felt. I know that most Americans aren’t this crazy, but I can’t say so from personal experience.

    healthguyfsu in reply to M.K.. | September 14, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    I’m on the teaching side…it’s no different in my realm and probably worse. Your side is magnifying a mole hill to clamor for money while my side is magnifying it to convert believers to their faith. I’m not sure which is worse actually.

IMO people like the Prof do a disservice to society by trying to interact with people like this as if they are civilized. They are not and deserve being responded to clearly and with disdain.

When she went into her tirade about what she thinks is “free speech” that was the moment he should have explained reality to her and walked away.

There was a time when young people, for the most part, matured into reasonably responsible adults at a fairly young age. That time is long since gone and the primary reason is our education system. There are exceptions, of course, but it looks like most college students regress during their college years. It is an indictment of our higher education system, but those involved are far more concerned with churning out Leftists than self-reliant, mature adults capable of standing on their won two feet.

Just remember, the educational system is creating an exponentially larger number of “children” of adult age that believe and behave like this. Don’t be surprised if they enter the workforce with the same “fundamentally change the culture” mindset with respect to their twisted and confused view of “rights” being equivalent to feelings. Expect a lot of companies to come under pressure from the inside for all kinds of SJW issues.

Just my opinion, but I think that’s the reason organizations already are jumping on SJW causes even now. Perhaps their counsel is telling them this is the safer route. But with Target taking now regrettable positions on bathrooms (good grief) and with sports organizations like the NCAA boycotting states for their laws (NC), the trend is clear. All that remains to predict is how far it will go.

    And some places of business have no tolerance for the “change the culture” types.

      MarkSmith in reply to p1cunnin. | September 14, 2016 at 12:10 pm

      Welcome to the new world order – Spoil Brat.

      Interns, like new hires can be fired by whim. Organizing a group and petition on Corporate policy you don’t like spells trouble maker.
      I’m guessing that a lot was left out of the interns whine. Things like “That person has foot problems” and “We went ahead and wore Nikes”.

    “All that remains to predict is how far it will go.”
    Until it affects the bottom line = $$
    Once that happens these special snowflakes will be in the unemployment line with tears in their eyes wondering what happened.

      Wouldn’t count on that, because we now have a legal system set up to make them too expensive to get rid of.

      Concrete example, couple years ago, I was working on a project with a female consultant. She wasn’t doing her job, not showing up, padding her expense report by $500 a week. Wheen she heard that the project manager was investigating her expense reports, she filed a complaint with HR alleging “sexist remarks contributing to a hostile environment.”

      Boom. Project manager was told to drop it because she could use it to claim “retaliation” if they pursued it. She’s still employed.

I considered Yale the less liberal of the bunch, but I guess it is a turning point for them. This fits in to the talking point of micro aggression. Now they just let the computers teach, so the liberal profs are going the way of the dinosaur and just becoming babysitters.

Liberals have overrated the college education value. I know several people that never went to college that are very successful business people. Since I paid my way, I really felt robbed. I bet my investment would have given me far great return if I would have bought property instead. It took me 10 years to work my way through.

I had to take so many stupid fluff classes that added zero value to my career, that I feel was extorted and my college will never get any more money from me unless they field a good football team . College is just a postponement for many to become real adults. I say egg these agitators on, for they will collapse the liberal establish to its ture form, a money sucking liberal welfare system.

Once that mouthy student in the video gets out in the world, she’s going to learn the meaning of “karma”.

It is frightening to think that my children or grandchildren will probably be dictated to by this Yale woman.

She will either get a corporate position (on merit, of course) or more likely become a judge or other governmental official with direct control of their lives.


How does one glue a snowflake together?

Snowflakes, or Red Guards?

If other nations are paying attention, they’ll realize that it will become pointless for them to have nukes. For the day shall surely come when all they’ll have to do is sneak up behind us and yell, “Boo!” We’ll fold in short order.

Almost makes me want a universal draft at 18. Those who don’t volunteer for the military can go into labor battalions to build a barrier with Mexico. Pick and shovel work. After 4 years of that they might be adult enough to go to college.

Just a fantasy…

If you’re a white who lives around inner city blacks, you recognize this angry black female ‘tude. The problem is that it has now been legitimized as moral grievance when it is not.