Last fall at Yale University, an administrator and professor named Nicholas Christakis, Master of Silliman College at Yale was confronted by a mob of angry students over a nontroversy regarding Halloween costumes and cultural appropriation. Christakis and his wife, who also worked at the school, ultimately resigned over this.

We covered the story, see here and here.

New videos of the confrontation have been posted online by Tablet Magazine which shed new light on the situation. It was much worse than anyone knew.

Here’s an excerpt from Tablet’s report:

New Videos Show How Yale Betrayed Itself By Favoring Cry-Bullies

What these videos show is that, far from being some sort of outlier among the protesting Yalies, the childish hysteria displayed by the shrieking student in the original video was only slightly more intemperate than the behavior of her peers; indeed, another student (at around 3:00 in Part IV) can be seen calling Christakis “disgusting” to his face just moments before the young woman who became infamous across the country and around the world screamed the same thing.

Nor are Yalies outliers among college students nationally. A recent Knight Foundation survey on campus attitudes to free speech finds that the kids are anything but all right: 27 percent of college students believe administrations should restrict “offensive” political speech, 63 percent favor schools banning costumes, and half believe that news reporting on campus protests should be prohibited. Another poll conducted last year, meanwhile, found that more than half of all students nationwide support campus speech codes.

In the video clip below, a student angrily tells Christakis that free speech is someone else talking and him listening, which is another way of saying shut up. She also tells him that she wants his job taken from him.

Her exact words are:

“Do not interrupt me. I was not angry and now I want your job to be taken from you. I don’t want you to have this job. I am disgusted knowing that you work at Yale University, where I will get my degree…

Sir, you do not want to play this game with me, OK? Understand that. Look me in my face first of all, and understand that you are such a disappointment to this university…

You want free speech? Here’s how it works. Someone speaks, you listen.”

This footage is nothing short of stunning. It’s cued to start at the 3:50 mark, just push play.

Did you notice the woman being hugged in the background by another student? She was crying in an earlier video.

These are not rational adults. They’re coddled babies. This new footage also illustrates what’s really behind all the campus protest culture we’ve seen in recent years. Power.

It’s about the power to shut up anyone who disagrees with them, the power to take anyone’s job, shut down any program they don’t like, speech they don’t like, etc.

When Yale capitulated to the angry mob and let Christakis resign over this, it just emboldened the mob which now knows it has the power to fire people.

Is it any wonder why no one stands up to students like these?

Featured image via YouTube.


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