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#TheChalkening – Students for Trump troll campuses

#TheChalkening – Students for Trump troll campuses

Tender snowflakes melt.

Thanks in large part to the Emory University students who pathetically panicked after seeing pro-Trump messages written in chalk on campus sidewalks, pro-Trump messages are now appearing on other college campuses.

The whole thing is going viral on Twitter under the hashtag #TheChalkening.

Here are some choice examples:

It looks like Trump panic on campus has backfired. Good.

Featured image is a screen cap from Twitter.


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It isn’t just “pro-T-rump” students, but students of all stripes who just won’t put up with the whining and intolerance of their crybully peers.

T-rump is merely the deflection point.

Poor GOP Establishment… what have they now spent in total to protect their little kingdom from voters fed up with their crap? $200,000,000?

There’s a cool rebellious factor with Trump that hasn’t ever been there for another Republican candidate in my lifetime.

    Ragspierre in reply to rotten. | April 2, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    Totally overlooking that other hip, now, edgy cool guy…Bernie Sanders.

    Strange. Both old, Collectivist, anti-Constitution, anti-market guys.

    Soooooo in keeping with the stupid millennials and the ignorant. But, hey, Obama was elected twice…

I retweeted every single one of the tweets in this post right off the the post page. Thanks, Legal Insurrection!

Lotsa folks are now busy on Twitter retweeting those retweets.


I missed yesterday’s #TheChalkening Storm due to a heavy schedule offline.

It’s just as powerful today as it was yesterday!

Something tells me that there is one person here that isn’t all that fond of Don. I’m enjoying his show, although I know that it will be Cruz and wouldn’t it be awesome if Louie Gohmert were tapped as veep?

“The Chalkening? Really?

If that name sticks, the Trumpkins will win the Internet.

The little snowflakes don’t know how to use the English language or are delusional or lying.

Feeling threatened by a name? They need to be rounded up and put in playpens for their own good.

Not even Obama with his calls for redistributive change, class diversity, selective exclusion (“=”), mass immigration, progressive devaluation of capital and labor, pro-choice religion, etc. inspired such an exquisite phobia.