Concepts like safe spaces and microaggressions are so ridiculous that it’s easy to forget that there are people who take them seriously. Really seriously.

Case in point: Young Americans for Freedom recently held a meeting at the University of Kansas and some social justice warriors showed up. You can probably imagine how things went.

Heat Street reports:

Wow: Students Scream, Swear at U of Kansas Classmates for Questioning Safe Spaces

Students from the University of Kansas’ Young America’s Foundation just learned the hard way that those who advocate for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” for themselves aren’t as courteous about other people’s feelings.

Thursday night, the University of Kansas YAF asked students who supported “safe spaces” to debate the topic, politely, with several young conservative KU YAF members. The event, called “Stand with Me” was in response to a video (and poem!) posted by transgender student Micha Cox, who claimed to have been harassed and berated as she was walking across campus.

YAF had anticipated some protests, but what they got was a complete meltdown, clearly inspired by Trigglypuff. A group of social justice warriors invaded the meeting, screaming obscenities, verbally abusing the YAF students, calling them “racist” and “white supremacist,” lecturing students about their “white privilege” and even berating the students for holding the event.

At the meeting’s most volatile point, an African-American female student — believed to be student Trinity Carpenter — can be seen screaming at the YAF students about “institutional racism,” accusing them of spreading “hatred,” and blames them for benefiting from the practice of slavery.

She then forcefully implies that all of civilization is a white social construct designed to oppress her, specifically, and accuses a YAF member who stops interacting with her of exhibiting “white fragility.”

Be warned. The video is filled with four-letter words:

The Washington Times outlines my favorite moment of the exchange:

The conservative group is also repeatedly condemned for not calling a transgender student by the proper pronouns.

“My pronouns are ‘they’!” the transgender student cries at one point. “So from now on, when you refer to ‘them,’ use ‘they’ and ‘their,’ because we’ve shown you the respect to refer to you by your name. So from now on you will refer to them as ‘they,’ because that is the appropriate thing to do when you are above the age of [expletive] 12.”

When one conservative student casually refers to his antagonists as “you guys,” the entire room goes crazy.

“Do not call us you guys!” one student shouts. “That is a microaggression!”

You can’t reason with people who aren’t rational.

Why bother trying?

Featured image via YouTube.


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