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Unhinged Progressives Week in Higher Education

Unhinged Progressives Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

We tend to think of safe spaces and other progressive concepts as a joke but no one on the left is laughing. In fact, they’re freaking out.

Conservative students get no concessions.

Black Lives Matter on the other hand…

Trump on campus.

Hillary on campus.

Jeb! on campus!

Women’s Studies.

Told ya.

The end.


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High School Grades and SAT. No more affirmative action for diversity. These people are not college material. Let’s educate the people who can take advantage of the opportunity and contribute to our society. These people who can’t do are interfering with the students that can do.

AmericaBeautiful | October 1, 2016 at 11:21 am

In the ’70’s it was taught that expressing your anger would hep you conquer it. Research has shown just the opposite. Same thing happening here with these tantruming children. They should just be ignored.

These are the left’s Brownshirts, funded by the US government under America’s malignant horse’s ass, Barack Hussein Obama, enabled by the Crying Boehners.

This poor little snowflake, she thinks that, because someone in her dim past may (or may not) have been slaves it is wrong for her to be charged money to go to college? Let’s noodle this one out for just a minute:
a. Can she prove any of her ancestors were slaves?
b. Is she getting any support, such as Affirmative Action, PELL Grants or In-State Tuition?
c. What is her GPA? What is her class load?
d. She doesn’t want to cross paths with a white student, should all such students be banned from campus? What about professors?

So sad.