Things at Cornell must be pretty good if this is the most pressing issue facing the student assembly. It’s likely more of trendy thing. Brown University did the same thing, recently.

The Cornell Daily Sun reports:

S.A. ‘Free Tampon’ Referendum Passes With Overwhelming Support

Garnering 3,034 student votes — with 78.6 percent of all participants voting in favor — referendum 30, which plans to make feminine sanitary products available for free in all campus bathrooms, was passed by the Student Assembly on Tuesday afternoon.

Slightly more than 26 percent of the 14,622 undergraduate students eligible participated in the referendum vote — 16.3 percent voted against and five percent submitted a blank answer. The referendum was placed on the S.A. election ballot last week after garnering sufficient signatures in an earlier campaign.

The proposal was introduced a week following Brown University’s announcement that it will supply tampons and sanitary products free of charge in every gender’s non-residential bathrooms on campus.

Matthew Indimine ’18, S.A. executive vice president, expressed his excitement for student support of the referendum.

“This referendum shows that there truly is overwhelming support for this,” he said. “Three thousand and thirty four students voted in favor of passing an initiative towards gender equity. I’m excited for the next steps, and hope that this momentum continues.”


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