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UW Madison Cuts Student Workers’ Hours Over Obamacare

UW Madison Cuts Student Workers’ Hours Over Obamacare

Unintended consequences.

During the so-called “national debate” over Obamacare, countless people warned that this could happen but no one wanted to hear it. Now it’s a reality. How many of these students do you think voted for Obama?

The Cap Times reports:

UW-Madison cuts student workers’ hours, citing Affordable Care Act

UW-Madison is cutting the work week of its student employees to no more than 29 hours to conform to requirements of the Affordable Care Act, a move some student workers say will make it harder for them to stay in school.

“With less hours, many students will have to juggle two jobs, and that will definitely hurt academic success,” undergraduate student worker Reid Kurkerewicz said in comments provided by the Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC).

“UW-Madison student workers would love to work less hours so they can put their academics first, but Chancellor Blank refuses to pay a living wage, making that impossible for many working class students,” said Jia Gonitzke, an undergraduate student worker.

Student leaders at SLAC, whose mission is to engage students in labor issues, say they are concerned that not only student workers, but other limited term employees of the UW-Madison will see cuts to their hours so that the university doesn’t have to offer them health insurance.


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So, rather than admit you got screwed by Obamacare like millions of others, you blame it on the Chancellor for “not paying a living wage.”? They’re students. Nobody is going to pay them a “living wage”. It’s not an employer’s responsibility to pay a “living wage”. It’s the employee’s responsibility to EARN a “living wage”. They might have to get multiple jobs in order to earn a “living wage” and still have to pay for Obamacare out of their own pocket. You supported it, you live with it. Next time, read the bill before you support the bill.

Welcome to the real world, cupcakes. It doesn’t get any better as an adult ~

Welcome to the land of consequences in the real world.

“With less hours….”
That should be, “With fewer hours….” but apparently standard English is racist or a micro-aggression or optional at UW-Madison.

Good. Time for payback.