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Reed College Students Stage Walkout in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

Reed College Students Stage Walkout in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

“Racist, classist systems.”

An actor named Isaiah Washington has proposed a national day of boycott which is what inspired the walkout and march at Reed College.

KATU News reports:

Students hold demonstration on Reed College campus for ‘National Day of Boycott’

PORTLAND, Ore. — Hundreds of students and staff walked out of class and marched across Reed College Monday for the National Day of Boycott, carrying signs and raising a chant as they streamed across the quad.

Organizers said the boycott is to “stand in solidarity of the black and brown students” at the college.

The National Day of Boycott is a call to action from actor Isaiah Washington who suggests the African American community pick a day (September 26) to boycott their place of work and government institutions to demonstrate how Black Lives Matter.

Reed students behind Monday’s boycott said their absence from class was to show their refusal to participate in institutions that “fail to address their compliance and perpetuation of racist, classist systems.”

Organizers said they were fed up with the college administration not doing enough about the black student retention rate, which they said is at about 50 percent. And they said the school lacks diversity among faculty.

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Colleges have become the new Kindergartens.

    No, even in Kindergarten, when we misbehaved like that we were made to stand in the corner and our parents had a note sent home with us. (afterwards, we *had* to stand instead of sitting down for a while)

Anyone who did this in any of my classes would be subject to a quick zero on a quiz. You can walk out, but you must ultimately reap the consequences of your decisions. Welcome to the adult world!

These idiots just wanted to cut class and feel good about puffing hot air.

    Years ago my high school had a protest where people walk out and our geometry did just what you suggested.

    He went down the list of people in the class.

    “Mr. Adams, what is 2+2? Don’t know, lad? Zero.”

    It left the indelible impression that speech is free, the consequences are not.

“Organizers said they were fed up with the college administration not doing enough about the black student retention rate, which they said is at about 50 percent.”

Here’s a wild thought–perhaps Reed, and most other colleges, are recruiting black students who are not college material. Just sayin’.

Quit giving out grants and free loans for college. Make people work for an education and this crap will end.

    Anonamom in reply to boulder. | September 27, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    But IQ is either a myth or racist. And we can’t talk about it, because that is certainly racist. So what are supposed to do but retreat into separate communities and stew?

I would hope that their parents refuse to pay the Spring semester tuition, and make them get a job.

So, if I read the article correctly, the boycott was yesterday? Are you sure?

A useless exercise done for show.

Who is helped by this act of the privileged elite?

If they were as smart as they claim, they would not be ignorant about the underlying bigotry and deceit of the cause they propagate.

Well, the website says,

Diverse and accomplished, Reed’s newest class is the most selective in its history.


But wait! There’s more!

Intellectual. Intense. Inspiring. Transformative. For over 100 years, Reed has sought to provide the finest educational program in the country, offering students an extraordinary environment in which to discover their passions and pursue them with depth and determination.

Apply to one of the most distinctive colleges in the country
Reed is steadfast in its belief in the intrinsic value of rigorous scholarship and the joy of serious intellectual pursuit. Founded as a liberal arts powerhouse, Reed remains dedicated first to undergraduate teaching.

Join an unconventional and progressive community
The Reed community is self directed and guided by the Honor Principle. This dual commitment to independence of thought and mutual trust and respect helps to create an environment in which students feel inspired, challenged, and fulfilled.

Dedicate yourself to the life of the mind
Reed provides a singular example of the liberal arts experience: a structured curriculum with an emphasis on independent inquiry; extensive feedback from professors instead of letter grades on assignments; and a deeply collaborative academic environment. You will learn how to learn—how to dedicate yourself to studying and how to work toward the production of new knowledge.

Located in the Pacific Northwest in the dynamic city of Portland, Oregon, Reed is the perfect environment in which to live, discover, learn, and grow.

Funny, I’ve never even heard of this intellectual mecca. I think prospective customers might wait for a second opinion on its merits. Though I do appreciate the concept of a “liberal arts powerhouse”.

    I visited Portland for the first time a couple of years ago to attend my daughter’s wedding. Nice scenery, but the place is hideously expensive and everywhere you look it’s nothing but fruits, nuts, and flakes for as far as the eye can see.

    HellenaHell in reply to tom swift. | September 30, 2016 at 2:09 am

    Meh. I’ve definitely heard of Reed. It’s both infamous and famous amongst the people I know (everyone I’ve asked always responds with “wow, that’s a great school” or something like that). It has a reputation of being very white, very rich, extremely liberal, extremely atheist, and extremely academically rigorous (and $65K/year). Just from a quick search on google, Steve Jobs went there for a semester. The school has one of the highest Ph.D.-producing percentages of college/universities in the entire country. Not too shabby, but things like this really highlight the “white, rich, liberal” part.

“Reed students behind Monday’s boycott said their absence from class was to show their refusal to participate in institutions that ‘fail to address their compliance and perpetuation of racist, classist systems.’”

Sounds to me they want to be expelled, then. If they refuse to participate in Reed College they don’t have to.

“Organizers said they were fed up with the college administration not doing enough about the black student retention rate, which they said is at about 50 percent. And they said the school lacks diversity among faculty.”

There’s a poor black retention rate because of affirmative action. The school recruits black students who have no business in college at all.

Oh, and by the way the direct cost of tuition at Reed College is $51,850 and on campus room and board is $13,150.

Shoot. I hit the submit button too early. I meant to add that diversity hires also don’t deserve a college teaching job.

I was tongue in cheek about those administrators expelling these infants who don’t want to participate in their “racist, classist” institution. We’re talking Portlandia. That walkout and those demands are probably music to their ears. They’re the ones doing the brainwashing. Besides, they want my $64k/year.

So if I were a parent I’d kill two birds with one stone. I’d call the administration first and tell them that there’s no way I’m paying $64k/year to them since that’s what they’re teaching my kid. Second I’d let my kid know I’ve solved his or her participation problem. He doesn’t have to participate in the “racist, classist” institution known as Reed College anymore. In fact, he or she can’t, unless he or she can come up with the money themselves.

So…. they paid the college for a day of lectures. Then didn’t show up to the lectures they’d paid for.

That’ll teach ’em.

We’ve reached the point where the historical reenactment of past protests has become completely detached from any understanding of the historical events themselves.

But I bet they enjoyed banging on drums and smoking pot — don’t anyone tell them they could have done that *without* hocking their future to the student loan corporations.

“At Reed College, a small liberal arts institution in Portland, Oregon, students won’t find a few traditional college staples: Greek organizations, varsity sports or course grades. Instead, students – or Reedies, as they’re called – can select from about 100 other student organizations and can compete on intramural and club sports teams. Professors assign letter grades for course work, but students will only be informed of a grade if it is below a C. There is no dean’s list or honor roll because the school evaluates students on a pass or no-pass scale.”

All this for only $65K a year!

    Old0311 in reply to Obie1. | September 28, 2016 at 10:48 am

    I have to wonder how smart the parents are to go for that BS.

    I’m a Reed alumni, and it’s actually a great school. The whole no grades thing isn’t true. You aren’t told your letter grade (though it’s pretty obvious from feedback if you’re doing well or badly in a class) unless you ask the registrar for it, which I only ever bothered to do when applying for grad school. But that’s actually pretty good: students obsess less about the grade itself, and think more in terms of whether they’re doing well or not. And at least when I graduated, there was far less grade inflation going on then at comparable institutions, so much so that they made specific note of it (and the average grade distribution) on their official transcripts. It’s a very small school which is why a lot of people haven’t heard of it, but it’s got particularly strong science departments for a small liberal arts college. For example, the prof I had for physics, David Griffiths, wrote two of the most widely used textbooks for undergraduate electromagnetism and quantum mechanics. And the school has an excellent track record for graduates going on to graduate school.

    But it is still a very left-wing place in general, and it’s not immune to this sort of pointless virtue signalling. It’s true that the place is very, very white, but I’m not sure what students honestly think can change that. I’m sure they could make it more ethnically diverse if they dramatically dropped tuition, for example, but that’s not going to happen.

Good. Now let them pay reparations, along with their impossible student loan debt and Obamacare penalties.

They’ll become Republicans.

Judge people by the “color of their skin”…

They fail to recognize principles (and their dignity) and instead adopt the progressive corruption of [class] diversity dictated by the Pro-Choice Church.

Char Char Binks | September 28, 2016 at 4:14 pm

Whatever will we do when the SJWs go on strike? Will there be enough scab SJWs to take their places, and will they be up to the task?

Wow. I wonder what all you pillars of Western society think about the actual problems these students are trying to address. Systemic racism is a problem. And classism is closely tied with race, considering our culture and society actively work to keep as many black and other people of color in poverty–yes, yes white people can be poor too, but the system doesn’t actively work to keep them there.

None of you seem concerned about the actual problems of our society. Just about insulting and degrading some students who are actually working to try to make our world a better place.

You should all feel ashamed of yourselves, but you won’t. You’re too blinded by your own prejudices and need to feel superior.

    We are addressing it. Leftist-run institutions such are Reed College are obviously “classist” and “racist.” So our solution would be to shut them down by defunding them.

    Conservatives haven’t been in charge of higher education in nearly 100 years. There are a couple of conservative institutions left, such as Hillsborough College, and you never see or hear of these sorts of spectacles there.

    Since you’re clearly a leftist, maybe you can answer this question. Why do leftist college administrators and academics hate minorities so much students stage walk-outs in protest of the problem?

    We see through your “institutional racism” BS, celstinenox. Racism isn’t the problem, you are. You and your leftist ilk.

    After Lyndon Johnson signed the Great Society legislation into law, which were sold to the public as anti-poverty measures, he gave the game away by remarking to friends, “That will have those n*****s voting for us (Democrats) for the next 200 years.”

    These leftist programs aren’t anti-poverty measures, by design they’re permanent poverty measures.

    Let’s talk about something close to home. My home at least. South Dallas, especially Oak Cliff, is one of the more impoverished areas of Dallas. The 30th Congressional district of Congress covers most if not all of it. And the representative for life, or for as long as she wants it, is Eddie Bernice Johnson. And she has brainwashed her people, and fools like you, to believe that the reason they’re impoverished is because of “institutional racism.” White Republicans like me just hate black people.

    Naturally Eddie Bernice Johnson is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. The CBC plays the same White Guilt, “institutional racism” on large corporations for a variety of reasons, one being to fund the CBC college fund which is ostensibly to be used to send poor inner city kids to college.

    So riddle me this. If Eddie Bernice Johnson actually gave a rat’s ass about her constituents shouldn’t she have used her share of the CBC college fund to send poor inner city kids to college? Instead of using it as a personal slush fund to send her own grandkids, grandnieces and nephews, and the children or grandkids to college?

    Eddie Bernice Johnson like most black politicians doesn’t want to help her constituents. She wants to keep them poor. I’m sure you won’t be able to believe that. But then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. What she does, what every Texas CBC member I know of such as Sheila Jackson Lee down in Houston does? She’ll hold a pizza party. Everybody who shows up gets a slice of pizza and a coke. It’s not enough to be considered a bribe under the law. And it wouldn’t be if you have some money in the bank. But if you don’t have a bank account because you don’t have any money to put in, a free lunch is a big deal. Paupers are easy to please. Then it’s off to the polls. Guess who everybody is voting for?

    For people like Eddie Bernice Johnson keeping her constituents poor is job security. “institutional racism” is their squirrel, their shiny object. It distracts people from the real problem. Black politicians exploit their constituents to line their own pockets.

    The problem isn’t institutional racism or any racism. If it were, my racist white ass wouldn’t have been going door to door in 2010 working for the Pastor Broden campaign. You know, we figured Pastor Broden, for a Republican, had a chance to win. Especially since the news had just recently broke that Eddie Bernice Johnson was effectively stealing from her own constituents. He’s well known in Oak Cliff, and well liked. He’s run the Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church since he founded it in 1987, and he later founded the Fair Park Friendship Center, which provides assistance to the local community. They have a clothing store, the have an annual rally to hand out donated school supplies, things like that. He lost in a landslide. So that’s why I haven’t been working on any campaigns since 2010. I think after Broden the GOP either couldn’t find anyone or just figured it was pointless.

    The cries of “institutional racism” is a canard. In addition to being a useful distraction from Black politicians exploiting black constituents if it is repeated often enough it maintains a siege mentality. And it works well. But back to black politicians exploiting their own constituents.

    John Wiley Price is a Dallas county commissioner from district three. His district also covers covers Oak Cliff. Guess what he’s been up to. Go ahead, guess.

    As a county commissioner his district covers more than that, but from what I’ve gleaned from the news “bringing economic opportunity to impoverished South Dallas” is just what he named his personal piggy bank. He’s lined his pockets to the tune of about $1,150,000. But of course, the reason there’s still not much economic opportunity in Oak Cliff/South Dallas is “institutional racism.” It couldn’t be that much of the money went to John Wiley Price.

    From his public antics you’d think Price is an out and out black racist because he rose to power by leading loud, noisy, and borderline violent protests for racial justice. And at at least one county court meeting he took offense that all the speakers were white. When one of he speakers demanded respect he said, “You’re all white, you can go to hell.” But apparently that was just his schtick because he sure likes white people when they line his pockets.

    This kind of Leftist corruption goes on all over the country. I’ve lost track of all the aldermen and mayors in long-time one party Democratic town of Chicago who’ve spent time in prison for corruption. Ever wonder why black on black murder is out of control there? It has nothing to do with police shootings or “institutional racism.”

    “Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance
    LAWBREAKERS, LAWMAKERS: In some parts of Chicago, violent street gangs and pols quietly trade money and favors for mutual gain. The thugs flourish, the elected officials thrive—and you lose. A special report.

    …Baskin isn’t a slick campaign strategist. He’s a former gang leader and, for several decades, a community activist who now operates a neighborhood center that aims to keep kids off the streets. Baskin has deep contacts inside the South Side’s complex network of politicians, community organizations, and street gangs. as he recalls, the inquiring candidates wanted to know: “Who do I need to be talking to so I can get the gangs on board?”

    …Before the election, the gangs agreed to set aside decades-old rivalries and bloody vendettas to operate as a unified political force, which they called Black United Voters of Chicago. “They realized that if they came together, they could get the politicians to come to them,” explains Baskin.

    …During the meetings, the politicians were allotted a few minutes to make their pitches. The former gang chiefs then peppered them with questions: What would they do about jobs? School safety? Police harassment? Help for ex-cons? But in the end, as with most things political in Chicago, it all came down to one question, says Davis, the community activist who helped Baskin with some of the meetings. He recalls that the gang representatives asked, “What can you give me?” The politicians, most eager to please, replied, “What do you want?””

    Guess what the gangbangers wanted? Go ahead, guess.

    ” Most alarming, both law enforcement and gang sources say, is that some politicians ignore the gangs’ criminal activities. Some go so far as to protect gangs from the police, tipping them off to impending raids or to surveillance activities—in effect, creating safe havens in their political districts. And often they chafe at backing tough measures to stem gang activities, advocating instead for superficial solutions that may garner good press but have little impact.

    The paradox is that Chicago’s struggle to combat street gangs is being undermined by its own elected officials. And the alliances between lawmakers and lawbreakers raise a troubling question: Who actually rules the neighborhoods—our public servants or the gangs?”

    Just another example of leftist good governance.

    And it’s pretty much the same everywhere else leftists are in charge. Detroit (I hear former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is adapting well to prison life), Baltimore, Oakland. And they can usually get away with it because they have that shiny object, “institutional racism,” to distract the gullible like you from what’s actually going on.

    You must be so proud. No, on second thought, you’re the one who needs to be ashamed of yourself. So don’t bring your white guilt emotional blackmail bullshit hear because it isn’t going to work. You’re the problem not me.

    You should walk through every minority neighborhood and city you’ve helped ruin and apologize to everyone you meet.

    But you won’t because you don’t have the balls to go where I’ll go.