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Mizzou Student Paper Fires Conservative Columnist Over Criticism of Black Lives Matter

Mizzou Student Paper Fires Conservative Columnist Over Criticism of Black Lives Matter


What’s more amazing, that this columnist was fired for criticizing Black Lives Matter or the fact that the Mizzou student paper had a conservative columnist?

Campus Reform reports:

Conservative columnist fired from Mizzou student paper

A conservative columnist was fired from the University of Missouri’s student newspaper after writing a column that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.

Chris Vas, who began the school year as an editorial columnist for The Maneater, garnered criticism on campus for at least two of his preliminary op-eds—one criticizing what he considers the excesses of the BLM movement, and the other questioning President Obama’s controversial transgender bathroom mandate.

On Monday, shortly after the articles ran, The Maneater announced his firing.

The newspaper, however, denied that it terminated Vas due to a difference of opinion, asserting instead that he was fired because he coordinated with a friend to share his columns in a social justice-themed Facebook group using “inciting language.”

“We fired him because we cannot have members of our staff actively seeking to spark controversy rather than foster healthy discussions,” they said.

Vas’s friend posted the article with the comments: “Look at this. Why is our campus publishing hate speech??” which Vas told Campus Reform was intended to be stated sarcastically.

Vas later asserted that his friend asked to post the article in the group with those comments, and that he agreed, but insisted “it wasn’t a calculated attack move,” adding, “it just happened organically.”


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I have to smile about their newspaper’s name. Must be a lot of them on campus.