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Thursday night, Project Veritas released it's latest undercover video. The video appears to show Beto staffers discussing what they know to be improper campaign spending. In the video, various staffers discuss using campaign funds to help incoming immigrants. This is not one staffer suggesting as much nor a volunteer, but several different staffers suggesting (based on the video clips provided by Project Veritas) they're aware using campaign funds is not allowed and go on to discuss ways to skirt the spending rules. One even mentions the possibility that getting busted could invoke a $50,000 fine.

Elections bring out the best and brightest our country has to offer, like this guy. In Montrose (Houston's artsy and therefore more liberal pocket), a mustachioed man was filmed pulling up and destroying Ted Cruz yard signs. When confronted, he yelled, "I hate Ted Cruz!" and retreated to a coffee shop.

Not since Wendy Davis have we seen national liberals fall so much in love with a Texan. You remember Wendy, the wannabe Governor of Texas, who with her pink sneakers became a national sensation and fundraising juggernaut after her very public opposition to pro-life legislation.

Ted Cruz is holding a massive campaign rally in Wichita Falls, a tiny town in north Texas, just inside Texas' Oklahoma border. The rally was scheduled to begin at 3:00 PM CT. Cruz and Don Jr. are expected to take the stage around 4:00 PM CT.

The Cook Political Report changed its ratings in three Senate races, including Texas. The map still tends to favor the GOP keeping its majority, but it's looking like incumbent Democrats Joe Tester from Montana and Joe Manchin from West Virginia will keep their seats. However, incumbent Republican Ted Cruz from Texas is in slight trouble as his race now has the label Toss-Up.

The Texas Senate race between Senator Cruz and Rep. Beto O'Rourke has gotten a little too close for comfort (if the polling data is anywhere near accurate, which we've explored over the last few months here on the blog). Cruz and O'Rourke had been in discussions for five debates.

Rep. Beto O'Rourke backed out of the first scheduled debate with Senator Cruz. Scheduled for Friday, August 31, the debate was to be the first of five (or six, O'Rourke wanted a final debate in his hometown, El Paso).

A new poll conducted by Emerson shows the Texas Senate race in a dead heat, which Cruz leading by one tiny little point. That said, the poll only had a sample size was small, as only 550 registered voters were surveyed, making it the second smallest sampling of the election season. The only poll with a smaller sample size (of 441 likely voters) showed Cruz up by only two points.