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Down the Drain? Beto O’Rourke Raised Record Breaking $38 Million in 3Q

Down the Drain? Beto O’Rourke Raised Record Breaking $38 Million in 3Q

But still trails badly in the polls

Robert O’Rourke, the Democrat Texas senate candidate, raised $38 million in the third quarter, which is the most ever by a senate candidate. Republican incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz only raised $12 million in this quarter.

However, the polls still have Cruz in the lead.

From Dallas News:

“The people of Texas in all 254 counties are proving that when we reject PACs and come together not as Republicans or Democrats but as Texans and Americans, there’s no stopping us,” O’Rourke said.

Fundraising at this pace is typically reserved only for presidential campaigns. And it shows the collective power of many relatively modest donations.

ActBlue, the online Democratic fund-raising platform, makes it easier than ever for candidates to collect small sums from many people, and to prompt supporters for recurring donations. O’Rourke has brought in at least $25 million that way this year, and based on the latest tally, likely far more.

The New York Times poll that ended on Thursday night has Cruz up on O’Rourke by 8 points, 51 – 43. Only 5% of the respondents declined or remain undecided. The two men are pretty much tied with female voters, but Cruz has a lead with men and voters over 45-years-old.

Micah Flippen told The New York Times that “[T]he silent majority will vote for Cruz” because “[N]obody in their right minds think Beto is going to put more money in their pocket except for the abject poor.” He noted that those people will “scream and shout,” but won’t make their way to the polling station.

John Saylor praised O’Rourke’s campaign, but reminded everyone that “this is Texas.” A Democrat has not won a senate seat since 1994.

Earlier this week, Emerson Polling found Cruz with a five point lead as more undecided and independent voters have moved towards the incumbent. It looks like Cruz’s vote for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh helped him. Professor Spencer Kimball of Emerson Polling said:

But I also think that we’re seeing those undecideds moving towards Cruz because of what happened with Justice Kavanaugh. Voters in Texas favored the Kavanaugh nomination 46% to 41%. There is that 5 point magnitude, that difference between Kavanaugh having an in or not. And that’s the same difference we’re seeing between Cruz and O’Rourke, 47-42, that five point difference. So that’s something we have to ask: Is Cruz now peaking? Like what we said in August, was O’Rourke peaking, back in August? And obviously you want to peak on election day, get the most buzz at that point.

A recent CBS News/YouGov Poll showed 50% of the respondents chose Cruz while only 44% chose O’Rourke.

RealClearPolitics moved Texas from Toss-Up to Lean Republican.


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2nd Ammendment Mother | October 12, 2018 at 5:15 pm

Beto earning the endorsement of “Creepy Porn Lawyer” (ht to Tucker Carlson) is going to just be comedy gold!

    The funniest part about that is the CPL set up this fundraising site, supposedly for Beto, but he didn’t mention to any of the contributors that actually, only half of the money they donate will go to Beto and the other half will go to CPL.

      Arminius in reply to Tom Servo. | October 14, 2018 at 4:08 pm

      I realize you meant it as Creepy Porn Lawyer, but Cpl is the standard abbreviation of the rank of Corporal. I actually had to read your comment twice to figure it out. “A Corporal set up a fund raising site for Beto. USA or USMC? Wait, what?”

      Just standing up for the thousands of outstanding non-commissioned officers serving in our outstanding armed forces.

In the ratio dollars / votes – this should rival Hillary’s total. Just about as satisfying….

Eastwood Ravine | October 12, 2018 at 5:24 pm

I’m thinking that money is going into a PAC that Beto will use for a presidential exploratory committee. He’s going to run for president in 2020 no matter that outcome of the Senate election.

I’ve read several breathless articles about Beta and his fundraising prowess in the usual prog rags. They seem to go out of their way when breaking down the numbers to avoid telling the reader what percentage of this “record haul” came from outside Texas. Beta has been spending a lot of time in Hollywood and NY.

Apparently Hollywood and NY haven’t figured out that Texas does not give a FUCK what they think.

Here is the bottom line… Texans don’t want Beta because:

1) Beta is for open borders
2) Beta is for expanding the welfare state (see #1, they don’t go together)
3) Beta is for legalizing cocaine and heroin
4) Beta wants to take your money and give it to the government
5) Beta wants to regulate you out of a job to “save the climate”
6) Beta wants to confiscate your guns
7) Beta is a lying little chump ass bitch

Come on Texas, let’s give this turd a courtesy flush, he’s stinking up the joint.

    Firewatch in reply to Paul. | October 12, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    Hell, most real Texans would rather drive a Prius and live in Oklahoma than vote for Beto the Irish Mexican.

money spent on him
– less money on another candidate
– who had better chance to win

    bear in reply to Dr P. | October 12, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    Dr P, you are quite correct. Every dime spent on these dem losers is wasted….except that the economy is boosted, since those same dollars are spent in the private sector. The sales of popcorn have certainly increased, as well. MAGA!

ActBlue, the online Democratic fund-raising platform, makes it easier than ever for candidates to collect small sums from many people

It’s just so insufferably cute the way the D’rats keep pretending that their money-laundering operations are genuine grassroots support.

I love these kinds of stories where left-wing whack jobs raise tons of money and then get smoked in the elections. It’s like the billions burnt on Hillary’s various bonfires of her vanity. At some point, they are going to run out of money.

So The Beaver raise a bunch of money.

Hillary Clinton sells millions of books, but no one buys them. Soros money does. (They’re probably either rotting on some warehouse, or they were never actually printed.)

The Beav is just a rallying point for the left to put its ‘hope and change’ money into. Kind of like that bozo Cortez.

Money can’t buy elections when everybody already knows what you stand for. It can only be used to smear people who are unknown.

Funny thing is – California donors (and dollars) can’t vote in Texas thank God!

I happen to know a Michigan friend, living in NYC who donated to the BETO campaign. She don’t vote here. The more money the throw away down here, the less they have to save Tester and some of the more vulnerable incumbents.

So he doesn’t believe in PAC’s, yet his fund raising being mainly from California liberals is a PAC that is unregistered as such.

This is astroturf at it’s finest.

And, yes, he will be running for President. I hope he knows he will need to run as a transgender transracial black lesbian to get the Democrat nomination. He can use some of those funds he raised for his surgery to remove the remaining tiny bits of his male anatomy.

“”Funny thing is – California donors (and dollars) can’t vote in Texas thank God!””

Thanks to Voter ID. But at the rate Californians are moving to Texas, they may in fact be able to influence future elections.

This race was never as close as the media tried to make it appear.

    Tom Servo in reply to txvet2. | October 12, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    Nope. The “tell” here is that no one even tries to deny that Gov. Abbott is 20 points ahead of his liberal democrat challenger in the Governor’s race. The idea that Beto could win depends on believing that there are a huge number of voters who are going to vote for Conservative Republican Abbott, but then turn around and vote for Beto at the same time, even though Abbott and Cruz hold almost identical policy views. It’s an idiotic supposition, it shows that the entire Beto movement is just a lame reply of the Wendy Davis circus 4 years ago. “Oh she’s gonna win, she’s closing in, she’s gonna win!!!” Polls were “neck and neck!!!” the entire way. And then she lost by 20 points.

Hollywood has been on a ‘remake’ kick lately …

How ’bout “The Money Pit” ?

Still hoping Bob the fake Mexican goes down the toilet and doesn’t get any real public platform for 4 years.

Looking forward to watching this butthead-looking motherfucker lose, and badly.

Dont be over confident with the polls – I live in a northern suburb of dallas, (pete Sessions district). That district carried hillary 49-48% trump, in the 2016 election

Beto signs are everywhere and out number cruz signs by 5-1.
the enthusiasm is strong for beto, and he is running good tv ads in the dallas market. I got neighbors who I never that to be socialist with Beto signs.

Wendy davis who was openly liberal, got trounced by did not have the excitement the Beto has generated or the money.

Lets hope saner head prevail and the people of Texas recognize the risk of a socialist becoming a texas senator.

    There weren’t many Trump signs here in 2016 either.

      Joe-dallas in reply to SDN. | October 12, 2018 at 10:21 pm

      “There weren’t many Trump signs here in 2016 either.”

      Good point – on the lack of Trump signs, but there werent many Hillary signs either, There are 3x-4x Beto signs vs hillary signs in 2016. Granted, Beto is spending 20x the money vs the money spent by hillary in 2016.

      My point is the enthusiasm for Beto runs much stronger and deeper than either hillary or wendy davis, So dont expect the typical Texas landslide that occured with wendy davis or with hillary.

      fwiw – I could never vote for a socialist.

I feel given the nasty political environment, mass media hysteria, and online censorship / shadowbanning, conservatives may be experiencing a spiral of silence, as I think they did in 2014 and 2016, when the polls were so wrong.

Very interesting article about 2014 by the Huffington post, of all places:

I think it’s very possible that the pollsters may be very surprised yet again this year.

I’d be willing to bet the money is coming from interests outside of Texas.
If the Democrats could pull down Cruz… it would be well worth it to them.

Look… he still has pimples?
How cute… an adolescent running for office..

I hope the Democrat Party goes completely into debt backing him.

Make Abortion Bobby spend it all Ted!

Bucky Barkingham | October 13, 2018 at 7:28 am

Media, including Drudge, are excited about how much money is being poured into Roberto’s campaign, as though donations = votes. Remember win or lose the Leftry handlers benefit from all the money poured into the campaign.

frankly, am glad the dems are really stupid enough to run some fool like o’rourke–let them blow their money–the more he raises out of state the more he strengthens the resolve of those who live here that disagree with his nonsense–make no mistake, there are of plenty of folks here with seriously deep pockets–even if all it took was money, he wouldn’t stand a chance–cruz will spank him like a red-headed stepchild

Hey Mary, let me help you put two and two together to make four.
The polls and fund-raising go together and therefore the Democrats DO NOT let the pollsters do anything to damage their candidates.

By pretending they had a serious chance to turn Texas Blue these IDIOTS in the Democrat party put a whole lot of funds in to Beto and now they realized they did so at the sacrifice to other vulnerable Democrats and so now they are letting the pollsters let the Democrat donors know that he has no shot and to quit wasting their donation on Beto.

Too late for that $38 million dollars and the Democrats will pay a price for their arrogance because even they can’t afford to flush donor money down the drain like that.

See similar polling results in TN or ND for other candidates they decided to cut loose and are now polling like 20 points lower than before. Is it magic? Or was it all bull**** to being with? Get a clue if you think there are isolated surges in Republicans like that in ONLY selected states.