This is a lesson in buying bad data, one that’s at least mildly humorous.

Sen. Cruz’s Democrat challenger, Rep. Beto O’Rourke, keeps texting right-leaning individuals who are politically active asking for their help. Not Rep. O’Rourke personally, of course, but his campaign.

I’ve received two such text messages.

The first was properly addressed to moi. The second was not:

I thought it was just me until I started seeing friends and friends of friends post the same boilerplate text message, all of which were incorrectly addressed (hilariously so), and/or sent to the exact wrong target audience.

The best though? One of Sen. Cruz’s long-time campaign staff also received the canned text message. Also of note, his name is not Theresa:

No list is perfect and most need substantial cleaning, but the consistency of O’Rourke campaign texts to hardcore Cruz supporters reeks of amateurish campaign work.

And to think, O’Rourke’s campaign probably spent an awful lot of hard-raised out of state cash on that list too.


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