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Sweden faces political impasse after ruling left-wing coalition and the opposition center-right alliance failed to win a clear majority in Sunday's election. The biggest winner of the night was the nationalist party, the Swedish Democrats, who won 18 percent of the vote, compared to 12 percent in the 2014 elections. "We see that we are this election's winner, but now we enter a new mandate period and now we are going to get influence over Swedish politics for real," Jimmie Akesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, told supporters Sunday night. “We strengthen our kingmaker role. We will will have an immense influence over what happens in Sweden in the coming weeks, months, years," he added.

Data from Swedish state TV station, SVT, revealed that 58% of men convicted of rape and attempted rape in Sweden were born abroad. From the BBC:
The Mission Investigation programme, due to be broadcast on Wednesday by SVT, said the total number of offenders over five years was 843. Of those, 197 were from the Middle East and North Africa, with 45 coming from Afghanistan.

The New York Times has experienced an amazing epiphany: Sweden's open-door policy to refugees from Muslim countries has created a crisis of violence and crime in Sweden.  While they myopically attribute this crisis to "gangs," they do dabble with the idea that integration of foreign nationals into the existing socio-cultural framework of the host country may be desirable after all. This is a remarkable shift given the NYT's attempts to cover up the escalation of violence, rape, and crime perpetrated by refugees in Sweden.  Remember their feigned shock when President Trump last year pointed out, quite rightly, that Sweden was feeling the negative affects of letting hundreds of thousands of refugees flood their country?
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