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R.I.P. Tag

Just announced by his wife on his show. I suspected something was up when he repeatedly cancelled out of shows recently.

Here is what I wrote shortly after the death of Herman Cain: By now, many of you have heard about the heartbreaking loss of my former boss Herman Cain who died from complications associated with COVID-19. Some have predictably used it as an opportunity to score political points, unconcerned with the hurt so many people are facing right now.

Billionaire David Koch passed away at the age of 79, his brother Charles confirmed Friday morning.

Tuesday, Justice John Paul Stevens passed away at the age of 99. Justice Stevens' retirement from the Supreme Court paved the way for Justice Keagan's appointment.

Ross Perot, a seminal figure in 90s politics passed away at the age of 89 Tuesday after a five-month-long battle with leukemia, according to the Associated Press.

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Legal Insurrection reader Patricia McNaughton of Fremont, Wisconsin. Patricia passed away peacefully in the evening of April 29, 2019, surrounded by her sister and family. Patricia was a great friend of the website, and became a great friend.

Last May, when my father was dying in a South Jersey nursing home, I wrote a piece titled Eulogy for a "Terrible" Father.  It detailed his huge faults, but also how much he tried to be better towards the end of his life.  I also talked about how he decided, when he was alive, to donate his body to science.

Bre Payton was a 26-year-old rising star in conservative media. I didn't know her personally, but did know her writing at The Federalist. For someone of such a tender age to get a staff writer position at The Federalist was quite an accomplishment.

TV star turned film director Penny Marshall passed away on Tuesday at 75 due to complications from diabetes. As a performer, she was a natural in comedy, as a director she enjoyed even more success, and her career spanned decades.